September Season has begun


Today we kick off our September Season!

Besides our latest card drop “Heritage”, we also have a big amount of card changes and a fine selection of Seasonal Modes prepared for you!

For all the balance changes, check out the Patch Notes linked below.

Further down, you can find this month's Seasonal Modes.

The full Patch Notes: LINK

Seasonal Modes

Bearly Balanced 12.09 - 19.09

Your deck is replaced with 16 Elder Bears with different power. Leader abilities are disabled.

Double Down 19.09 - 26.09

Whenever you play a unit from your hand, play a unit with the same Provision Cost from your deck. Your starting deck is doubled in size at the start of the match.

Poor man's Gwent 26.09 - 03.10

At the start of the game, Transform all gold cards into random bronzes from your faction.

Battle Rush 03.10 - 10.10

Both players have just 8 seconds to complete their turn and 15 seconds to complete the redrawing phrase.

Dual Casting 10.10 - 17.10

Once per turn, when you play a special card, spawn and play a copy of it immediately after.

This season is planned to end on October 17th, 10:00 A.M. CEST.
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I will try poor mans gwent seasonal mode, at least is one where there cant be any toxic, repetitve strategies that plague so many other seasonal modes...


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Been having a blast with Battle Rush mode (as expected, from the biggest fan of the mode).
Probably wont even touch any other mode while this seasonal is available.

Even though you still find some metadecks in the mode, theres fewer of them and more variety, and the players are generally more experienced, to be comfortable to play under such time restrictions.


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Lately, the Battle Rush seasonal has devolved into the usual state: dumb MO pointslam, due to the time restrictions.
The thing is, simple pointslam is not hard to hard-counter... :ohstopit:

I had this Anti-NG (MO) deck, designed for ranked, to crush NG status. It was really solid, decided to try it in Battle Rush. 12 matches, 11 wins (the only loss was against GN relicts, did not expect that...). But it was hypercontrol, i felt bad using it against wholesome decks, i only want to ruin NG toxic player's time...

So yesterday, i made a new deck for Battle Rush. Anti-MO (NR).
NR, its so wholesome, right? And its identity of charges and orders, goes against this seasonal's style, right?
Did an hybrid: the low end is filled with engine overload, mostly bronzes you dont even need to click to save time. The high end? FILLED with tall punishments, i got 7 freakin tall punishments: Geralt, Igni, CoC, Heatwave, Glorious Hunt, Vincent Meis, spores. I can fck every single of those stupid ogroids.
My winrate was lower overall... but against MO, oh the poor things. So many 2-0s, even Kelly or Koschey decks dont escape the same fate :coolstory:
I think i even destroyed some other partners/ streamers, hope that stays on record.
Battle rush is my all-time favorite. Every time it's on, I don't play any other modes (ranked, training...) I'm having really good time with dwarves and selfwound. Both proved solid. @DRK3 I can't wait to face you in battle rush :sneaky:


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I wish you could challenge friends for seasonal matches... One of the many options that has been asked for years but never implemented. :giveup:


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My intention was to stop playing Gwent this season (one more week), but Dual Casting seasonal changed my mind.

Its definitely one of my favourite seasonal modes, and contrary to popular opinion, its one of the most balanced between factions and all 6 are viable. Also the lack of netdecking for this mode makes it much more rewarding to those with good deckbuilding skills - i see a ton of NG players but they dont even know what they're doing, they're too attached to the standard meta and still lose by a lot.

Dual Casting Seasonal (SY).JPG

Dual Casting Seasonal (ST).JPG

(I hope its OK i didnt censor the names of my opponents, but if thats against the rules i can edit the images by a mod's request.)

Yes, there are 3 red spots ruining my stats... all 3 are ragequits against NG mill who keep hitting my best cards, even though i was pretty sure i could still beat them.
Disregarding those little incidents, its a 100% winrate, with 2 decks designed for the mode, of my least played factions.

Also, its a great mode for farming certain contracts (im using the ST deck for the spawning treants contract).

(PS - the gwent site shows the seasonal matches as 'casual', which is ridiculous. There's a tab for friendly matches and even one for the defunct arena mode that hasnt been available for years, but none for seasonal mode... :giveup: )


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So, this seasonal definitely went through phases, at least from my experience... in the first 2-3 days was 'easy mode' and now, this weekend it was definitely 'hard (or annoying) mode', where all i faced was NG or SK Magic Compass spam.

Still, i kept playing with a new goal in mind - no longer cared if i won, i just wanted to get the biggest...


Ivo of Belhaven.
I mean, if players can get him to 20-25pt in normal mode, certainly i can double that in this mode...
I tried, i really tried for the whole weekend to get him to 60 but this was my record.
My experience was completely polarized: on some matches i was filling the board and running out of space, and couldnt get Ivo bigger due to lack of board space, while on others, opponents just killed everything and i couldnt chain slave drivers (with that replay bronze card i dont remember the name).

Here are some other cool matches:


Cool idea, going for a massive Otkell in this seasonal mode... except i stole all your preachers by then and played alchemy like you, and the opponent had 0 bronze units left in GY.... sorry.

I was so pissed off at this game, i actually had my Ivo at over 40pts, by he was left in deck, while my opponent who didnt even think of including Ivo got him twice with Bribery and won because of it :giveup:


Last match i did of this mode, just moments ago.
I admit - i won R1 on even but didnt push R2 because i didnt want my opponent to forfeit, i predicted they wouldnt have much control, so i let him/her do their thing on a full R3 to try and get my Ivo as big as possible.
I am unable to play the Standard mode since the new patch 11.10.It says September season in transition even after 2 days.
I Request for support in resolving this issue


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I just downloaded another package of files on my phone to play the game, I thought that maybe it would unlock the possibility of ranking play. Unfortunately, I still don't have this option. Is there any contact for technical support?
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