The Suggestion to Loot, Cyberware and Everything (with a lot of Mockups)


Jokes aside, here are my suggestions for Cyberpunk 2077

I’ve been playing the game for almost 300h now, and while I’ve personally had a lot of fun, I find it very saddening when viewing it in the light of what it could have been. I do not intend to bash or pick it apart in any way – I’ll be trying to just list some suggestions without pointing out the underlying problem. You might have experienced it for yourself or seen enough videos about its problems and bugs anyway. No “this” and “that” is Bad, so change it to [idea]. I leave that up to each person themselves to judge, so I’ll skip straight to the ‘Idea’-part.

Cyberpunk has been one of my most anticipated games ever, and like with many games I’m that invested in, I can’t help but to burst with ideas. English is not my first language and I have a bit of an all-over-the-place way of thinking, along with some troubles categorizing my ideas. So hopefully, by the end you will have a holistic picture.

And last but not least, please don’t take the ‘my ideas’ to literally. I made all imagery and screenshots myself, but the text, especially the ideas in more abbreviated form, come from many sheets of paper that I took notes on while playing, reading through this forum & reddit & watching a ton of videos – so even though I consider them to be unique at least in phrasing/variation, they may very well range anywhere from ‘you read this x times before in some way shape or form’ to ‘this clearly takes influence from x’ :)

Some Ideas and concepts come from the Cyberpunk RED Sourcebook or take influence from it,
as I find some systems could improve CP2077 massively by just adapting them into the game almost 1:1
But as RED is another IP I don’t want to infringe on in any way, the 1:1 stuff is only hinted at or I try to explain in as little detail as possible.
Anything written here is explained in my own words, I’ll try my best to denote influence from RED by marking them with color.
Most of those suggestions are me trying to ‘translate’ the PnP systems into video game mechanics or merge them with the ideas and concepts of how it works in CP2077,
as well as adding my own twist and ideas to it. If you want to know how this stuff is done in RED in greater detail + additional lore and info, I recommend getting the book yourself.
Having said this,

This is going to be a very long read, I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

I found out I can have max. 25000 characters per thread, so I'm splitting this post into multiple pages ( 10 total )
The section colored yellow is what this page contains, numbers in ( # ) are on which page to find what.
The whole post doesn't contain spoilers, the tag is used to have stuff take up less space.
All the other pages will have this table of contents as well.


1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )

1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )
1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )
1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )
1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )
3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )
4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )​
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )​
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )​
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )​
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )​
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )​
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

All NPCs carry, wear, use, attack with and drop anything you see them having.
Be it a soft drink they got from a vendit, or legendary cyberware from a boss; no common guns dealing insane damage because of difficulty settings.

1.1 Items:
Items in general are handled a bit more realistically, most of them should have feasible weight (except shards, quest items…) as well as varied & balanced pricing.
Gear can be stripped of all mods (that you can remove) and attachments on a button press.
Gear has durability and can be repaired; damaged items perform worse and are worth less.
Better gear should be harder to obtain (mostly boss & quest rewards)
Always ask or warn before selling/scrapping Iconic Items
Most items (where sensible) that you can equip have further options
The options are found in the interface that comes up when you click on an individual equipment slot
These may include: setting the hood of a jacket to be don/doff, configuring your scope reticle, settings for cyberware or mods…

Item Cards:
The item cards are slightly altered to accommodate several changes.
In the upper left corner, there are still up to 6 mod slots, but weapon attachments aren’t considered mods anymore.
The upper right corner shows the state of an item. Items can be marked as ‘Favorite’, ‘For Sale’ and ‘For Disassembly’, in addition to the default ‘Quest Item’, ‘Owned’ & ‘New’.
They can be marked when picking them up, or in the Inventory. ‘Owned’ is shown where sensible, especially on blueprints in shop inventories.
Favorite items cannot be transferred, sold, dropped or disassembled.
Marked items can be sold/disassembled at vendors’ respective crafting benches with a button press (all of them).
The rarity-strip now holds a durability bar for gear items and a small ‘x’ for when it’s broken.
In the lower left corner, there’s still the item amount, but it has a black backdrop or outline for legibility (ex: overlapping the image).
In the lower right corner, in addition to ‘equipped’ (which looks like before), the states ‘preview’ and ‘assigned’ have been added (with the triangle-shaped corner).
‘Preview’ is yellow-themed and has an eye-icon in the corner. It’s for equipping not-owned items in vendor previews.
‘Assigned’ is light grey-themed and contains the number of the loadout the item is assigned to.
There are also up to four attachment slots with icons that share the attachment’s rarity color.
A lot of the already mentioned features are explained in more detail later on.

1.2 Weapons:
Weapons don’t have levels anymore. They’re distinguished by type, rarity and attached mods.
So a legendary modless weapon has the exact same stats if you find it at lvl 1, versus finding it at lvl 50.
The rarity of a weapon is defined by the materials & components it is made out of.
Weapons don’t stack

As the stat numbers don’t increase as much without leveling, they are in a range that ‘feels’ both satisfying and allows for diversity between different weapons.
Also they are balanced from there so every weapon has a reasonable TTK. (maxed out skills, cyberware boni etc factored in!)
The damage-type stats are no longer on the weapon, but on ammunition instead.
Bladed and blunt weapons keep their physical damage & bleeding chance as base stats.
The headshot damage multiplier remains on ranged weapons as a base stat and can be changed via weapon mods.
Crit damage & -chance come mainly from mods & perks/skills, but can be a base stat on some weapons.
Recoil, accuracy/spread and range should be reintroduced as stats on the weapon.
I’m not too sure about ADS accuracy/spread, but I think this could be handled much better by damage drop-off with distance, bullet drop & recoil.
By reintroducing it I mean have a stat shown on the weapon, if it’s there to stay.
Bloom when hip firing I think is in a good place, most weapons are accurate on their first shot except ones that should not be.
All remaining stats are also ‘base stats’;
Base stats also only differ on different weapons or between different rarities.
Base stats are round/whole numbers, preferably with a zero, to see at a glance if a weapon has mods or not.
Generally, there is no more need to compare same items without mods with each other.
You know better rarities are always better, and you see if an item is modded when it’s still on the ground.
This would also fix level 1 weapon drops with stealth and make iconic weapons more worthwhile

Ranged weapons can hold up to 4 attachments, depending on its type & model
They may misfire/jam when their durability is low or they are broken
Most firearms have an alternate firing mode, switchable pressing (B)
Power Weapons: semi-automatic / burst or full auto
Tech Weapons: concentrated or dispersed flechette
Smart Weapons: concentrate on one target/ disperse evenly across multiple targets
When you hold (B) it opens the weapon-options wheel, where you can;
quick-detach/-attach a suppressor | change the firing mode | switch scope mode | select the ammo type/damage type
A quick-detached silencer remains equipped on the weapon itemcard, change it like normal
Switching scope mode could change its magnification level or enable/disable thermal-/night vision

Misc. (ranged weapons):
A movement-impeding ‘Backpack’ option that holds 1000 rounds & can be connected to fully automatic (heavier) guns, eliminating reload
For assault rifles, LMG & HMG, maybe some SMGs as well
Nekomata should wobble way less when charged
DR12 Quasar & RT-46 Burya’s Iron sights aren’t aligned

1.2.1 New Weapons:
The Weapons are very cool imo, I really like how they look and that there are so many different models– let there be even more :)
The Thermal Katana from the weapons trailer
Combat knife with neurotoxin cartridges
More polymer-one-shots (that are actually viable, for what they are)
The Budget Arms CRISP-er Flamethrower seen in ingame ads

More LMGs and precision rifles (some DMR-like ones)

The Midnight Arms SOR-22 would in my opinion be the perfect contender to have a LMG version.
Its model would only be slightly altered, mainly by having weight reduction holes cut into the barrel guard (& so you can see the barrel getting hot), having a biped and accepting a boxy- drum magazine.
It would fire fully automatic at about double the firing rate (400rpm/6.66rps, the SOR-22 actually fires about 200rpm/3.33rps), with less but still significant recoil and have a 40-round magazine by default, using heavy rifle ammo.
The sound it makes is largely left unaltered but sped up x2, I love how mighty the SOR-22 sounds.

This weapon from the 2012 teaser trailer, it seems to be a bullpup assault rifle, but could also be implemented as a LMG
(We also got the ‘crusher’, which is shown in this trailer)

The ‘missing weapons’, to have one of each type for each category, that would be:
SMART: precision rifle, LMG, HMG, revolver
TECH: assault rifle, LMG, HMG, SMG, shotgun
I’m thinking of a very heavy railgun as Tech HMG, as well as very fast firing assault rifle(s) & SMG(s)
The firing modes on full-auto Tech weapons could be merged with power weapon firing modes. (just these guns)
So the first mode would be non-charged full auto with dispersed flechettes,
The second one is charged, with weapon behaviors ranging from
‘semi auto per-shot-charging’ or ‘burst per charge’ to ‘wind up charge, then full auto’ – concentrated flechettes in any case
Or, additionally, some could have a decreased (full auto) firing rate in charged mode, with a very short charging time before each shot

Heavy and special weapons
Panam’s rocket launcher (or the model she uses)
Exoskeleton plasma gun (if you are strong enough to carry the attached energy unit too)

I’d also really like to see the player to be able to build weapons from modules.
For example; The D5 copperhead & sidewinder, DB-4 Igla & DB-2 satara, all DB-shotguns sharing the same stock
You would be able to convert weapons between being power, tech & smart weapons by swapping modules.

Helix SMG:
I found myself wishing for a really fast firing SMG, so I made one.
It has 100 rounds in a helical/spiral magazine, three rotating barrels and a firing rate of 1800rpm/30rps. (goes brrrt)
It’s a power weapon, needs a short amount of time to spin up and can overheat. It has very substantial recoil.
Its magazine is spring loaded, auto-ejects when empty and can be reloaded while you hold down the trigger.
(spring loaded as in the magazine jumps out, the follower is turned by an axle linked to the rotor via a trigger actuated ‘clutch’ gear)
Instead of semi auto, the secondary firing mode sets it to 750rpm/15rps. Also, it can mount a suppressor, but needs a custom one with the shape of a rounded unilateral triangle.
The magazine should be transparent to let you see it getting emptied
As I’m no designer, I leave its detailing, texturing & futuristic look up to your imagination.

It’s just about 43cm long (stock collapsed), the body is exactly 30cm long without the metal plate
The motor sits in the grip and spins the rotor at 600 rpm, the battery pack is in the foregrip
It fires at 6 o’clock, rotates counter-clockwise & would weigh ~1,5kg less when it’s empty
It’s designed so it could in theory actually function, firing ~70x .45 ACP or 100x 9mm NATO
(that is if it had all the small parts & it wouldn’t have an exposed rotor which is just for rule of cool)
I think however it wouldn’t be sensible/useable irl, spraying 100 rounds all over the place in seconds

1.3 Attachments & Mods:
Common attachments only have their basic stats (scope zoom factor, suppressor stats, magazine capacity etc)
Uncommon and up have the same bonus stats per rarity (but no 0.01% stats). All same mods/attachments stack.
Attachments and mods have weight. Some attachments like muzzles/suppressors have durability, where sensible.
Give all mods a descriptive subtitle, ex: “Ranged Weapon Mod”, “Cyberware Mod: Gorilla Fists” not just “Mod”
Attachments and mods preferably have/add stats that are multiples of 5.

More ranged weapon mods; flashlights & lasers, stocks, other muzzles, extended- & drum magazines
Epic Silencer (-10% x2,5) Legendary Silencer (-5% x2,5)/ (-15% x3)
Don’t have NPCs drop weapon attachments, have them be on the weapon they drop
Clothing & gun mods can be swapped out at clothing/gun shops, later at crafting benches(skill/perk)
Below are a few icons for possible weapon attachments, the icons could either be specific or one-for-all

The targeting unit on smart weapons could be a swappable attachment, without one it loses its smart weapon targeting and acts like when you have no smart link installed.
The targeting units vary in their targeting capabilities and have different sized and shaped ‘reticles’.

[BUG] Some scopes aren’t aligned with the screen center; you can see this well with an aim point. The guns shoot exactly at screen center though.
I noticed this on the ‘Hyakume’, on the ‘Kanone Max’ which also (annoyingly) has a misaligned inner cross, and the ‘Kanone Mini’
The others seem to have ever so slight, almost negligible inaccuracies that seem to change depending on the weapon. (I tested all scopes, but not on all weapons)

Scopes, especially or exclusively sniper scopes should have a laser rangefinder that’s displayed on the scope
Even cooler would be if the rangefinder had a high accuracy & displays a decimal place on shorter ranges, so we could use it for measuring stuff

Melee weapons could have attachments too; spikes/barbed wire, neurotoxin injector, heating coils

Clothing attachments: Pouches (ammo, carrying capacity), spikes/studs (damage brawl attacker), armor plates, lining…
More on that under ‘Clothing’

Weapon and Clothing mods can be swapped freely at appropriate vendors as a paid service.

1.4 Ammunition
Ammunition, as mentioned above, is now the ‘carrier’ of damage-type related stats.
Ammunition is available in 7 variants, 6 sizes and for 3 weapon types, for a total of 102 different ammunitions.
To accommodate for this plethora of ammunition, there is an ammo tab in inventories,
And ammo is no longer limited by a hard cap, but instead has weight & is limited by how much you want to/can carry.
This is a mix of how it works in the sourcebook & how it’s handled in the game.

