Is there a way to circumvent doing gigs?

I am running into an issue with finishing these 2 gigs in the game. They're completely bugged.
Gig: Old Friend
Gig: Bring Me The Head Of Gustavo Orta bugged
Both of these gigs are given by Sebastian "Padre" Ibarra specifically in Vista Del Rey in Heywood.
Is there a way to just force them to complete? This is the last thing for me to get 100% completion and I really don't want to restart a new save file for this.
PS. I don't care about the rewards, I just want these gigs done so I can get the 100%
If you're on PC, you could use mods to achieve that. More specifically CET but you would have to look into what commands would achieve that.

The only other problem with that is that you might end up breaking other quests. It's very much a "use at your own risk" kind of solution.

loading a save before you get to those gigs achieves nothing?
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