Small wish for next hotfix



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This has been a long standing issue since launch but it's not yet addressed.


Whenever you're standing on top of a vehicle the car below keeps fidgeting back and forward with the motion.

It could be that you're the one fidgeting since it's all in your perspective there's really no difference, but especially with all the vehicle driving fixes to the AI it's been such a pleasure just to stand on top of a vehicle and point at the driver / shoot near the car, so he panics and starts driving like a maniac.

It's probably not too hard to fix since this behavior is unique to cars, so should be easy to target, when V is standing above one, that V's movement would be same as the car below and there wouldn't be any gravity physics acting on the way and game having to calculate whether V falls off the car.

Anyway, congrats for making the traffic AI way better. Seems it's even improved in 1.6.
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