Summarize your V with three songs

Great idea!

The B-52s - Devil In My Car

He's in the front seat of my car!
He's taking over!
Ooh, he ripped my upholstery!

Plasmatics - Lightning Breaks

Good is so bad and bad is so good

Hybrid - If I Survive

Imagine my surprise
To find me living and so very much alive
I'll find a new life and hide, if I survive
But I swear you're going down if I survive

(My V is a female Nomad)
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Hmm. I might update this later at the content level, else it goes like

MGS3 Theme cause she's a fighter and a killing machine
Nothing quite as sweet as starting a brawl by punching Placide in his face
Just kidding. Throwing a warzone in the middle of the Corpo Plaza is more like it.
Johnny can stay on his potty and watch how it's done.
She won't stop till everyone bows down. "Ave, V. Ave, V. Ave, V."
The new Empress. To the trash with Hanako & co. and their values. It is time to take war to the world.

That is the idea.

She is also an emo
But only joytoys know

V is for Victory
Cause 'Sakas are kind of reduced to ashes, so is the Crystal Palace. She makes sh** happen.
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Here's a few things I scrapped together.

For V in general

The Heavy's -- Short Change Hero.

Howlin Wolf -- I asked for water

White Zombie -- More Human than Human

My Rebecca version of V

straight from the game's radio: Hole in the Sun
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