[SUGGESTION] - Network Security Breached!

Despite the removal of Breach Protocol; its remnants still very much remain in the game as its pre-2.0's Network Security Breached! effect still applies to all enemies once a network has been breached, but unfortunately does nothing.

It would be great if breaching a network would;
  • Either reduce RAM costs by 1
  • Or reduce quickhack tracing costs by 50%
  • Or increase the time it takes to complete tracing by 50-100%
  • Or entirely disable Tracing if a network's security has been breached
This way the unremoved remnant of the past would still have some actual use and play into both the lore and immersion of physically breaching a location's network security.

Otherwise all it does is cause phantom pain by dangling a reminder of an awesome feature that once existed before Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 came along.
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