Stuttering and screen tearing PS5

Hello everyone!

I know that this might seem old news for the PS5 players out there, but is there any way that the PS5 version of the game might be fixed? Since the FSR introduction, the game on PS5 has some terrible screen tearing and image stuttering every time the camera is panned around.

This never happened before the FSR dropped, and it still doesn't happen on the PS4 version that doesn't use FSR. The PS5 version used to be amazing BEFORE that though, but not anymore. After the 1.63, same situation, this wasn't fixed. I would've played the PS4 version at this point, but the DLC is just for the PS5 so the question is... Will it be ever fixed?

I tried everything, motion blur on/off, but as the PS5 version graphical options are limited at best, nothing worked. So, please CDPR, any news on this, are you guys aware that this happens on the PS5 and it looks pretty bad?
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