Skellige units that should have the pirate and warrior tags

If there were more bronze units that have the pirate tag, it would give them a reason to be used in an Onslaught deck over the overused bronze packages since they’d have synergy with their leader. It would also improve cards like Tidecloak Hideaway and Crach which synergize with that tag.

Skellige units that deserve the Pirate tag:

Harald an Craite
Eist Tuirseach - maybe?
King Bran - he was always on raids
Hjalmar an Craite - his new card has it
Madman Lugos
Udalryk an Brokvar - maybe?
An Craite Warcrier
An Craite Warrior
Tuirseach Axeman
An Craite Marauder

Skellige units that deserve the Warrior tag:

Yustianna an Craite - she seems like one
Holger Blackhand
Djenge Frett
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