Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

Where are her eyebrows :eek:
That is a thing they do in Mindoir. They burn their eyebrows for their rite of passage.

That is a lie. V has been watching too much of Mass Effect movies. When she was away from Nightcity she noticed some people (in that city where v was staying) with no eyebrows. She got curious, found out later they are a part of a group. To join, V have to lose her eyebrows. They point to the area where they do the eyebrow removing and got it done with duct tape.
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My V returned to the same looks she has had since December 2020.





My Ex-Corpo, paragon-ish V


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I don't like tattoos, but this photo is cool! :))
I'm waiting for a modder to make some H.R. Giger tattoos. Only
found one author that made a mod in that style but they never updated it
so it no longer works. And thank you I have a ton of different V faces I use
I like to modify presets I find.
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nice tats, like the cheeky smile pic, cute character
Thank you. She started as a preset then I changed her a bit .
I don't like placing cyberware on my characters it just looks weird to me.
tat's are as far as I'll go for modifications.
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