Weapon Types:
Power: Standard, bullets do ricochet and over-penetrate soft targets
Tech: Caseless flechettes, not available as armor-piercing because they do by default when charged, not available as rubber because it’s not railgun-compatible (no metal)
Smart: Guided projectiles, not available as armor-piercing because the projectile velocity is too low, not available as rubber because the projectiles can be set to be non-lethal

Normal – deals basic damage, amount of damage is defined by the weapon
Rubber – doesn’t affect integrity (cannot cause critical injuries), non-lethal, cannot ablate/damage armor
This type is available from the start of the game, non-lethal mods are replaced by this
Armor piercing – ablates armor x2, maybe deals damage trough armor to HP (-50%), can also over-penetrate armored targets

‘Special’/Damage type ammunition: all 4 are less (or not) effective against armor and don’t over-penetrate targets
Expanding – Hollow point/plastic tip, but more akin to ‘RIP bullets’, deal physical damage with a high chance of bleeding, less effective against non-human enemies, higher ‘damage’ to integrity
EMP – deal electrical damage with a high chance of shock, very effective against non-humans, can cause cyberware/device shutoff
Ballistic acid – deal chemical damage with a high chance of poison, less effective against non-humans
Incendiary – deal thermal damage with a high chance of burn, less effective against non-humans

Medium Pistol – Most pistols, auto-pistols, most SMGs (please, SMGs use pistol ammo) (about 0.3-0.45 inch bullet diameter)
Heavy Pistol – Some Pistols, Revolvers, some SMGs (≥0.45’’)
Medium Rifle – All assault rifles, most precision rifles, LMGs, maybe some special SMGs (~5.56/.300BLK – 7.62)
Heavy Rifle – Sniper rifles, some precision rifles, HMGs & maybe some LMGs (~from .30 to .50BMG/20mm)
Shotgun Slug – All shotguns, single projectile
Shotgun Shell – All shotguns, multiple projectiles with spread

The generic ammo icon on weapon cards is swapped for one indicating all of the above variations.
The icon is comprised of a letter (P/T/S) and a graphic indicating the size, as well as it’s color-coded for variants

Special Ammunition should add its status effect almost with a 100% chance, but it doesn’t do any additional damage (the base dmg is only of a different type)
This is to put greater emphasis on the damage types, be thoughtful about the resistances you have and your enemies have.
Maybe there are also higher rarities of dmg type ammo, with legendary achieving a 100% chance

Normal ammunition is found a plenty, when bought, tech & smart ammo cost more than power (also more expensive to craft) maybe 1,5-2,0x
Non normal variants are a bit less common, but buyable/craftable from the start, armor piercing ammo has a higher cost, rubber a lower one
Damage type ammo is quite rare, and has an according cost to buy/craft (even higher rarity dmg type ammo would almost only be obtainable through buying/crafting)
You should almost never have to worry about normal ammo (like it is now), non-normal variants you typically have just enough of, and damage type ammo you have to specifically look for/obtain.
That is if you are using up your ammo within reason.

Some Weapons use ‘special special’ ammunition, for example the projectile launch system or the neurotoxin combat knife cartridges. Such ammo is found under this tab as well.

1.5 Clothing:
Clothing also doesn’t have levels anymore, does stack within rarity and the way armor stats work is altered.

As all NPCs drop all clothing that they are actually wearing for you to loot, there is a lot more clothing in general. Civilians & ‘common’ NPCs only ever drop common clothing.
Depending on the ‘circumstances that led the NPC to become lootable’, clothing is probably damaged, burnt or destroyed. Destroyed clothing can be looted as well, but is junk; damaged clothing you can repair &/ use.

All clothing now has SP (stopping power) instead of an armor stat
The way this would work;
The stopping power(number) of your clothes is subtracted from the damage, only dmg that’s exceeding your SP is dealt to your HP
Armor is ‘ablated’ when it takes damage, meaning its SP decreases
– this is proportional to the durability of clothing items or may be the same thing.
Ablation is separate from the damage-number itself.
Other than in the book, not every weapon ablates the same amount of SP, it is instead balanced taking the firing rate and single shot damage (likeliness of dealing dmg trough armor) into account.
If a piece of clothing has 0 SP/durability, you can repair it. It does stay equipped but no longer mitigates any damage. Clothing you have equipped or in your inventory does not get ‘destroyed’.

You have 4 regions that can be armored independently of each other, namely Head & Neck, Torso, Arms, Legs.
Damage to any given region does only take the highest source of SP in that region/location into account, but every piece of armor in a region is ablated at the same time.

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1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )
1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )

1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )
1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )
1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )
3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )
4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )​
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )​
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )​
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )​
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )​
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )​
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

1.5 Clothing:

The next system has two approaches that depend on how accurate the hit registration is for both NPCs and player
(I don’t know for sure, but at least against enemies it is quite accurate, you can dismember subsections of each limb on its own, depending on where you shoot)
Where there is no armor, there is no armor. If you shoot at a body part that is not covered by armor/clothing, the armor in that location is ignored​
This could also apply to you. If it hits armor, it looks at the highest SP in that precise location & takes only that into account.​
Each piece of equipment has a ‘coverage’ percentage stat for each region, depending on the area that it (roughly) covers.​
The game handles this as more of a range, so it ‘knows’ which part is armored to which SP or if stuff is layered.​
For example, if you wore sneakers with 35 SP (C 15%) and hotpants with 20 SP (C 20%), it would store that as LEGS: 0-20: 20, 20-85: 0, 85-100: 35​
As if both legs were mapped to a bar from top to bottom. If something is layered, the higher SP ‘overwrites’ the lower.​
If it needs to distinguish between both legs, parts of legs or front and back, they are mapped next to each other.​
If you then get hit in a region, it simply rolls a number from 0-100, taking the SP into account that it hits. This would be the percentage chance.​
If the hit detection is more accurate than this, it should have different ‘ranges’ for the front & backside, left or right limb​
This is likely how it would work for the player, the percentages are then displayed to the player/as stats on clothing​
With both systems armor is ablated per region regardless of which armor was hit (no ablation if it hit you directly)
Also both approaches can account for layered clothing, unprotected face with an open helmet or similar (important for stealth headshots)

Clothing that covers more than 1 region adds SP & covered% separately to each region, the durability of the item is shared between all SP/regions
So for example a shirt with long sleeves armors both your torso & your arms to its SP individually, and covers 100% of your torso but say 75% of your arms.
If you get shot in the chest it loses SP at the torso region, but not at the arms region – its durability is at 50% if the torso SP get reduced to 0 but not the arms

The SP an item of clothing has, is defined by the material(s) it is made out of. This is then increased or decreased, depending on the thickness of the textile. (Fishnet tights or other such edge cases have a larger decrease)

Normally this is uniform if it covers more than one area, but in some cases a piece of clothing may have different SP for each region, for example a thick vest with sleeves from thin fabric.

The weight of heavier clothing/gear (negatively) affects your movement speed, reflexes & dexterity. Rule of thumb is the more SP it has, the heavier it is & the more it impacts your stats.
Each clothing item has weight on its own, & the total weight of all your worn gear is affecting your stats. The effect on your stats could be decreased with BODY (lvl or skill), but never nullified.
This is separate from your carrying capacity, and could also impede your ability to swim. (not just movement, sinking)

Some clothing items have utility functions, for example clothing with pockets, bags and backpacks that add carrying capacity, ammunition belts or tactical vests that decrease the weight ammo has/add weight-free ammo capacity - same for grenades & gadgets weight,
invisibility supporting suits, netrunning suits cool you, gas masks actually protect against gases, glasses & goggles could decrease the visual effect of flashbangs, infovisors that add info, night vision goggles, studded items damage enemy grapplers or brawling attackers…
The utility function an item has is dependent on what item it is, if it looks functional, it should be. These functions are described on the item where ranged weapons now have their ‘ricochet engine’ or ‘x times knockback’ described.

Clothing can have ‘attachments’ these would for example be replaceable armor plates, metal caps for shoes, linings, satchels/pockets, maybe even studs
Armor plates/metal caps etc. do increase the SP of clothing and add their own durability (& weight) to it, which is damaged first. They only fit into vests, very heavy jackets or items where you could imagine a solid, heavy plate within. Ballistic vests have one in them by default.
Linings fit into almost all clothes that don’t look like they are made from a single textile layer. They are soft, have less weight & durability, but mostly add damage type resistances/resistance against melee weapons, sometimes add few SP.
Satchels, pouches & pockets where sensible, they add carrying capacity, studs as described above – especially these clothing attachments are visible on the model, maybe the others as well. All except armor plates are swappable only trough crafting.

Clothing Item Options:
Be able to put hoods from clothing up/down, switch basecap direction, tilt glasses onto the forehead, select L/R/Both for rings & bracelets, a few states of opening/closing jackets, open a helmet visor, change the color/pattern of some clothing, activate LED lights…
Clothing options may change the cover percentage of the item. If they are able to ‘extend’ into another armor region, they already have SP for that region to begin with (for example a hood that covers 75% of the head when up, 0% when down)

All Clothing Items & Accessories that are now Junk, are actually wearable
Here’s what I found so far:
Some others that are not in the picture; cable necklace, thigh holster, subdermal LED diodes

+ Let V wear the ‘Heart of Laguna Bend’
Trauma Team, NCPD, MaxTac, Gangs: full gear & clothing sets
Kitsch | Entropism | Neo-Militarism | Neo-Kitsch is shown on clothing (item description)
Stashes have an accessing Range within you can see both clothing from your inventory/backpack & the stash
Clothing is stored & accessed in the wardrobe of your apartment (where the jacket hangs), either additionally or exclusively
Wet suits & optical camo supporting suits (like major’s) (normal clothing cannot turn invisible)
Tactical Vests can carry Additional Ammo, Backpacks/Containers add the most carrying capacity
Have access to all Clothes NPCs are wearing, Glowing, Transparent, Skimpy Stuff too
I really want some clothes seen in the book, especially what the ‘Rockerboy’ -girl and the ‘Netrunner’ are wearing
Clothes should be fitted to your body, not make your body fit the clothing (Breasts shrink to standard Size)
Also there is a visible distorted gap between clothing and your skin?

The clothing naming convention is changed as shown below.
All the superlatives are left out, each model (which shares the same asset) has a specific name in the top row, the style/color/design is in the bottom row.
This is so they are displayed in order when sorting by name.
The material description isn’t in the name anymore but below the image depending on what material it is comprised of.

The interface where you can equip clothing is detailed under INTERFACE>Inventory>Equipment

1.6 Gadgets & Grenades:
Throwing knifes & shuriken (craftable) as ‘consumable’ items that take up the grenade slot – you unlock the crafting specs with the ‘dagger dealer’ perk
Smoke, teargas, decoy grenades & grenade ammunition + actual use for gas masks & related cyberware
Have the Grenade-throw also be a solid Line & appear Faster
Gadgets are handled under ATTRIBUTES>Technique

1.7 Consumables:
More types of inhalers & injectors (combat stim, kerenzikov & sandevistan…)
There is also a category of inhalers/injectors for ‘fixing’ cyberware, containing nanites or such.
Stuff to eat and drink is there to be eaten and drunk, not to heal

1.8 Junk:
Junk should be more varied in price, and categorized better.
There is a new category under the junk tab, differentiating between junk and ‘valuables’.
All of the junk items that could be considered clothing, now are clothing.

1.9 Cyberware:
As cyberware (for me at least) is the main thing in cyberpunk 2077, I’d want to see the game put much greater emphasis on it.
As with clothing, all cyberware you see on NPCs should be available to the player and then quite some in addition.
To encompass all this new cyberware, the cyberware interface is changed as shown below.
The first image shows the cyberware interface as a template, the second one in use.
Not shown in the mockup - The figure in the middle of the screen now is your V, as a rotatable 3d model like in the equipment interface. This is so you can see visual changes to your body parts.

V is shown nude (/in underwear with streamer setting), her skin can go transparent like the figure and let you see her inner anatomy depending on what your mouse hovers on.

First, let’s go over the core changes this way of how cyberware is handled, would introduce.

You are now less confined by the number of slots you have for cyberware, as you are by humanity.
Humanity is comprised of both INT & COOL, you have from 25 up to 100 points of it.
It represents how much ‘human’ is left of you after you swap part by part of your body with chrome.
This is also the stat, that if it would fall under zero, have you become a cyberpsycho. This cannot be done in game tho.
Each piece of cyberware has a humanity cost, and you can only add as much cyberware until you reach 0, which is a hard cap.
This change also lessens the restrictions on cyberware by attribute level a lot, if not completely.
Your humanity is found in the lower left of the interface.

1.9.1 Health/Durability
This works quite different than before. Your health bar is comprised of each individual ‘piece’ of you, be it ‘meat’ or ‘chrome’
The three major sections of your body are ‘Head & Neck’, ‘Torso’ & ‘Limbs’. The fourth section is ‘Body Systems’, which isn’t confined to a particular location.
Each of the four sections is on its own, comprised of ‘pieces’. Pieces are only parts of the body that can be replaced, not implants and such.
Each piece is represented by its own ‘integrity’ bar on the button it belongs to (in the mockup there are three ‘integrity’ bars for each button, but this isn’t the final amount there would be), and the amount of pieces is preset/fixed.

