State of play - January 24

I wanted to start a thread for people to share impressions of the game this month, which might give some guidance on what to vote for in the Balance Council.

My main impressions are these:
1) Syndicate seems to be out of control - not even any particular archetype, just too many really strong gold cards overwhelming me all the time! Madam Serenity in particular is seriously OP.

2) Really sick of these utterly brainless Ogroid decks. Pointslam, pointslam, pointslam, win. How are people not bored of this after playing it two or three times?

3) [...] people who use Madoc decks. Particularly bad with NG Slave Driver/Nauzicaa Sergeant backup. Madoc is my top choice for a provision cost nerf this month - everyone, please join me!
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