(SPOILERS) I fought the law and Sinners

I am doing another play through and I was wondering what do these two "gigs" start? I just finished Ghost town (going to have to replay it) and the following mission. I am higher level than I have every been and having a good time. I just listen to Johnny's "Tapeworm" speech (Love it) and i am going to get all the missions in the Badlands done.

I am trying not to lump a whole bunch of Gigs on my plate at once but I am trying for 100% (not going to happen cause I am terrible at boxing). Can I just let these sit for a while and come back to them?
I Fought The Law: Act 2, and I think you need to have a certain street cred (15? 25?). Elizabeth will just call you at some point.

By "Sinners," do you mean Sinnerman? You'll get it the same way. Wakako will call you at some point.
Okay, thank you. Yes, Sinnerman. I have 50 street cred from doing a ton of side gig's NCPD side hustles and getting rid of assaults. I am just not going to worry about them till I get some more done... my moderates should be turning into lows here soon.
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