If you replace a ‘meat piece’ of your body with cyberware, its corresponding ‘integrity’ bar is now turquoise. (this is referred to as ‘chrome’)
Cyberware corrupts/transforms (however you’d like to call it) your health bar. For each point of health cyberware replaces, it adds an additional one.
So if you have 100 meat health and replace 50% of your body with cyberware, you now have 50 ‘meat health’ and 100 ‘chrome health’ for a total of 150 HP. (they are called ‘Health’ & ‘Durability’ in the mockup)
Your total health bar has always the same length. It is sectioned off into two bars if you install cyberware, the length of each bar represents the percentage (independent of the HP number) your body consists of ‘meat’/’chrome’ and always adds up to 100%.
This section of your health bar, ‘durability’/’chrome health’ or however it would be called, is also health and not affected by or related to armor, both added by gear and by cyberware.

Interaction of Integrity and the Health Bar
This is where it gets a bit complicated, but not to worry, the game would handle calculating this.
The health bar is comprised of the four sections and each of the four sections of subsections (the ‘buttons’ containing parts in the interface mockup), the subsections are comprised of parts/pieces.
Basically it’s a subdivision from your health bar down to each single piece of you, and every piece affects the health bar. Each piece is responsible for a percentage of the whole so to say.
In the image below, the percentual sections are shown next to each other and have a number in them.
Both is for a more understandable display of how the health bar is assembled. The numbers are ‘stand-in units’, each unit is equivalent to 3,125%.
The bars are presented next to each other for the same reason, the game would add up any HP as well as any HP missing, and present them in the same way as the health bar looks now.
The mockup also is also for a 100% meat body, but how much of your health bar is replaced by chrome follows the same rules.
If you for example replace your left hand; The limbs account for 25% of your health bar, 25% of that is your left arm, and 33% of that is your hand (2HP If you have 100HP), you now have 98 HP & 4 Chrome HP for a total of 102HP

From the 4 sections, all except ‘Limbs’ are handled in a special manner; If the cumulative ‘integrity’ of any of these three sections falls below 50%, you are dead. (so only the right half of the section bar is taken to make up the health bar)
This would be equivalent to a destroyed brain, an obliterated chest or multiple organ failure. You don’t ‘drop dead’ if this occurs, the integrity does not decrease on its own. Rather it goes alongside & <50% integrity coincides with dying.
Also these three sections do not make up equal amounts of their health bar, thus the ‘units’ in the first place.
This is so it matters more if your brain is destroyed than your eyes or ears, your nervous system weighs heavier than your digestive system etc.

Taking Damage:
If you take damage to your HP the amount of damage is subtracted form your HP bar like normal.
If you have cyberware and it got hit, damage is subtracted from your durability bar instead, or both bars split the damage if it hit both a meat and a chrome piece.
Also whenever you take damage, all the pieces affected lose integrity – the amount of integrity lost is not the same as the damage number.
Instead it is balanced so circa after a few fights where you took a pretty bad beating, you need to see your ripperdoc (so it lasts much longer than your HP)
In addition, therein lies the only disparity between how NPCs receive damage versus you do. They would need a doc after just one encounter, if they aren’t dead already.

The cumulative amount of lost integrity is also reflected on your HP bar(s), as in, this portion of the two hp bars is ‘locked’
You heal your health through inhalers like before although inhalers are nerfed together with ‘natural’ health regeneration.
Healing up chrome HP/durability needs other inhalers with repairing nanites or something along those lines. Chrome HP have no ‘natural’ health regeneration.
You can heal both your HP up or loose as many of it as you’d like, if your health drops to zero you still die like normal.
However you can only heal up to the amount dictated by your cumulative integrity, both for meat & chrome.
The integrity of your sections, subsections and pieces always impacts your health bar, but never the other way around.
Only ‘pieces’ hold the integrity, the ‘in-between’ bars are just to show how this makes up your health bar.

Cyberware that is not a ‘piece’ still has durability. If some meat pieces of you have 0 integrity, you start to ‘bleed out’ meaning you loose health over time.
Also if a subsection has, lets say ≤10-15% of its accumulated integrity, the next hits to the same subsection are always critical hits, draining your health faster.
This is called a ‘critical system’ and is shown on your HUD. Pieces (&other cyberware) that have 0 integrity, do not function anymore or malfunction – this would be the equivalent to ‘Critical Injuries

Your ‘Body Systems’ take a hit to their integrity whenever you take damage in one of the three other sections
– Exception to this would be if only chrome has been hit, and
The ‘Respiratory-‘ and ‘Digestive System’ only take damage alongside with your ‘Torso’ maybe a bit from ‘Neck’ as well.
Maybe the other 6 systems take more or less damage depending on how concentrated they are in an area.
(For example, if you have a full cyberarm, there are no blood vessels or nerves inside of it; the arm can get destroyed without your body systems getting damaged)
Cyberware pieces or sections also don’t cause blood loss when they have 0 integrity, they just stop working.
Damage taken to an already destroyed part or section does not deal any damage to you, but has a chance of dismembering that part.
Meat pieces regain integrity very slowly (natural healing), this cannot be accelerated by (time-skip) waiting.
Cyberware doesn’t heal, with a few exceptions; subdermal armor can ‘heal’ trough nanites & maybe there is specific cyberware that allows for other chrome to heal over time.
You can also be dismembered by enemies, but most of the time this goes hand in hand with dying. Cyberlimbs can be dismembered without you dying.
However you can never be alive in a state where you can’t move to see a ripperdoc (this means body integrity specifically, not being immobile through other means)
Depending, again, on how detailed hit registration is, damage to integrity may either be just dealt to single locations/pieces or evenly dispersed to every piece of a system/‘member of the smallest unit’ that can be hit.

In summary, as far as the player is concerned:
Having cyberware replacing your body parts splits your health bar into two sections.
HP is healed like before; Chrome HP are healed with another type of inhalers/consumables.
If you take damage, your body and cyberware also take damage on an individual-part level. Damaged body parts restrict your two bars form being healed up to 100%.
If a part of you gets destroyed, it ceases to function and you should let yourself get patched up soon. You cannot actively heal/fix parts of you.
This can also cause you to bleed out or experience other negative effects and is the equivalent to ‘Critical Injuries
If a whole section of your body ‘goes critical’ you should seek medical aid asap, every hit to the same section is a critical hit.
This is how the upper left corner of your HUD could look like:
This also takes into account armor regions as explained under ‘Clothing’

If you have trauma team insurance, you don’t immediately die, but get a timed button prompt where you can choose to ‘let go’ or ‘hold onto’ your life. (BFV inspiration there)
Holding onto your life lets you fade out/fall unconscious. Then you fade in and out of consciousness and see glimpses of trauma team retrieving you and tending to you/fixing you up.
This has the added benefit that you wake up in a trauma team hospital with all integrity back to 100% and progress stays the same way it was at the time you died (exp., enemies being dead…)
If you f**ked up a mission or don’t want to be in another location you just choose ‘let go’ and die like normal.

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1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )
1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )
1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )

1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )
1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )
3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )
4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )​
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )​
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )​
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )​
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )​
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )​
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’
Here is the interface mockup again for reference
So now let’s touch on the ‘Buttons’ seen on the cyberware interface, as well as what cyberware goes where.
Also notice the ‘slots’ in the top right corner of any button, these are for all cyberware that can be installed at the same time. The slot icons are colored according to the rarity of the cyberware.
Unfortunately, every cyberware item is now ‘buried’ one click deeper in the interface, but there simply wasn’t a way to fit all the slots onto one screen. But on the brighter side, this allows for a plethora of cyberware & expandability.
The Cyberware mentioned here come from all kinds of sources, from the Cyberpunk RED Sourcebook, the Cyberpunk 2020 Sourcebook, from ingame lore or cyberware seen on NPCs, promo material etc…
They may not be colored red because I don’t know where everything originates from, so assume it comes from the sourcebooks when in doubt. This extends to the ‘More Cyberware’ section as well.
The number (#) indicates the ‘stand-in units’ detailed above, 1 == 3,125%

Cerebrum (16):
Pieces could be; left cortex, right cortex, midbrain, cerebellum.
Any cyberware that goes into your brain or replaces parts of it, is found here. Also there should be a ‘neural plug’ cyberware, the thing that holds your shards & makes all other cyberware function.
You see Johnny’s shard in there as a mod, both the plug and the shard are not removable. This button also holds your ‘Operating System’
Cyberoptics (2): Pieces are both of your eyes, individually.
Cybereyes go here, but way more options than Kiroshi. You can also add (smart) contact lenses to your meat eyes (Shift Tacs). These are either purely cosmetic or add a single non-changeable cyberoptics mod.
Cyberoptics & mods should go wild, toggleable thermal sight, -night vision & adaptive brightness night vision, visual compensation for very bright lights (flashbang effects), target pinning… Some cyberoptics mods occupy slots on both eyes.
Cyberaudio (2): Pieces are both of your ears & inner ears.
Cyberaudio Suite, ears that look like antennas or metal plates, elf ears, maybe animal themed ears
Head (6): P; skull, jaw, scalp/skin of your head, hair
Metal, reinforced or armored skulls. Anything that visibly alters your head but fits none of the other categories. Synthetic, glowing/animated hair (Tech Hair). Bald heads, visible metal plates, with or without studs/spikes…
Face (3): P; upper face region, lower face region
Anything you see on NPCs. Also very importantly; multiple variations of the ‘multioptic mount’ – this is what most maelstrom members have installed, it opens up more slots under ‘Cyberoptics’ for more than 2 eyes to be installed.
Neck (3): P; neck and throat (English doesn’t seem to have separate words for this, imagine your neck being split in half, front with windpipe etc, back with shoulder/neck muscles)
Anything visible on the outer layer of your neck/skin. Anything not specifically in your neck location, but on your whole spine, windpipe etc is covered under other ‘Buttons’

Below is a collage for head cyberware that I found on NPCs
As this took a disproportionately long amount of time to make, it most likely remains the only such illustration.
But I think you get the picture, all cyberware, be it from NPCs both random and ‘special’,
from ingame ads or somewhere on display in the game, or mentioned in lore – should be available to the player

Upper Back (8):
P; upper back, shoulders
Lower Back (4): P; lower back, butt
Thorax (12): P; chest, breasts
Abdomen (8): P; belly, genitals
The torso mostly holds visual cyberware, ex: Rogue’s belly, maelstrom torso cyberware, Mr. stud & midnight lady, midnight accessories breasts (see image below), also contraceptive (RP) implants
On the functional side maybe visible armor plating that’s stronger than subdermal armor, either metallic looking or under the skin but with contours clearly visible
Most borgware would be found here. Also maybe tails and such.

NSFW: The midnight accessories from ingame ads, the bottom row restricts you to wear special bras
The bras for ‘barbwire 5’ & ‘pink punk’ would have holes or slits that accommodate the spikes,
‘quadruplets’ bras are basically two bras beneath each other, the straps of the lower connect to the cup above,
‘crit-d20’ have the same polygonal shape & ‘medusa’ bras have two options;
The cups have a bulge on the outside of your breast muscle, a loop on each of the vertical straps a bit below your collar bones and a Velcro/ribbon/etc. where the cups connect.
In both cases the tentacles exit upwards angled toward your shoulders, then either go ‘over’ trough the loops and meet in the middle pointing down,
or ‘under’ circling around the breasts (without using the loops) and meeting in the middle pointing up. The ribbon in the middle of the bra secures them in place.

Left Arm (8) & Right Arm (8):
P; Upper Arm, Lower Arm/Forearm, Hand (each x2)
Arasaka cyberarms, mox studded cyberarms, budget cyberarm, all arms you can see on NPCs with all coloration options and variations. Some arms have item options with which you can set which parts are exposed.
Cyberweapons are now independent of the cyberarm, but cannot be equipped into all cyberarms. Some use both arms, some just one.
Concealed, extendable tentacle arms would also be very interesting. These could automatically loot nearby items (configurable), be used for grappling enemies & pulling them towards you,
and be mod-able to act like a melee combat whip –physical (bladed, a bit like MKX Takeda or Pacific Rim Gipsy’s sword), electrical (think Iron Man 2 plasma whips), chemical & thermal (glowing, hot)
Left Leg (8) & Right Leg (8): P; Upper Leg/Thigh, Lower Leg, Foot (each x2)
Similar to arms, cyberlegs are now the main ‘pieces’, double & charge jump now fits into the cyberlegs (lower), lynx paws only occupy a slot in the feet (or replace feet) and are visible.

