Small irregular frame pacing issue

So since day dot, under very specific circumstances I can reproduce some annoying irregular frame pacing. Its totally not game breaking, however for someone as padantic like myself it annoys me quite a lot.

This should not be happening with gsync enabled hardware games but in Cyberpunk it does.

My specs:

OS: Windows 11 Pro

MAINBOARD: Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X AX

CPU: i9 13900KF

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i

RAM: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 7200mhz

VIDEO CARD: Gigabyte Gaming 24gb OC RTX 4090

MOUSE: Logitech Gaming 300s

KB: Corsair K70 MK.2

Xbox Elite2 Gaming Controller

MONITOR: AW3423DW, 27GL850

HDD: Kingston KC3000 2TB

HDD: Samsung NVMe M.2 Evo Plus 970 1TB

Power: Silverstone ST1200w Platinum

The issue:

So with gsync ENABLED, and with the game outputting frames which are not exceeding your monitors refresh rate - meaning your video card is maxing out - the desired result should be a smooth delivery of frames to the monitor (this is what gsync was made for). However in this situation in Cyberpunk the delivery of frames is not smooth, they are slightly irregular.

Test for yourselves I'm sure you will get the same results are me - I've tested this on 3 monitors using different cables - all resulting in the same SLIGHTLY irregular frame delivery.

Set your monitor refresh rate as high as possible (desirably 144hz+) then set graphic settings in game accordingly so that your video card is pumping out frames but not enough to match the refresh rate. Slight judder will occur.

However, if the your video card can match your monitors refresh rate consistantly a smooth delivery of frames will result.

As mentioned before I've noticed this from day one and Hope CDPR take wind of this and possibly include a fix in the future.

I made a similiar post over on reddit, thought i'd also post in here too as these forums I would hope would be monitored somewhat more by the devs.
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