Story DLCs

1.- "There have long been rumors about Rogue AIs being the focus of a coming expansion, given how much they’re teased in the game, and it’s pretty clear that the tech-savvy Judy could be integrated into that storyline, if not be an essential part of it."

2.- "Then, conversely, you could have something more outside of town again with Panam and the Nomads, Panam being the one character in the game who doesn’t even have visible cyberware. We’ve heard about other legendary mercs in the vein of Adam Smasher, like Morgan Blackhand, and that’s a potential storyline I could see involving Panam and her crew."

3.- "A leak suggests that the upcoming DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 would bring the action to the ghost town of Busan, with new areas to explore and dark secrets. The Militech corporation released a deadly virus in the South Korean city, putting an end to a prosperous economic situation…and condemning its inhabitants.
This leak suggests that the big expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 will be set in this city of Busan, with robots and automatons ruling its streets…and our protagonist will learn his exciting story in the lore of the RPG."

These are only speculative at best.
When it comes to additional areas: unfinished buildings, like half of pacifica, hidden casino, who knows maybe there will be crystal palace included as an explorable area. Maybe something else that no one knows of.

Is it going to be a continuation of V's story? additional story before Act 3 or any other point of the game? completely separate story with new protagonist? Something else?

There're some interesting theories going on: Rogue AI, Morgan Blackhand, Garry the prophet; stuff that people still haven't figured yet, like FF:06:B5. Could be related to one of those things or all of them are actually related.

Probably there is more, just mentioned few relatively frequently discussed. But, yeah, just speculations and no idea.
Hanako Arasaka goes back in time and discovers that the crime baron Wakako is her biological mother following a torrid affair with Saburo Arasaka in Helsinki. Dismayed at this shocking revelation, Hanako returns to the present intent on revenge. When a mysterious stranger arrives from the east claiming to know of a lost microchip, Wakako reveals dark and sensuous secrets...

(Subtitles, strong language, nudity.)
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Anything that doesn't involve V as the playable character has nigh 100% of not being bought by me personally, i have zero interest in playing as anyone but V in CP 2077

Anything thats set parallel to the main story has nigh, again, 100% chance of being ignored by me because the simple question of "whats the point" would continuously ring through my head as i played it, unless it opened twists, changed or added to the endings.
There are many indications as to the first expantion being set in Pacifica.
My speculation is it will be playable during act 2 and will include gigs, blue events and a story arc, asside from all sorts of assets (weapons, clothes,...).
Going into pure fantasy based on that speculation I I'd really like the story to go further into the AIs, the Voodoo Boys, the deep net and the Black Wall, Alt herself and the other AIs, the Bartmoss viruses,...
Morgan Blackhand would also be great to learn more about in 77, Mr. Blue eyes, Peralez, more about River especially (from the LIs)...

What I don't expect them to do in any of the expansions is to set them elsewhere than Night City. Opening closed spaces seems much more resource efficient to be able to focus on other things, Night City is already amazing so finishing touches are way better for me qualitywise too. With exception to some additional closed space set outside night city for some specific new quest.
At this point a proper sequel would be best for CDPR , personally I wouldnt bother with a story DLC to add a few hours of gameplay/
It's a long shot but I would like to see a V and Panam expansion a jonny silver hand and alt and rogue expansion go back to the beginning before the death of Jonny.
Panam all the way, I never like johnny at all. But hey he is a big part of the story so.....Rogue would be a great expansion story. I want to know more of Trauma Team as well.
And .... we are ... waiting ..... always in waiting ..... for STORY DLC .... again and again ..... sigh ................ well there was the next gen .... additional text messages with partners ... apartments ... (which are cool but honestly you spend your time there? ) ... the little gifts from the fixers ... the fact of being able to modify his face a little ... even if all the modifications are not possible ... All these things could have been made since the game was released, for example once a month ... yes there is had millions of bugs .... But we want RPG HISTORY content damn it PLEASE ! :rolleyes:
To answer OPs question. Predictions there are none really, although out of the speculative possibles there are some revolving around the topic on rogue AI's, exploring other legendary mercs, or the continuation of our beloved V which seems to culminate at Crystal Palace. At least that seemed like a popular theory.

Personally I have my hopes set on the latter, continuing on after act 3, when you choose your V to live. This brings a lot of potential, but also questions since there's more than one route to take. The most obvious one seems Panam's side of things as that combines pretty much all the 'good' things to start a new (but not really) adventure.
But we should not underestimate endings like The Sun where you become an Afterlife legend yourself.
Which can also continue with a compelling followup.
I personally hope for the Nomad side of things, but if Cyberpunk tackles it well they do installments for them all (the main endings at least) to truly give a very strong message about what it means to have to choose.
To me it would generate A LOT of new territory/content to explore and dive in again for many hours to see where the story can go from that culminating point.
The fact a message pops up when you first enter Embers highlights for me that there might be more such convergence points in the future for V and that the game as we have it now is only chapter 1, that was my initial thought when I saw the message also because of its particular phrasing.

Time will tell, but I keep hoping for this strategy in silent
I hope that a story DLC will explain the contradictions between the game and the stories from the original TRPG.
The story Black Dog describes that a first responder (and Johnny Silverhand fan) found the body of Johnny Silverhand in the remains of the Arasaka Tower and kept in on ice for twenty years until she comissioned some edgerunners to take it to a woman called Angel in Los Alamos. It is hinted that Angel is no one else than Alt herself.
But perhaps we have to wait for the Cyberpunk 2077 Sourcebook for Cyberpunk RED.

V finally finds a cure but then has a mishap either beyond the Blackwall or while hacking and ends up spending the next century stuck as the AI for a bathroom condom dispenser in a Matapang coffee house.

Johnny leaves Night City and becomes a Silverhand impersonator. He's currently doing two shows a night, in a rundown Las Vegas dive lounge while wearing a rhinestone encrusted spandex leotard. - He does Elvis impersonations on Saturdays.

Panam leaves the Aldacaldos and finds Judy's fire engine. It's discovered that Judy wasn't really much of a mechanic when it came to brakes, and she dies in a horrific wreck with one of the numerous stalled vehicles littering the highway.

Judy leaves Night City by autonomous bus and her desiccated husk is found 3 months later in the busses bathroom, stuck in an orgasm loop from one of the BD's she's made.

River Ward and Kerry Eurodyne meet and join a Sphinx cat cult, both drown while looking for a cat to worship, rumored to be sitting on the bottom of a canal.

Everyone else just got on with their lives.
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I think that one story DLC will involve Mr. Blue Eyes. Other will perhaps open up some region which are unreachable now, like the space/air port or the oil field.
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