Nervous System (6):
P; Spinal Cord, Nerves
Like before, but added upon.
Immune System (2): P; not too sure about this, but maybe spleen, thymus, lymphatic vessels +nodes
Anything that was previously under immune system, minus the ‘bioplastic blood vessels’
Respiratory System (6): P; lungs (maybe separate L/R), trachea
Syn lungs, gills, lung volume increase, stamina affecting stuff, toxic gas filters
Circulatory System (6): P; heart, blood vessels
Like before but without the stuff that better fits into the respiratory system
Integumentary System (2): P; epidermis +dermis (cutis), subdermis (subcutis)
Here are the subdermal implants, as well as porcelain, metallic, glossy, colored, chrome, transparent skin. Also ‘optical camo’.
Skin changes apply the same color/pattern/design to your whole body anywhere there is skin.
You can change the color via the other bodyparts if you want to change a specific region only.
Muscular System (4): P; muscles, tendons
All cyberware that alters all muscles in your body at once
Skeletal System (4): P; spine, bones, joints
Everything replacing or altering your skeleton, with exception of your skull which is covered under ‘Head’.
Digestive System (2): P; stomach (+esophagus), liver, colon
Drug and poison resisting cyberware, consumable efficiency increasing stuff…

Cyberware can lock other cyberware slots – for example cyberweapons that are always installed in both arms/legs, or cyberarms that cannot hold other cyberware inside of them etc…
Cyberware can lock or restrict clothing/equipment slots, for example shoes with pointy legs, normal bras with some midnight accessories, glasses with a multioptic mount

If you click on a button, the interface looks much the same like it does now when you are at a ripperdoc and select a slot with cyberware in it.
It can however have more rows than now. Left aligned are the ‘pieces’ occupying their slot, the additional slots next to them are implants for this piece.

Every ‘piece’ slot does hold a meat piece of you by default.
This are the pieces for any system other than ‘Body Systems’
It looks like pieces are only skin in the image, but think of them more as sections/regions indicating a location.
If you remove the ‘body systems’ from a region/piece there is just not that much left besides skin. (which is covered by the integumentary system)
Body system pieces work and look just about the same (They aren’t shown because I found it complicated to draw a full musculature, skeleton & 3 versions of ramification structures)

Meat pieces are special items, as in they don’t show up in any other interface.
Instead of a rarity they just have their durability(integrity) bar like other items and their strip is red like your HP bar.

Contrary to what’s shown in the mockup, meat pieces have by default less or no slots for further cyberware. This is akin to how it is handled in the sourcebook.
The amount of additional cyberware slots can change depending on the piece installed.

Meat pieces are lost once you replace them and there should be a warning when you attempt to do so.
I’m not sure if you ever can completely ‘unequip’ pieces, but I think not. ‘Quickchange Mounts’ are an exception to this.
There are ‘medical’ versions of each piece available if you want to change back. These function exactly the same like meat pieces and have no humanity cost.
I’m not sure about a ‘body bank’ like service (that grows pieces of you from DNA), but if, then at a very steep price.

If you get a full cyberarm, it could either be in one slot & lock the other two, or be sectioned off into three pieces that are connected, not sure about that.

Accustoming to Cyberware:
Cyberware should be impacting, both in feel and gameplay, a choice with consequences & not merely equipment.
Therefore, your body should need to accustom to cyberware.
Accustoming has a range of (negative) effects until you can utilize your new cyberware to its full potential.
These effects last about 12 in-game hours and have a percentage chance of occurring, that is not avoidable by skipping time.
Only major implants have these effects, and the percentage chance linearly declines within this time period -
having the most impact directly after getting an implant and being zero after 12 in-game hours.
Implants you had before or are similar to an implant you had, start at half the %chance that declines twice as fast (~3 in-game h)
Cyberware you regularly use has almost no effect when being swapped.
The severity of the effects could also depend on the quality/condition of the cyberware and where it is implanted (ripperdoc, hospital)
All cyberware needs non-skippable time to get accustomed to, only after this time you can swap it out.
‘Minor’ cyberware, if at all, has only minor effects. Effects could entail:

Cyberoptics –
Visual glitches, oversaturation/contrast, brightness sensitivity, image ghosting
Cyberaudio –
Hearing too loud or too quiet, dampened/muffled audio filter, echo or feedback loop
Cyberarms –
Shot delay, loose grip when scaling/climbing, decreased melee/brawling attack speed/dmg, fumble a reload, drop your weapon accidentally (!only as a time-costing animation, you don’t want to lose your weapon to a bug), less steady aim or twitching from time to time
Cyberlegs –
Delay before walking, stumble or fall, run slower or faster in an uncontrolled manner, jump less high/too high, balancing animations
Kerenzikov –
This is a bit a special one. Did you know that kerenzikov would be always on and you’d live in slow motion? I’d like to see that fact reflected much more in-game, so;
After you wake up from the operation, time is slowed like when using it (50-90%). This effect is active during the whole process of accustoming.
Instead of a linear drop-off, the effect decreases with exponential decay – This is so you can still feasibly play, as most of the (12h) time the game is slowed at a manageable amount. The visual effect when time is slowed also decreases exponentially. You can use this effect to your advantage.
If you get kerenzikov removed/swapped out, time is sped up instead, with the same rules as above but half as much/3h.
It would be a nice touch if v would talk at normal speed first, only to not be understood & then repeat slowly (occasionally, during the effect)
Other effects could be –
Noisy subdermal armor/endoskeleton impairing stealth, itching animations from skin implants, health related side-effects like high pulse, faster exhaustion…

All effects should be announced to the player, by the ripperdocs telling you about it and V cursing when they happen or something similar.
Effects should cause mishaps and annoyances, dangerous or funny situations. They should be present and noticeable, but not frustrating/punishing.
Ripperdocs prescribe you medication that lessen/shorten the effects of accustoming and lessen the humanity cost by a point or so.
This is actually in your hand; you have to remember it – medication you take directly after the procedure/as part of an animated sequence aren’t factored in
You can now only change cyberware once you are accustomed to it/the effect has worn off.

1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware
Cyberware now alters your stats more as a side effect than as their main utility. This includes your attribute levels.
Cyberarms increase anything you can do with your arms; reload speed, max weight you can lift or throw, grappling, melee & brawl attack speed & damage, steadier aim, pull yourself up ledges faster, block, recoil compensation, rip open doors…
Cyberlegs same story; sneaking, walking, running, sprinting/charging faster, jump higher, kick faster/harder, slide further, dodge further, fall damage mitigation, sneak & walk more silent, slide, dodge/dash, evade…
Some properties and stats emerge from different cyberware in tandem, for example you could have very strong cyberlimbs but still can’t deadlift massive stuff because you have a ‘meat spine’
This could include lift/throw, swimming, climbing, kerenzikov/sandevistan movement speed, etc.

Each of the 6 attributes should have ‘associated cyberware’ that compliments that playstyle and boosts it. There should be at least one cyberweapon and one ‘operating system’ per attribute.
I don’t yet have cyberware for any attribute, this is to be expanded upon. Also each cyberweapon should have at least one utility function that is non-combat oriented(at least indirectly) or adds an entirely new mechanic.
The intent is to have a passive (always on) and an active (button-activated) ‘attribute increaser’ as well as a utility option that provides a new gameplay mechanic, fitting to each attribute.
Attributes cannot be increased by more than 5 points, this is achieved either by all options you can have at a time adding up to 5, or having a cap where anything over 5 is ignored.
More on attributes is under its own paragraph, sorry to take away the surprise here already

BODY: berserk, gorilla arms

Berserk, active – I can’t say much about this because I didn’t spec into body.
It should follow the lead of Sandevistan with its cooldown mechanic & be of the same ‘caliber’ as other operating systems.
For passive options there are quite many contenders, basically anything that improves your strength or resilience to damage.
Ex; subdermal armor, endoskeletons, muscle lace & bone lace
Gorilla Arms: their utility function is ripping. You can rip lots of fixed stuff from the place it belongs to, this ties in with the throwing mechanic detailed under the BODY attribute.
You could rip off signs, lamp posts, car doors, vending machines, body parts and so on. Forcing open doors also falls under ripping & gorilla arms increase any related skillcheck.
Gorilla arms also aid in lifting stuff (by adding their bonus to it), alongside with other strength-modifying cyberware.

DEX: speed boost, mantis blades, optical camo

Speed boost, active. For a lack of a more creative name, this operating system boosts anything related to movement speed & agility.
When activated you move a multitude faster (has nothing to do with time slow), this affects anything listed under the header, basically every movement you can do with your arms or legs is a lot faster.
You can also jump higher and fall from greater heights before starting to take fall damage. It does put cyberlimbs into overdrive the same way as meat limbs.
Being slowed by armor or over encumbrance is not negated by speed boost, you instead move at a multiple of that decreased speed.
To put a twist on its function, it could be controllable like a gear shift where you can set the multiplier yourself, up to its max. dictated by rarity.
Lower gears could have the boost last significantly longer as higher ones, also dictated by rarity. Maybe cycled with [MMB], the activation key is reserved for deactivation.
Mods alter time active, cooldown, increase or lessen specific movements etc.
Mantis blades: Its utility function is clinging to walls, this ties into mechanics described under the DEX attribute.
Maybe it needs special blades (mod) for this that have a more hook-like shape at the tip of the blades & deal a bit less damage (only physical)
Clinging to walls also allows you to scale them, this is one of the actions using the most stamina that you can do.
Optical Camo: An active subdermal implant already in the game but not implemented.
As you might have guessed, it makes you invisible for a limited time, depending on rarity.
You cannot at all be perceived visually by any means, although you see yourself with a pearl-effect like transparent shimmer (your hands, mostly – but this absolutely should carry over into photo mode).
Others can still hear you or become aware of your presence if you touch them, or you can cause alertness by opening doors/manipulating objects.
The camouflage only extends to your body and a select few bodysuits that support camouflage, normal clothing does not become invisible, so you’d have to be nude/in streamer underwear.
This restricts you from being invisible and invincible, as these suits have very little armor, and at the same time it allows for ‘major-style’ bodysuits.
The same goes for weapons, you cannot have one equipped (you can, but enemies could notice the weapon floating around)
If you get hit or take damage your cloak flickers, exposing your location for a brief moment.

TECH: tool hand, ripper glove

The Tool Hand is a pure utility-cyberarm. With it you can disassemble much more stuff, on site.
These could include; drones, mechs, robots, mines, turrets, cameras, radios, the cleaning robots and other (static/décor) devices that are found in the world
Ripper glove: The ‘glove’ ripperdocs are wearing - it should be utility cyberware, grafted to your hand. You can loot cyberware from bodies with it.
I’m not sure what the other stuff could be, the projectile launcher is probably the Tech cyberweapon. It’s utility a grappling hook?

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1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )
1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )
1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )
1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )

1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )
3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )
4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )​
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )​
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )​
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )​
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )​
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )​
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware

REF: kerenzikov, sandevistan, ‘foldout arm shield’

Kerenzikov, passive. A bit a special one, here as well.
As kerenzikov is (-would be-, this is just a gameplay representation) always active, it has no effect time or cooldown.
Hear me out :)
Kerenzikov can no longer be used alongside sandevistan or other ‘operating systems’, but instead of.
It’s one of the more/most ‘game changing’ implants, has a very high humanity cost according to its rarity,
And replaces all ‘Nervous System-pieces’, at least one ‘Cerebrum-piece’ & restricts the operating system slot.

It keeps its ‘aim while slide/dodge -activation’ albeit altered.
This effect lasts as long as you are sliding/dodging plus the transition from & back to normal. It should also extend to ‘aiming while in midair’.
And yes, you can chain this to your liking. As this is now only the secondary effect, it slows time by 1/5 of its maximum capability. (this is still plenty, from :2 to :10)
Maybe you also can dodge to the sides while running forward, this doesn’t slow time as much but lets you mimic the zig-zag run enemies with kerenzikov can do.

Kerenzikov’s primary effect is what I call ‘active evasion
This triggers if you get shot at and allows you to catch (hands), slice (bladed), block (blunt) or dodge (always, by moving or dashing out of the bullet path.) bullets.
If it kicks in and how much it slows depends on a few factors;
You need to have line of sight to the weapon that fires at you, in any case (can’t react to what you can’t perceive).
How much it slows should be gradual, dependent on how fast the bullet travels and how close to you it is.
It doesn’t kick in if a shot would completely miss you, a bit if it’s close. It starts the moment a gun is fired at you, not if it is only aimed at you.
It doesn’t activate while you are aiming
Also its effect could increase depending on how much health you have left, or only activate below a certain health threshold.
The transition from normal speed happens much quicker, but should be as smooth as possible, the ‘gradual’ time slow as well.
Kerenzikov has item options where you can alter some activation conditions/intensities within its capabilities.

The visual HUD overlay when time is slowed intensifies with the amount time is slowed by, same goes for sandevistan & other ‘time slowers’
The goal is to have a far lesser visual effect on minor ‘time slows’ rather than a greater one with greater slows, however. (the current effect is close to max.)

