Can we have network breaches back? please?

So, network breach is the hacking style that most mirrors real world hacks. In the real world, quick hacks for the most part don't exist. Ok sure, there are a few things that might qualify like card skim attacks used by thieves (btw that is why you should keep chip enabled cards in a metal wallet that acts as a faraday cage) However the real world hacks are ALL about getting into a network, pivoting from device to device, and hacking as you pivot.

The breach network playstyle from before the update mirrored that actual hacking style. Now, I get that some hacks are probably too strong and too overt for network level attacks. However.... what if we had a breach network quick hack?

Here is how it could be used:
Breach network- gives you vision from the target's eyes, and allows you to upload network hacks to the target you have currently breached. Breach network can be used automatically on devices, to jump from them to humans, or can be used directly on humans via a quickhack. Placing a network hack does not cost ram. Instead, the player must solve a hacking puzzle for placing a quick hack.

Network hackslots: 4 new slots that are available in all cyberdecks. You can have multipole tiers of the hacks on a target, given you have solved the appropriate level of the puzzle.

Network Hack- Dedicated uplink:
Tier 1: The target can be quickhacked through walls.
Tier 2: All quickhacks against the target cost 2 less ram.
Tier 3: All combat quickhacks against the target deal an additional 20% damage.

Network hack- Counter netrunner:
Tier 1: When the netrunner enters combat, their cyberdeck reboots, delaying them from using hacks for 10 seconds.
Tier 2. When the netrunner cyberdeck reboots, its ram is set to 0 upon restart, and must charge before using a quick hack.
Tier 3. All quickhacks from the netrunner take 50% longer.

Network hack - information:
Tier 1: The target has a dedicated ping outlining them for one hour, or until they die.
Tier 2: Upon killing the target, your behavioral synced faceplate has its cooldown reset.
Tier 3: Upon killing the target, you gain some bonus credits.

Network hack - Espionage:
Tier 1: The target is given an information package convincing them to be neutral and not engage V unless directly attached.
Tier 2: The target becomes an ncpd informant, and calls the NCPD to fight V's enemies if they see V engage. One enemy officer is summoned.
Tier 3: The target drops their weapons, flees and becomes a civilian when combat starts.
I feel like the obvious solution to breach protocol was to merge the concept with the hacking terminals that are conveniently located in almost every encounter. It would make a lot more sense than them just being locked chests with a fancy lockpicking minigame attached.

They should have served some actual gameplay purpose, at the very least it would have made sense as a way to completely cancel a trace in progress or something, but I would have liked to see the old mass uploads incorporated here. Honestly the hacking terminals would have been the obvious key to fixing the whole mess of 'gameplay' we got for netrunners. That probably means they are a hold over from before a more ambitious system was scrapped.

I remember there being a mod that played around with actually requiring you to breach these access points before you could hack at all. Even that seems more interesting than what we got.
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