Frame Generation + Tearing : Here is the fix

Hey chooms,

I had issues with Frame Generation and screen tearing and found many posts but none solved my issue. I found the fix and decided to share it with you. Basically if you have a 60 Hz monitor and use Frame Gen, it will help get more fps is more crowded areas but you will have too many FPS in less demanding areas. That what's causing the tearing.

To fix it, it's actually very simple. You need to go to the NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > Progam Settings (don't use global settings)

Then you select Cyberpunk 2077. If not in the list, you click on "add" and it should appear in "recently used" if you launched it recently.

Then you scroll down and turn Vertical sync On + LIMIT YOUR FPS by setting your Max Framerate to 58 for a 60 Hz monitor. If you don't limit your FPS in game, the issue won't be fixed, and you may get some lag input. You can't limit FPS in game, it doesn't work when Frame Gen is ON. You can't use the Vsync in game either when using Frame Gen. But everything works with the Nvidia Control Panel.

Also, from what I have seen, it's better to limit to 58 instead of 60 to avoid tearing (sometimes your get some extra frames that can cause tearing).

This fixed all my issues. I play on a RTX 4070 with everything in Ultra / Psycho + Path Tracing + Ray Reconstruction (1080p) with a constant 60fps everywherer, even in crowded areas. This is amazing.
Vsync switched on alone in the NCP will eliminate screen tearing. Frame Gen defaults to vsync off in games, the NCP will override any game setting. All nvidia support will advise not to limit your fps with any type of frame limitor as this usually results in introduced judder (bad frame pacing).

In games that are not using Frame Gen yes limiting your fps via a frame limitor to what your monitor's refresh rate is a good thing if you are using vsync/gsync, as any excess frames rendered beyond what your monitor is displaying are wasted. Also limiting your fps 1-2 frames below your monitor's refresh rate will improve input latency - as long as you are not using Frame Gen in these situations.
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