In that light, let’s look at bullet speeds:
The current bullet speed is about 60m/s for smart weapons, ~100m/s for power weapons. Ricochet shots are way faster and travel in ‘steps’.
Tech weapons are hitscan, both charged & normal. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between any weapon types or models.
I’d propose the following bullet speeds: (one version is in m/s the other in fps)

Weapons now fall into 2 velocity classes;
L (low velocity): pistols, revolvers, SMGs, shotguns, double barrel shotguns
H (high velocity): assault rifles, precision rifles, sniper rifles, LMGs, HMGs
The ‘2x’ values are the speeds for ricocheting bullets (power) and charged shots (tech). The ‘base’ values are for normal shots.
The ‘base’ number would also be taken if speeds don’t differ from weapon to weapon. If they do, there are ‘speed range’ numbers in grey.
Below that is how these speeds would be perceived with kerenzikov, with different rarities and maximum time slow in %.
The kerenzikov numbers may be a bit off as I can’t visualize those speeds that good,
But the intent is that with legendary kerenzikov ‘smart L’ bullets are slow enough that you could catch them with ease, whereas charged ‘tech H’ shots should be very difficult, almost impossible to evade
If you want somewhat accurate real-life speeds, multiply all values by 5.
Smart weapons (Gyrojet) fire irl with 381m/s (1250fps), tech weapons (railguns) with 2000-3500m/s (6561-11482fps) and athletes can throw stuff up to 45m/s (150fps)

The numbers for the amount time is slowed by depend on which numbers should be ‘pretty’ as they are displayed on the item.
The percentages shown translate to a max. time slow of U 1:10 | R 1:20 | E 1:28,5714… | L 1:50
They could therefore also be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 times slower (or something along these lines) instead and have strange percentages.
Albeit this is the more likely option, I went with the other for better readable m/s numbers.

Moving during active kerenzikov is half as many times as fast as time is slowed, and uses the same multiplicator for stamina drain.
For example with time slowed by 10x, you move 5x as fast and moving consumes 5x the amount of stamina.
This includes any movement except aiming/moving your cursor. Movement that has no stamina cost uses 1 unit before multiplication,
this also holds true for ‘no stamina drain while/for x’ perks.
Probably the movement multiplier is capped off after a certain point, increasable by cyberware (actually faster limbs for example),
because faster synapses alone don’t increase the speed of your muscle contraction (I suppose)
Your gun lagging behind your cursor if your arms can’t keep up, I thought about, but that probably shouldn’t be a thing.
Gravity dependent movement like falling or sliding happens at normal time, unless you induce it at a higher speed.

This may sound like even more easy mode than before, but keep in mind;
Smart bullets chase you around and have no problem keeping up with your reaction speed (they turn slow tho).
Enemies unload bullets into you even more aggressively trying to hit you, they don’t stop firing once you start to zip around.
Dodging or disabling almost any bullet fired at you is largely dependent on the type and firing rate of your enemies’ guns, even more so on the number of enemies firing at you at the same time.
Just picture being able to dodge a single revolver bullet quite easily, but then trying the same with a whole barrage of bullets coming from multiple directions.
On top of that, enemies can also have kerenzikov and move, react & act similarly fast or even faster from your frame of reference, depending on what they & you have installed.
Enemies also use their sandevistan if you annoy them with your active evasion ability, but not predictably so you don’t have a too easy way of baiting them to use up their sandevistan ‘charge’.
Enemies should be able to anticipate their shots, but ones that have a higher speed themselves do this much better than ‘normal speed’ enemies.

Kerenzikov now accepts mods, these could affect the activation conditions, the movement speed multiplier, etc…
It should have a mod which displays bullet paths, behind it as well as the anticipated path. Filtered to show only paths close to you ofc.
Depending on if the bullet currently would hit you or not, it changes color. Bullets themselves should be visually enhanced/made to ‘pop out’ more,
maybe have an info overlay regarding their speed, direction & ETA (more as eye candy than for usefulness)
This could either be a mod for Cybereyes, or for kerenzikov itself, as the implant also replaces/alters/taps into your optical nerves and the visual & motor cortex.

Passive Evasion: this stat now actually does something, namely your character makes small movements, attempting to avoid bullets or other kinds of damage/hits close by.
These are more minor movements and yes, they affect your aim, less so than the staggering from actually getting hit however, plus it has the ‘added benefit’ of avoiding the damage.
Kerenzikov does significantly increase your passive evasion (chance of) and these movements also happen while kerenzikov is ‘active’.

Sandevistan, active. Not as many changes here, sandevistan now is the more ‘slow time shooting’ option of the two.
It both slows time a bit more than currently (similar to kerenzikov secondary, C :2 | U :4 | R :6 | E :8 | L :10 | L/I :15)
And lasts much longer by default (C 90 | U 75 | R 60 | E 45 | L 30 | L/I 15 seconds). However, importantly, sandevistan can be deactivated whenever you want.
Its cooldown is directly dependent on the time you had it running. Maybe by default for every second it was active, it needs 2-2,5 seconds cooldown.
Sandevistan mods more substantially increase its capabilities (runtime C +2,5 | U +5 | R +7,5 | E +10 | L +15 sec) and there should be mods affecting the time slow multiplicator.
Mods that decreased the cooldown now simply decrease the cooldown multiplier instead.

Foldout Arm Shield: see below under ‘New & Other Cyberware’

INT: cyberdeck, monowire, back-of-the-head netrunning plug

Cyberdecks (active, operating system) now have 5-9 slots for programs or hardware. By rarity: C 5|U 6|R 7|E 8|L 9, 5-6 are arranged as they are now, 7-9 in a 3x3 grid
Hardware for cyberdecks would be 1:1 like it is in RED, with exception of ‘DNA Lock’ & Range Upgrade the latter is handled by the monowire
As cyberdecks and other operating systems are also normal items, they don’t lose their equipped mods or programs anymore.
The monowire now actually cuts, almost everything. (johnny mnemonic!) It is the go-to cyberweapon for dismembering.
Some doors can be opened with the monowire, this is done by slinging the wire trough the slit in the doorframe from down under, it swings back up and you catch it to cut trough the door bolt (animation)
Its utility function is direct access hacking from a distance, brought back from the gameplay trailer. You can hack access points in the same manner.
There’s a monowire mod (‘wallhack’) that allows you to shoot the wire through walls or obstructions to hack access points/people.
The ‘back-of-the-head netrunning plug’ however that is called, allows you to netrun from netrunning chairs, more on this under ATTRIBUTES>Int.>Netrunning
I don’t know what could be passive Int. boosters.

COOL: siren susurrator, hormone dispenser, (cyberweapon?)

The ‘siren susurrator’ is an operating system, ‘active’. It works akin to TW3’s axii or Obi Wan’s use of force.
When activated, it boosts any speech checks by reading the emotional state & predicting the intent/’manipulation weak points’ of nearby entities, which lets you say the right things at the right time.
It would be cool if it had a corresponding HUD overlay which tracks the eyes and mouth of NPCs and displays ‘probability bullshit’ info, maybe a soundwave voice analyzer/display and so on.
The ‘hormone dispenser’ is passive. It creates a volume around you by dispersing synthetic hormones & odorous substances as aerosols that are perceived by others & subconsciously alters how they feel about you.
It automatically selects the right one for every occasion and lets you be perceived as more intimidating, seductive/attractive, honest/believable etc. Maybe it could consume cartridges (slowly)?
Its effect is smaller than the susurrator’s, it has an area of effect (maybe even altered by wind or weather?) and it may be perceived consciously or blocked by others with implants/gear boosting or altering their smell/filtering gases.

Pointy legs (Tygerclaw cyberlegs) let you run faster, but walk slower & constantly balance when standing
Midnight Lady + breasts, Mr. Studd
Leg-fused heels/shoes
Bite & scratch attacks & combos?
Cyberware is a normal commodity, with a tab in your inventory, weight & price
Arms: +foldout shield, grapple hand, micro missile launcher
Micro missile launcher more akin to Mando’s arm or Tony Stark’s shoulder missiles, seek out multiple enemies and have smart targeting,
The standard projectile launcher is unguided. Both consume ammunition.
Fashionware, golden/silver skin, arm & leg prosthesis
Mod to see infrared lasers of snipers/weapons, turrets & mines
Adjust to major implants, visual & felt impact on V
Cling to walls with Mantis Blades, hack with Monowire, rip & throw with Gorilla Arms
Gorilla Arms increase your body stat/for skillchecks by rare +2|epic +3|legendary +4
The Monowire should be ‘the Weapon of Choice’ for dismemberment, cutting and slicing meat and chrome alike
On some doors you can swing your monowire trough the gap between door and frame from down under
(so it comes back out) and cut through the bolt locking the door, opening it
Break into Kiroshi to steal legendary prototype cyberoptics
Harvest legendary cyberware from heavily guarded corpos or bosses
Pin much more than 9 targets -> cyberware upgrade/eye mod?
When you crouch, you jump a bit higher. Also crouch to charge the fortified-ankles jump + it should show a charge meter
webbed hands & feet for faster swimming, spiked for climbing

New & Other Cyberware:

Whatever this is:

It’s from a poster in Vik’s clinic, I tried upscaling it with an AI-image enhancing site, that didn’t add any detail tho.
I really can’t make out what it’s for, but it looks hella cool and I want it! :)

The mantis blades as seen in the 2012 teaser trailer, as an iconic variant

The MaxTac arm shotgun seen in the scripted event at the start of the game

Foldout Arm Shield:
I read about the ‘Popup Shield’ and thought about how that could look.
This is my take on a 2077 cyberware inspired by it, the foldout arm shield:
It takes a few seconds to deploy (~3-5), as shown above, in two steps;
First the arm splits open along the narrow side of your wrist up to the elbow, revealing 5 underarm-shaped shingles on either side (one slightly after another for looks)
Then simultaneously the angular rails that replace your radius & ulna, both rotate left and the shingles slide along the rails and turn their inside facing you.
Each of the ten shingles is about 30cm in length and 3-4mm thick, on the outside they are all colored the same as your underarm skin.
On the inside they are coated black with technology like in a windowless car, acting as a see-trough display that’s activated once deployed.
They are probably made out of some sci-fi material, but if made from tungsten or depleted uranium, each shingle would weigh roughly 1,5 kg – for a total of >15 kg
So the arm weighs quite a bit, this means it should behave that way – heavy and powerful feeling sound & deploying animation, a bit harder but slower hits with the left hand when stowed.

When deployed, it’s about 35x70cm (max.) large. On the Inside you see artificial muscles for your hand, the two brightly colored ‘bones’ and the slim bezels & bulky hinges of the shingles.
It’s held like you’d hold a riot shield, but V would probably cower down behind it or sneak when using it.
Also V can use the left hand to hold or brace a weapon held in the right hand, or deploy the shield while holding a weapon. Other than that, the hand is non-functional.
This may also mean you cannot use inhalers/health items as long as you have the shield deployed
The shield completely stops all bullets except ones that would penetrate walls (tech weapons, SPT32grad) these make visible holes that don’t disappear until replaced.
It has HP and the shingles need to be repaired or replaced once they are reduced to 0 HP. The rarity/material of the shingles dictates the amount of HP.
Magnet: Pulls bullets towards it that would otherwise hit you/protects you from angles the shield alone doesn’t cover. Also loses HP faster accordingly
Ricochet/Reactive: Deflects bullets back at enemies, you see the targeting line (with eye mod) as long as someone aims at you
‘Insert-sci-fi-superlative’ coating: Now able to stop shots from tech weapons etc – these do double damage to the shield instead
Better Motor: Significantly speeds up (maybe halves) the time it takes to deploy/undeploy

Genital Quick-change Mount:
Compatible with all Midnight Lady & Mr. Studd cyberware for private parts, allows you to change them anytime, even without needing to see a ripperdoc.
Has a metallic, colored release handle flush with the skin and a groove/indentation directly under it.
The handle can be pulled swiveling outwards like some old car trunk handles, this detaches the whole section from (including-) the handle down to the perineum.
NSFW? In the image below, a blank mount is installed (I hope that is SFW enough)
When removed, underneath it looks similar to the woman with half her face ‘undressed’ from the pre-launch promo material (metallic greebles)
Should alter sex scenes depending on what you installed. Other than that, it’s just for looks/customization.
What options there could be I leave up to your imagination

Freerunning Cyberoptics Mod:
An eye-mod that shows a dynamic overlay on Surfaces & Ledges for Parkour/Traversal
It factors in your current movement speed, and all movement modifying variables (such as double jump, faster cyberlegs, perks)
The overlay has different colors, meaning:
Turquoise or White for surfaces/ledges you can reach with your current movement speed and jumping
Yellow for surfaces you could reach with a higher movement speed (not in theory by having better stats, but by running or sprinting if you currently walk)
Also surfaces you would take fall damage from are yellow
Red are Surfaces where you would die from fall damage or you can’t reach
It calculates surfaces/ledges you could reach assuming you take the right path & jump at the right time and not just from your exact current position
It has a reasonable Radius & only ever calculates the next jump/fall/etc, it doesn’t show stuff 10m above you or surfaces you could eventually reach, also not painfully obvious ones
If you are in midair it draws a small circle right below you, so you can maneuver better in anticipation of where you want to land.
It should be minimally obtrusive, more of a glow-like overlay rather than bright neon paint – you also could set its opacity in the settings of the mod item

An intriguing ingame mail advertising adult cyberware I found

1.10 Quickhacks:
Because quickhacks heavily tie into netrunning gameplay, their info is a bit scattered throughout the post.
Here is how quickhacks are handled as items or as loot.
For their associated gameplay see ‘ATTRIBUTES…>Intelligence>Netrunning’, for how crafting quickhacks works ‘CRAFTING>Programming’

A dedicated inventory tab for your quickhacks, that is accessible anytime (not only in quickhack shops)
If they are in use in your cyberdeck, have them shown as equipped like other Items

Quickhacks are now digital items, this should be reflected by its itemcard
The quickhack icons are cool and stay as they are, but they don’t have a physical chip as a background anymore
Their itemcards should be easily distinguishable from physical items, maybe by having a ‘binary code wall’ background and/or be color themed

Quickhacks are only found as loot where they can digitally exist, never in a box or the like. This means;
Download or steal quickhacks from dead or alive netrunners, download them from access points, while netrunning(datamine), from computers(files), etc.
The only exception to that being shards which hold quickhacks that you can download from them.
Also you can buy them from other netrunners/quickhack vendors just like before.

