[Spoiler-free] What content does Phantom Liberty add outside of Dogtown?

Funny thread title eh, requesting spoiler-free spoilers!

I am aware that the Phantom Liberty quest content is unavailable until after you have progressed to a certain point in the main quest of the original game. I think I read somewhere that this point is about 3/4 through the main quest path, at

the Voodoo Boys mission segment in Pacifica

My question is: If I haven't reached that part of the game yet, is there anything I should expect to see in-game which someone who has only vanilla 2.0 wouldn't see?

I'm not asking for specific spoilers, so general & vague answers are best. Here's an example of the sort of answer I'm looking for (although it's totally made-up, because I have no idea).
PL introduces ten new pieces of cyberware that you could see before you reach Dogtown

The reason I ask is because - with 2.0 and PL launching so close together, with both of them including significant content updates & additions, it might be difficult to separate what's in the game because I upgraded to 2.0 and what's in the game because I have PL. At least knowing what categories of stuff PL adds could help with that. Like if I know that PL adds no new cyberware then I know that everything I don't recognise is just a 2.0 change.

Also, I'm prepared for the answer to be "Nothing!" - I really don't know o_O


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Interesting question, and I wish somebody could drop more hints.

I'll play PL only once a couple of patches will drop instead of rushing through it. In the meantime, I'm wondering if CDPR managed to add new locations outside of Dogtown.

There's still a lot of space to be used in the badlands, not to mention north of North Oak (there is also that unfinished building seen in some preview footage and that is marked by a triangle on the map).
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