The director of the Witcher 3 and CP2077 has left CD Projekt Red

And... the other brother has left the studio: :(
They are brothers. I knew it!
Anyway it's hard to accept the fact they left CDPR. Thank you both, Konrad and Mateusz for your hard work all this time. <3

Gabriel Amatangelo
CD Projekt has named Gabriel Amatangelo as Cyberpunk 2077's new game director. [...]
Amatangelo joined CD Projekt in January 2020 as a creative director for Cyberpunk. Prior to the role, he worked as design director on Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, as well as lead designer on various expansions for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Yeah, looks like Tomaszkiewicz brothers were a huge part of Witcher and Cyberpunk. Enjoyed Thronebreaker as well. So best of luck to them and thanks for the great games.

I didn't experience any of the work of Gabriel Amatangelo. Didn't play Inquisition or Old Republic (I don't play EA games). So we will see how goes.
They're looking a lot like post EA BioWare.
Well, yes and no. :) The single biggest mistake CDPR made was to chase the likes of Bethesda and Rockstar on an unknown ground. Over confidence and ambition. In case of Bioware, everything that followed EA acquisition is more a case of not knowing how to properly put into good use a very successful and talented developer.

Bioware is now an empty, worn out and old shell, for CDPR there is still somewhat some chance, if they accept to eat a big humble pie and try to go back to their roots: they also have to accept the fact that you don't go from underdog to star in the firmament overnight

As for the new creative director, he was the guy who presided over Trespasser, the only decent product of Bioware in the last 10 years, so that could be interpreted as a good sign.
Both the director of Thronebreaker, and The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt moved from CD Projekt Red. Kinda sad, because both of these game are high quality games.

Hope they will still works on video-games.
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