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1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )
1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )
1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )
1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )
1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )

3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )
4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )​
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )​
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )​
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )​
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )​
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )​
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

1.11 Item Addendum & Stats
So overall, there are many more items, how does that work out?

Loot is not intended to be picked clean anytime from any source, most things have weight and carry capacity is less.
Player is expected to have loadouts in vehicle and interface with it more, gearing up before a job and not hauling a store’s worth of clothing and enough weapons for a company/battery.
This is furthered by drones picking up stuff (drone has filter options) and bringing it to vehicle, loot scanner having options for which stuff to see, easy & quick unload to stash, dynamic weight limit & slowing.
Loot scanner does show everything in a radius around you that meets its filtering options all the time, you can activate or deactivate the loot icon overlay by a short press of [Tab]. No constant scanning to see stuff.
Loot icons from scanner are specific, not box icons. More like the icons they have when attempting to pick an item up. Item pickup uses raycast selection with top priority.
Player incentive to try out other weapons because they degrade, not because each weapon is better than his current one
Iconic does also degrade but can always be repaired back to 100%, other items permanently loose a bít of durability with each repair, the rarer the less.

Health from 100 to 300HP, or 150 to 450 with half of it chrome hp. 50% chrome in your body is max.
Carry 100 weight from start, +100 from body (5/lvl), +100 from cyberware or smth like that.
Armor up to 100 per region

Between a fully maxed out player and a fully maxed out enemy, 1 shot of the most powerful weapon (sniper or so) does kill.
Not however if the enemy has a helmet on, this should be a consideration. Maybe not if you have charged tech that ignores armor.
Other than that one shotting shouldn’t be a thing, only for enemies weaker in relation to you, without a helmet

Movement stat should be a higher number so you can see changes to it
Other stats should work

2.1 General:
The screenspace added by 21:9 over 16:9 should be interactable with the mouse cursor, especially apparent in photo mode.
Stats should be better understandable; Mouse over should show how a stat comes together
Have contacts (Messages/Phone) listed in the order of who last messaged you, like modern messengers do.
Archive phone contacts & messages that are no longer interactable

Show the cumulative weight of shown(filtered) items
Have a finances log showing revenue/expenditure
Ingame statistics; kills, money, headshots, quest success, accuracy, traveled distance, vehicle & weapon specific etc.
Inworld navigation arrows
Only the part(s) of an enemy that are behind an object/cover (occluded/not in view) have the red outline to better differentiate
When you are done shopping, you have a checkout-screen which summarizes everything you buy/sell (shopping cart style)
Option to disable loot-Icons & vendor icons entirely (+maybe by rarity/quest relevance?)
This also makes the yellow glow & exclamation mark only visible via scanner
Show a button prompt in the HUD near status effects, I didn’t know you can see their description in the weapon wheel until the end of the game
Have a comprehensive overview of all stats that apply & from where they come (maybe in 3d-inspect?)
Setting for metric system for vehicle speed, time & maybe weight
Untrack missions, the crosshair icon in the top-right corner indicates if it’s tracked or not – this can also be done from the journal
Button prompts if you can rotate something (Crafting Menu, Character Inventory),
also anything non-interactable that can be rotated, should be able to be rotated by LMB dragging
Sort missions in journal by district & by danger level
Have the distance to missions visible in the journal
Have car-‘missions’ have its own icon (just a yellow version of your vehicle icon), as well as an image of the car in the journal
Show the artist & title of those awesome tracks we can listen to on the radio
Item amount only after 3+ Items, let us use scroll wheel & space to set amount/accept (shift+scroll=10steps)
Page-back-button in the ingame internet
Scrap Items on the floor before you pick them up
It should be told to the player that tigerclaws avoid smart weapons (as a hint, or when scanning them)

The scan-info card should be cleaned up and hold more information at the same time
The first thing you see, front and center is the status of the NPC/object – friendly, alerted, enemy/threat, active/deactivated
The second thing is if an NPC lives, sleeps, is unconscious(how much longer?), is mortally wounded/dying or already dead
icon for mines turns grey when they are deactivated

2.2 Inventory:
No inventory refresh
Hold shift to compare Items, + press another button to cycle comparison with weapon of slot 1-3, also you can move your cursor freely without the comparison/tooltip of the item disappearing
Inspect items, have more 3d models for Items & also show dropped single items as 3d models + reveal hidden info
New inventory Tabs; Ammunition, cyberware, programs/quickhacks, crafting components & quest items
Italic tabs are already there, but cyberware gets expanded to include cyberware itself, programs/quickhacks is always available
Select multiple items to transfer, sell, drop, disassemble and mark
Take all/Put all into stash (+ of filtered Category)
Disassemble stuff in the stash inventory
In the mouse-over/tooltip description, show what other rarities an item is available in (decent)
Inventory Tab for Crafting Components & one for Quest Items
Mod slots in the inventory should be arranged the same way as on the itemcard (2x3) and correspond with the dot-icons
The same goes for attachments, they should be next to each other horizontally
Have the ‘item added’ text not blend in horizontally/be animated, but appear instantly and stay a bit longer
Scroll in weapon wheels to cycle item of that slot
The vehicle selection interface has tabs: Economy | Executive | Heavy Duty | Sport | Hypercars | Bikes

Below is an image demonstrating the use of sub-categories that would be applied across all item interfaces, be it vendors/shops, crafting, stash etc.
The category buttons have a shorter width to fit all of them in one row on all interfaces.
Also note; the sorting dropdown now only displays each stat you can sort by once, the button adjacent to it switches the sorting direction.
The mockup does not take changes to- or new inventory tabs into account

The inventory tabs & sub-categories are:
Ranged Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Precision Rifle, Assault Rifle, Machine Gun, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun, Pistol, Revolver
| Power Weapons, Tech Weapons, Smart Weapons
Melee Weapons: Two-handed Club, Hammer, One-handed Club, Long Blade, Katana, Knife | Blunt Weapons, Bladed Weapons
Attachments & Mods: Weapon Attachments, Clothing ‘Attachments’, Ranged Weapon Mods, Melee Weapon Mods, Cyberware Mods, Clothing Mods
Cyberware: Head & Neck, Torso, Limbs, Body Systems | Implants, Replacements, Fashionware, Bioware etc…
Clothing: Head & Neck, Upper Body, Lower Body | Entropism, Kitsch, Neomilitarism, Neokitsch
Consumables: Ammunition, Grenades, Gadgets, Drones | Healing/Boosts, Food, Drink, Drugs
Crafting Components: Materials (hard, intermediate, soft), Parts, Components, Designs & Blueprints
Digital Items: Programs, Program Mods, Code | +tabs for different types of programs
Other: Quest Items, Data Carriers, Valuables, Junk, (only when needed -) Misc.

Each tab also has an ‘All’ button which is active by default and all buttons are toggleable (click to include this filter, click again to exclude)
Sorting categories after the | or in () are a different axis of sorting, are grouped together and have their own ‘show all’ button.

Cleaned up ‘tooltip-cards’:
The intent is to have them take up less screenspace while simultaneously presenting information in a similar or even better readable manner.
Also, importantly: All item images are 1,5x larger – I don’t quite get the point of them being the same size? And don’t worry, they still fit, I tried.
Items other than weapons (1x1 grid size) could have their image left-aligned, and their most important stats on the right side. Clothing & Cyberdecks
Maybe there could also be a button you hold down to have the cards display more info, compact is default.
Mod descriptions could especially benefit from this. Compact only displays “Enables Smart weapon targeting | Hit Chance +15% | Crit Damage +25%” in the example of ‘Smart Link’
The mockup does not take any other suggestions into account, it’s just an example.

2.2.1 Equipment:
To hold all the new clothing items and let you equip outfits like NPCs can wear, more clothing slots have been added, detailed below (notice the numbers on the item slots)
There are button prompts for turning your character.
Also there is a ‘Loadout’ dropdown allowing you to quickly change all your gear. The loadout name can be edited.
Missing from the Mockups are:
Checkbox-style buttons to the left of the weapon DPS icon, that you can check/uncheck to show the weapon wielded by your character.
Your armor stat becomes 4 armor stats, as detailed under ‘Clothing’
A button near the loadout dropdown, which when pressed ‘compacts’ the whole loadout into a suitcase item.
The suitcase item weighs the same as all items it contains, is named like you named your loadout, can be transferred as an item but not be sold/dropped/disassembled and equipped with a click (RMB?)
It also can be unpacked into the items it contains; the loadout is then lost.
Equipping functions by being added as the current entry in the loadout dropdown rather than altering your previous loadout.
Quick-access items are ‘stored’ similar to a link, selecting the same stuff if you have it in your inventory still.
‘Compacting’ a loadout & equipping one maybe should have a confirmation message.
Maybe a lightbulb-button that when toggled on shows your character lighted as your surroundings are, off by default.


Upper Body
1) Outer Torso – As it is now, Jackets, Dresses, Coats, Hoodies, Vests
2) Inner Torso - As it is now, T-shirts, Shirts, Tank tops, Tops & Blouse
3) Underwear - Bras, Bustiers, Pasties, Bikini
4) Hands – Gloves, Bandage Wraps, Evening Gloves
5) Arms - Arm Sleeves, Arm Guards
6) Upper Body Accessories – Shoulder Belts & -Holsters, -Straps, Backpacks, Shoulder Collars (Those Crystal ones)

Lower Body
1) Legs Outer – As it is now, Shorts, Pants, Trousers, Skirts
2) Legs Inner – Leggings, (Fishnet-) Tights, Stockings
3) Underwear – Panties, String, Thong, Boxershorts, Bikini
4) Feet – As it is now, Shoes, Boots, Kicks, High heels
5) Legs Lower – Leg Sleeves & Knee Pads
6) Lower Body Accessories – Bum Bags, Belt, Holster, Climbing Harness, Tool Bags, Socks

1) Head – As it is now, Hats, Caps, Helmets, also maybe Headphones
2) Upper Face – Glasses, Techgogs, Bd Wraiths & stuff that covers the Eyes
3) Ears – Earrings
4) Neck Upper - Neckerchiefs, Ties, Chokers, Scarfs, Collars
5) Lower Face/Mouth – As it is now, (Gas-) Masks, Menpō, +Bandanas
6) Neck Lower – Necklace(s) & Stuff that Hangs to the Sternum, Flight Goggles etc.

1) Clothing Sets – As it is now
2-5) Accessories (x4 Wildcard) –Rings & Bracelets and all the other Stuff that doesn’t fit into another Slot

Here are two NPCs with the most varying Outfits I could find ad hoc, demonstrating the Clothing Slots
Tattoos & piercings are handled in the ripperdoc interface, not in equipment. These are described under CUSTOMIZATION
Clothing slots can be restricted or blocked by other clothing items or by cyberware.
Also with the streamer toggle/no nudity setting you can change your underwear but not unequip it

2.3 Map & Minimap:
Minimap: zoom out & tilted projection, arrow moves to bottom – according to speed
I believe the combination of these three delivers a better result in comparison to just zooming out. Below is a ‘before & after’ mockup.
Minimap configurable to be in any corner of the screen (or at least the bottom corners)
Map legend scrollable without zooming the map at the same time
Markers can be filtered by selecting a legend entry (in addition to cycling through with [Z])
Select more than one entry at a time (by selecting & deselecting with separate clicks)
Names of visited Locations are shown on the Worldmap, well known ones from the get go
Coordinates on Map & below Minimap, this would be helpful both for players showing stuff to other players, as well as for bug description

You can now only craft at dedicated crafting benches, like in your apartment or anywhere else where you find a crafting bench.
Vendors can craft for you (with your Ingredients & Eddies) if you don’t want to invest into crafting, you can also let your stuff be painted for a price (at appropriate-, not all vendors)
Investing points into the crafting tree may allow you to craft certain ‘easy’ items such as ammo or healing items in the field/without a crafting bench
Crafting is based on an ingredient system, with different materials, parts & components (akin to the crafting materials and alchemy ingredients of TW3)

Below are a few examples of materials, they all come from clothing names.
I categorized them into three basic types (for gameplay reasons, not scientific accuracy)

Metals (hard): steel, aluminium, vanadium, titanium, tungsten, manganese
Non-Metals (intermediate): polycarbonate, plastic, polymer, chemglass, ceramic, technopolymer
Textiles (soft): elastomer, polyamide, synsilk, leather, synleather, carbon fiber, aramide, nanocarbon fiber, rubber
Materials have weight, durability, and other properties/effects.
They cannot be broken down further. Materials as items are units with the same volume.

Parts may be:
motor, artificial muscle, LiDAR array, targeting computer, antenna…
Parts are crafted from components and can be broken down into them.

Components may be:
normal-, flexible-, micro-, nano-electronics, imaging sensor, nano processor/chip, cables, wire
gunpowder, plastic explosive, thermite, adhesive, harmful chemicals, healing chemicals, laser diode…
Maybe some of them are parts, as components cannot be broken down any further.

