The game can't run good on gtx graphics cards

I have 1080ti with some ultra and some low graphics and the game has 42 fps average in 2k..Also i have 16 ram,if the graphics is ultra all the ram usage is only 4,5 giga..The game have big problems in optimize
Im on 1080Ti/7700k and have locked 60 at 1080p with a smart mix of medium , high and ultra ;) there are a few benchmark videos out showing performance and 1440p is rough on all cards.
Hello bro..This is no logic. 1080ti is strong card and we have medium graphics and low graphics with that fps?The graphics also is like a comic is not reallistic and not so good in compare with Red dead redemption 2.In red dead i have 2k with all ultra all graphics without MSA 60 fps average and the graphics is TOP..After 8 years this is optimize?
I really feel very disappointed beacuse i was waiting with big hype for this game and now i cant play properly..I hope for the right one optimize.Sorry for my bad english :)
waiting with big hype
That is always a problem, hype, it can make something good feel only okay or worse. I only watched 2 videos on CP2077 in the last month and nothing else over the years so I didn't hype myself for it ;)

Imo CP2077 looks very realistic (texture and lighting wise) but yeah I am able to run very nice settings in RDR2 at 1440p also but I feel CP is on another level to RDR2 with the character animation, detail and over all amount of detail in the world , and such a different world, a city with reflections and angles everywhere.

Our cards are pretty old now so I'm sure they don't even get a look at by big development teams.
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