Of all three types should be many more, these are just examples.
[materials | components <-> parts] – [materials + components + parts = items]

As the two main things you can craft are Weapons (ranged & melee) and Clothing, weapons use hard materials, clothing uses soft materials and not vice versa.
Intermediate materials can be used by both, ex: plastic parts of guns, maybe a ceramic blade/gun body, while other plastics are used in helmets etc…
You can of course put metal armor plates or lining into some clothing, but these are handled as ‘clothing attachments’
This would be the general rule, but there may be some exceptions, ex: rubberized weapon handles/grips or metal pieces of clothing(glasses)

The other things you can craft are
Mods: weapon mods ranged/melee, clothing mods, cyberware mods
& Attachments: ranged weapon attachments, clothing attachments
Consumables: ammunition, grenades, gadgets, drones, health & boosters, drugs
All of these use materials, components & parts which make sense/fit

I’m not sure about crafting cyberware, but currently this wouldn’t be a thing.

Materials could have an inherent rarity, also you could up their rarity by combining them with other materials / more of the same material.
This would be: mesh, weave, laminate, composite, alloy / multilayer-, coating, plating, microplating, layering, lining, nanotubing
Most combined materials still count as materials, so as to make sense. Combining materials can alter their properties and also their ‘hardness’.
Maybe the amount of material you use defines if it’s seen as ‘coating, multilayer’ and such.
Parts & components have the whole range of rarity, generally parts have a higher rarity than components.

The rarity of the ingredients used defines the rarity of the item and vice versa.
This does not mean every ingredient of an item has to be legendary to get a legendary item,
Rather the rarity you select for the item/the blueprint defines a range of ingredients you can use.
So better rarities generally require ingredients of higher quality.

The underlying premise is that you can use materials within a certain range freely.
Parts and components are defined more strictly.
As a made-up example;
You could craft a legendary rifle from either ‘nanocarbon composite’, ‘reinforced technopolymer’ or similar for its body, but not from ‘cheap plastics’ and the like.
For all the action parts you chose between high grade alloys or even ‘future-ceramic’ but not basic steel.
The parts and components this rifle needs, you do not specifically choose. Weapons have a set volume of materials they require.
Clothing has even more leeway, as you could to an extent add more ‘layers’ or more units of material to it (range of volume), rather than just choosing the material you want to use.

The material you choose for your item alters the stats of it, for example:
For ranged weapons the firing rate, weight, durability, recoil, draw- & ads time
Melee weapons attack speed, weight, durability, knockback, blocking absorption & stamina drain
Clothing your movement speed, weight, durability, damage type resistance & stopping power

The other things you can craft may or may not have changeable materials on a case-to-case basis

All stat changes should be dependent on the material, so it matters not if you build a sniper rifle or a pistol from the same material, in both cases it would ex: increase firing rate but decrease durability.
Also all materials should have bonus/malus-based traits, within the same rarity there is no better/worse material, but a material adds this trait and introduces a drawback of similar ‘severity’.

Some components/parts could also be swapped freely, but this is not the norm.

Slots which accept an ingredient of your choice aren’t filled by default/are empty. If you click on this slot the blueprint grid of the crafting interface changes to a grid you can choose ingredients from.
This grid only shows ingredients that can be put into that slot, the grid doesn’t open if there are no fitting ingredients to choose from, and attempting to craft something without having made a selection for a required material doesn’t work.

The randomness-part of crafting largely/entirely falls away as a (imo)welcome side effect, due to weapons having less or no stats that are ‘rolled’,
And due to mods or stuff that is of better quality/rarity having higher cost - level/skill, blueprint and ingredient wise.

Below is a mockup showing the crafting interface. I tried to minimally alter it for maximum effect.
The action happens in the bottom center, where there are 2 rows of ingredients the item can consist of.
The top row holds a ‘Design Card’ and slots for up to 3 different materials or special (choose able) parts/components.
The bottom row is used for up to 5 different components/parts.
Depending on how much ingredients an item needs and if it has a design card, this can also only fill the bottom row.
Beneath that are buttons where you can select the different rarities you can craft the item in. (imagine the buttons looking cool)
There are always 5 buttons, if an item is not available in a specific rarity the button is grayed out, if you don’t have the blueprint for a specific rarity, it’s red like when you can’t craft something.
The buttons are colored in their according rarity and have the ‘crafting-spec’ icon in them. Clicking on one of them changes what ingredients you need to craft an item.
At the left side of the center bottom, there are indicators that show how many of the items you already have, in your stashes, your inventory and in total.
While crafting, the inventory number consists of a green number plus the amount you had in your inventory before (15 + 273)
The green number and the ‘craft’ button flashes or makes you otherwise notice that you did indeed successfully craft something, I think this should generally have a bit more feel/eventfulness to it.
On the right is a button where you can set the number of items you want to craft, the crafting progress bar and the crafting button itself.
The latter acts like before, both buttons can be red if you can’t craft smth/or set an amount.
There is a satisfying sound for crafting something, and items should take a varying amount of time to craft, defined by their type.
(ex: ammunition even faster, weapons slower) Weapons can only be crafted one by one, consumables how many you’d like.
Crafting in bulk fills the progression bar for each item individually, but is initiated by a single click on crafting.
You can stop/pause bulk crafting by clicking on the ‘craft’ button a second time.

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1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )
1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )
1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )
1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )
1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )
3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )

4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )​
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )​
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )


The crafting mopckup again for reference
To the left is the blueprint selection (unaltered in the image)
This would have the category tabs changed like described under INTERFACE,
minus tabs which have nothing you can craft, no programs tab, a parts tab and blueprints don’t have a rarity bar there.
This section can change to a grid from where you can choose materials or designs/paint contextually.
Maybe crafting something also introduces a temporary ‘recently crafted’ tab so you don’t have to switch to your inventory and back to look.

Item Customization/ Design Card
Sidenote: I hope you can bear with me; I had some trouble giving distinguishable but sensible names to the stuff I try to describe
and may have made it sound way more complicated than it is.

Designs have a special 1x2 slot itemcard (the one with the ugly blue placeholders) which shows up to 7 ‘styles’ that can be applied to an item.
You can click on this ‘Design Card’ and the left section of the crafting interface changes to a customization menu.
Weapons, clothing, attachments, cyberware, hair, nails, eyes, skin, tattoos, all things you can color hold a ‘Design Card’.

Below is a quick mockup of how customizing a design could look like
The left section is comprised of a half that lists the up to 7 sections/slots.
Each of these has a 1x1 itemcard-shaped preview Image for the ‘style’ selected for this slot.
Below each slots name are up to 4 individual parts that make up a ‘style’ (‘color buttons’ 1st-4th)
These would for example be individual colors for a pattern, say yellow tiger stripes with an orange accent color, on a white background.
There are only as much of the 4 ‘color-buttons’ shown as needed, none for basic colors, 2-3 for pearlescent and so on.

On the right half of the selections is a grid of all texturing options that you have unlocked/can apply.
These are ¼ in size of a normal 1 by 1 item card. The categories/tabs are;
Basic Color:
This is basically a generous color pallet. Also if you click on a ‘color button’ you can select from here.
Special Color:
Matte, Glossy, Glitter, Material Finishes (rough, brushed, polished), metallic, pearlescent/multiple color paint…
These are basically ‘templates’ that have no inherent color to them, they apply default colors that you can change individually
Anything from camo (digital, geometric…) to stripes, mosaics… any texture that can be applied to a surface (not location – specific decals) and consists of more than 1 color.
You have up to 4 further options depending on how many colors the pattern is comprised of.
Patterns are also inherently color-less templates.
Engravings/Patterns with depth:
Basically patterns with ‘Parallax Occlusion Mapping’, alter the surface texture with 3d effect, also colorless templates
Item Specific:
Anything that fits only onto specific items, may be decals, text, predefined designs etc.
These can both add coloring options/be templates, or have fixed/preset coloration and effects.
Some of these could also override any other ‘Section/Slot’ because they change the whole design of an item, or alter the geometry of the item model.
Think iconic weapon designs; prints that you can put on a t-shirt or the back of a jacket, but not on a weapon or shoes; Lettering that is designed to be applied to the broad side of a katana…

All colors, styles, patterns etc. depend on the item and the section that is customized.
If the section/slot is made of plastic you can’t give it a brushed metal finish, you can’t give your t-shirt a metallic car paint (these are just examples, maybe you could)
Designs/styles that are not for this item or material are not shown.

As an important addendum, not shown in the mockup:
There should be a 6th tab for saved ‘design cards’ and a button in the UI/ a button prompt at the bottom to save a ‘design card’ for later use/1-click application of a whole design.
Also a button/-prompt to accept the changes to the ‘Design Card’ or discard them & go back to the crafting interface.

While you customize a design, the preview image for that slot as well as the 3d model of the item change their texture accordingly.
If you accept/finish customizing a design, the ‘design card’ updates to show normal sized versions of the up to 7 preview images on it.

The image below shows what ‘Sections/Slots’ would be (ignore the fact that it’s an iconic weapon)
Sections/slots are parts of a weapon, attachments, clothing or cyberware that can be colored differently.
Also ‘space for decals’ has a section/slot (a location where smth. can be applied, rather)

As items consist of up to three different materials, you don’t have to customize the design card.
By default, sections of items get the texture and look of the material they are composed of.

You can customize item designs while/before crafting them, as well as change the design of an existing item.
I think customizing items should cost/consume items like paint, lacquers or something. That would look like this:
Maybe designs that affect or alter the materials are only changeable when an item is constructed,
later on, you’d need to replace that material if you wanted to redesign it – not too sure about this.

Car paint/design could theoretically use the same or a similar system.

Grenades are now modular; you can craft them from a payload dictating their damage type/behavior and a shell letting you make it homing/sticky/regular.
The quality of the payload dictates the rarity and amount of damage, it could be explosive, a supercapacitor, lasers and optical components, toxic gas cartridges, thermite/napalm, etc…
The shell consists of a material and components that make it fly/hover, motorize it to roll around, adhesive (foam?) that makes it stick, sensors &/ electronics that make it smart…

Stuff cannot be repaired indefinitely, except iconic.
The amount of durability an item looses with each repair depends on the rarity, how fast the item loses durability as well.
It uses a fraction of the crafting components it consists of, never other components that weren’t in the item to begin with.
Maybe the amount changes with how stark the item is damaged and tech skills for efficient repair.
Repairing a little bit could be done in the field, repairing fully on a workbench.
Little repairs can only be done once & don’t stack, they cannot exceed the permanent durability loss.

Upgrading stuff should be more meaningful.
There is normal upgrading, with which you increase the rarity of an item to the next higher one. This uses the components/materials that an item of this rarity would need over the lower one.
Then there is changing the design of an item, detailed later on.
Last but not least, the ‘more meaningful’ upgrades.
This goes alongside item mods, in the example of ranged weapons you could have options which;
Do not alter mod slots, but are less impactful, for example buffing or heightening the properties brought by the material. Increasing firing rate, reaload speed, accuracy, weight…
That add a mod slot or attachment slot to a weapon, maybe a single upgrade which does this.
Do decrease mod slots by one, these either have a greater effect than non-modslot altering ones, or add entirely new effects. These would be epic or legendary.
Maybe the ricochet engine, smart targeting etc is found here, mods that can heat up, apply acid, electric charge or carve intended breaking points into basic ammunition.

The amount of upgrades a weapon can receive is restricted, maybe one of each (+1|0|-1)

Unused and undamaged items return 1:1 what they consist of, if you have the proper skills and tools.
Damaged or used items or creatures yield damaged/used components/parts/materials.
They can be damaged/used so much that they yield destroyed components, which have only a minimal or no amount of resources that where input.
The rarer a component/… the more likely it is not destroyed, because it has higher durability.

Items are consistently worth more than the sum of their parts, and parts have a fixed value, decreased by their condition.
You cannot gain quality stuff from soda cans, you for example gain very little aluminum in that case, and if you disassemble many soda cans you could have enough material to use for a weapon.
You can however disassemble a legendary weapon and build it into another legendary weapon that uses the same amount of resources.

With the proper tools and skills you can harvest whole items or cyberware from robots or NPCs.
You could, for example, harvest a robot arm and have it attached to your body by a ripperdoc, maybe after some modifications.
You can also harvest cyberware from corpses and use it for yourself or sell it, which I find a very interesting moral implication.
Do you want to act at the same moral level as scavengers do?

3.1 Programming:
Crafting Quickhacks is not done with Components, but by programming.
They aren’t named quickhacks anymore, but programs.
You can program from any suitable computer, this opens up an interface similar to that from normal crafting, but with a programming theme.
You also could access the same interface while netrunning.

Programs are comprised of components like other items.
The components for programs are all digital, for example: code snippets, functions, libraries, databases, hash tables, plug-ins, their icons, assemblies, frameworks etc…
You get program components the same way you’d get programs themselves, as described within ‘Quickhacks’
Programs can have mods, that themselves can be programmed from components. In contrast to other items, the rarity of programs comes from their mods.

As a made-up example:
You first craft the program itself, let’s say ping. Ping needs 2 code snippets, an icon and 3 functions (as it’s a rather simple program)
Ping is of green rarity, as are all other programs by default. As you are quite skilled in programming as well as in hacking, you want ping to be better.
So like you’d improve your gun by fitting attachments to it, you improve ping by adding mods you previously crafted in a similar manner or have otherwise obtained.
As the rarity of ping gets better, it also gains even more ‘mod slots’ but you can only fill them/increase the rarity further if you have the mods that fit & you unlocked it in your programming skill.
The number of mod slots a program has is defined by what program it is (not random). Adding mods also increases the ram cost of the program.

What program mods could be:
Any effect that now is added to quickhacks of higher rarities that the green version doesn’t have, becomes a mod and then some
Increasing damage, -duration, -amount of targets it spreads to, -range of spread, -severity of the effect, lethal/non-lethal, decreasing the ram cost, -the compiling/cooldown time etc…

To take this idea even further, programs could not be defined by their ‘base program’, but be fully modular and comprised of all sorts of effects that can be combined?

So I planned, brainstormed and tried to think up a rework of the whole skilltree.
But that’s grown a bit over my head, so here is the underlying idea with a few open endings.
The Skill tree aims to merge what we currently have with new stuff and to be closer to the tabletop source.
I had a few contenders for the sixth attribute (Constitution, Empathy/Humanity etc), but chose dexterity.
Dexterity because imo neither Body nor Reflexes could compensate it, and the personality perks that are realizable in a video game fit neatly into INT & COOL.
It also has a nice sixfold geometry (gameplay- and concept-wise) with there being:
Two physical group attributes, body and dexterity (DEX contains ‘MOVE’)
Two combat group attributes, technique and reflexes
Two mental group attributes, intelligence and cool (COOL contains ‘WILL’ & ‘EMP’)

Each attribute has three skill categories and an own gameplay style.
The two gameplay styles within a group oppose each other.
Leveling an Attribute above lvl 10 locks the Attribute opposing it at lvl 10

The skills in each tree should be grouped together by gameplay they touch on, maybe even have different coloring or graphical elements like rims circling them in
(so you can find them easier) Most trees have anywhere from 2 to 5 or more of this ‘branches’
With how cool is now, that would for example be a ‘poison’ and a ‘stealth’ branch within the Stealth tree. (they are just grouped, not named)

Two general guidelines I try to follow with new skills;
No Immunities. I find the few damage types there are should be of greater significance, it would be a pity if you outright skip a whole third of the damage you need to prepare/account for.
Therefore no more immunities, just resistances – both from cyberware as well as from skills

Less stat skills, more gameplay skills. There are just a few skills that grant you entirely new abilities or ways to approach situations.
Please strengthen and build from these skills, add more like them and thin down the amount of number increases.
The number-skills that remain however, should have greater (at least felt) impact. 25, 50, 75% - not 1, 3, 5%.

After each following attribute the associated gameplay style is described with a few keywords that should get the feeling across.
Then come thoughts on the attribute, the 3 branches and what they could include in more or less detail.
General ideas for gameplay, fitting said attribute/skill, can be found at the end of each section.

4.1 Body
Keywords: Strong Solo, strong & loud, headfirst into battle, tank damage, guns blazing, Terminator, Hulk, Rambo, DoomGuy

4.1.1 Strength:
4.1.2 Annihilation:
4.1.3 Blunt:
MELEE/GORILLA ARMS/HIGH BODY: Grab in Melee Combat, if you grab an enemy as a counter-attack with Gorilla Arms, you rip that limb off he attacked you with.

You can grab & throw people, objects, gas bottles(high risk/reward as they can be shot at while you hold them), dumpsters, vending Machines
– dependent on the weight you can lift/throw
You can grab enemies with low health & crush their chest, finishing them
You can lift cars on their side for makeshift cover (like Jackie does in the trailer)
‘Meatshields’ now work as you’d expect, you grapple an enemy & can shoot while walking around with him

(Taken from Cyberware)
Gorilla Arms: their utility function is ripping. You can rip lots of fixed stuff from the place it belongs to, this ties in with the throwing mechanic detailed under the BODY attribute.
You could rip off signs, lamp posts, car doors, vending machines, body parts and so on. Forcing open doors also falls under ripping & gorilla arms increase any related skillcheck.
Gorilla arms also aid in lifting stuff (by adding their bonus to it), alongside with other strength-modifying cyberware.

Rip off car doors as makeshift shield; road signs, limbs etc as makeshift melee weapon

Charging (from Attr. lvl 10+)
Like the DEX guy can sprint, you can charge. Charging also drains more stamina and is performed by held down [Lshift], is a lot slower than sprinting but can knock prone enemies in your path or jank open doors

There should totally be an analog to the DEX stealth kill from above, namely a ground slam attack with a somewhat reasonable area of effect.
This can be done from a higher position or coupled with a charged jump from cyberware.

4.2 Dexterity
Keywords: Fast Solo, quick & silent, from the shadows or dance-like style, avoid/outmaneuver damage, assassin/ninja, Black Widow, Jackie Chan, Mirrors Edge

4.2.1 Stealth:
Stealth steals almost all the skills from COOL’s stealth, but the skills should have a far greater focus on stealth and less or nothing to do with poison.

Enemies detect you far quicker, if you are not sneaking, they see you instantly (if they have line of sight)
Their viewcone is altered both in your favor
Enemies lying on weight benches should not see you as easily as they look straight up​
If you are on roofs or above/below their line of sight, they less often see you at all​
And against you, mainly by making viewcones broader and extend further
Alerted enemies know that someone is there and actively seek for you
Enemies that notice if their environment is altered – is something missing? A door or window open that was closed before? More than one of their allies not at their post?
If you point a Weapon at someone(enemies) they immediately become hostile

A lot more factors should influence stealth
Sound – I think it’s said in-game that enemies react to sound, I sneaked a lot but could never observe this?
Dumping bodies into containers is very loud, yet some distraction hacks do things I can barely hear – the two should switch
There should be a cue if enemies hear you (ex: like the rectangular eye icon, but with an ear)
Lighting/Sight – The lighting conditions (+shadows!) you are in should have a major and noticeable effect on stealth, also rain for sight & sound, fog
The concentration of your target – is he talking to others? Working on something, or stands watch?
Movement – the faster you move; the easier enemies spot you – up to a certain threshold where the inverse becomes true
Occlusion – how much stuff is between you and the enemy looking at you – are you out in the open? behind a shelf, filled but with holes? a window? Hiding in tall grass/a bush?

Stealth should be entirely independent of Hacking or Engineering (and other attributes)
Laser pointers that blind or destroy image sensors from cameras or cyberoptics (the latter would be noticed)
Throwing small objects for distraction, or decoy grenades

Suspicious Activity:
It should be clearer what you are allowed to do and what not
Options that blow your cover, aren’t allowed or would bring you into precarious situations should be marked as such.
This could be done by having button prompts colored in red rather than turquoise, and see
areas you shouldn’t be in marked at the door/before you go in (maybe also being red on the minimap)
-Areas could in addition be of more than one ‘restriction levels’ marked from yellow to orange to red on the minimap
This level defines if you can walk in in a disguise or with a stolen ID badge etc., and how severe the consequences for getting caught are

If you are caught opening a door you aren’t allowed to open, in a place you shouldn’t be in, deactivating a camera or something alike,
(as long as you don’t carry a weapon openly) – should always make others suspicious, not hostile.
This gives you the opportunity to talk yourself out of it/make up a reason why everything is in order -> this is handled by COOL

Way more places where carrying a weapon (in your hands) isn’t allowed or instantly rises suspicion (when observed).
Sneaking, running or jumping around out of place should rise suspicion, you either blend in or should not be seen at all
Way more use of ID cards (forged or stolen) & card scanners, badges & VIP passes, maybe even biometric locks you can trick.
Disguises are handled under COOL>Style

Also there should be a basic concept of item ownership, as well as pickpocketing and stealing. (red pickup-button prompt)
If you are watched while stealing, you get in trouble. Again, you can talk your way out of this unharmed with COOL
As soon as you have successfully pickpocketed/stolen, the ‘stolen’ status is removed from the item.
No police inspector will magically know the dubious origin of items you carry for example.
‘Stealth’ holds the skills for stealing and pickpocketing. Higher skill levels allow for pickpocketing more and with greater chance of success, as well as stealing stuff while being seen
You can never pickpocket clothes that are being worn (but loot them) or weapons that aren’t holstered but held.
Only exception being small stuff like rings, wristwatches, necklaces and the like (with high enough level)
I’d really appreciate if you can pickpocket in two ways, first in the rather gamey sense of sneaking behind someone – this should be very hard to do
And secondly in the open (assuming you are allowed to be there), where you’d bump into/hug/touch/talk to someone and using the moment of distraction – this should be the easier way to pickpocket

AI Barks:
NPCs should tell you with specific voice lines what upsets them or what they think you’re doing.
Basically “VIP’s only, get lost!”, “Put that weapon away or I’ll …”, “Think I didn’t see that?” instead of a generic “I’ma f*** you up!”
This should hold true for any NPC, from cop to bouncer to gang member.

Takedowns from the Side
Cyberware & Weapon specific Takedown Animations (Lethal)
Lethal Aerial Takedown (Like 2018 Gameplay with Mantis Blades)

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don't think players want an appearance limited defense system.

your hp system and armor system is probably too complex, people already don't get the current system. I think they could do with the general sp system, but legs arms feet etc all different, and also different based on armor appearance, ehhh.

enemies already drop the weapons they use, they don't really want to reward/encourage players to kill innocents, so I doubt they'd make them killable for clothes. They already have a lot of loot, not sure people want 7 loot drops per enemy killed, unless killing becomes way less common.
=====( Page 7 of 10 )

1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )
1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )
1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )
1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )
1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )
3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )
4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )​
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )​
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )​
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )​
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

4.2.2 Blades:
Blades is largely left unaltered and moved from reflexes, but has a greater focus on additional moves and finishers than on stat increases.

4.2.3 Agility:
This skill tree is the one that’s fleshed out the most, because I looked into skills out of a want for stylish/graceful combat and cybernetically enhanced free running in the first place.
So take this as an example of how the skills of the other trees could look like – the only thing missing are cool-sounding names for each skill
Some of these skills are described in a detailed manner so you can get the picture, in the game they would have shortened descriptions & gifs

Perks taken from ‘Athletics’;
*Divided Attention – Reload while run, vault, slide
*Multitasker – Shoot while run, vault, slide
*Like a Butterfly – Dodging doesn’t drain stamina
Soft on your feet – Reduces fall damage by 15 | 30 | 50% +

From ‘Stealth’;
Hidden Dragon – Allows you to perform non-lethal or lethal aerial takedowns on targets
*Back to Sender – Catch and throw back grenades
Vertical Wallrun
You can run up walls for a short distance by keeping [W] held, at the end of the move you jump upward a bit (& reach for potential ledges),​
or you can jump away from the wall by pressing [space] during the wallrun. This can be initiated by running, sprinting or jumping (rather)straight into a wall.​
It also introduces a very short ‘hang-time’(<0.5sec) if you don’t hold down [W]. If you input nothing, you slide back down after the hang-time.​
Sliding down a wall is a bit slower than falling (& does less fall damage), but once you reach a certain speed or distance you fall like normal.​
Horizontal Wallrun
Works the same way as the vertical wallrun, but can only be initiated by jumping into a wall, at an angle (around 15-60° from parallel).​
You can’t slide down from a vertical wallrun, your hangtime is even shorter and you can only jump away from the wall (also at a 15-60° angle).​
The distance you run on walls is in both cases depending on your speed you come at the wall with, walking does not work but you wallrun further from a sprint.​
Also your movement speed stat and cyberlibms can affect the distance.​
You have an easier time balancing on narrow stuff (it’s very easy as is, it is made harder by default) and you can walk over cables between buildings and the like.​
Allows you to run|sprint on narrow, traversable objects.​
You can now slide out of a jump or jump while sliding – speed/distance is determined by initial speed​
You gain the ability to climb up vertical poles or similar shaped objects and can swing & jump from horizontal poles (where you can get your hands behind)​
With cyberarms you can also can climb cuboid shaped structures, as long as you can get your hands on either side of it​
You can hit or kick weapons out of enemies’ hands, if some conditions are met​
Can be dodged by enemies, they also can & will try to pick their weapon back up as soon as they can.​
On a failed attempt to disarm, the weapon just yanks off target(you) until the enemy readjusts.​
This cannot be done in quick succession and a failed attempt leaves you open to a counter-attack.​
If an enemy has low health, you execute or knock him out with his own weapon (quick-time button prompt so you can choose lethality)​
The conditions could be; the enemy is staggered, you hit/kick as a counterattack to a weapon bash/melee attack, your DEX or BODY is higher than his, he is injured
Martial arts
This skill could be multiple ones, each with an own moveset and with multiple levels unlocking cosmetic1|better2|special moves3​
It also could function like in RED, with each skill dedicated to its own martial arts discipline & taking a look at the special moves described there
The different movesets can be selected via the Weapon Options Wheel (B) while bare hands are ‘equipped’ and replace your brawling moves​
Cosmetic moves basically do the same thing as normal brawling moves, but look a lot cooler​
Better moves increase the speed, damage or something along these lines over a standard move​
Special moves completely alter /do new things and could have a great variety of effects, they are either contextual, combos or replace heavy attacks​
Roll (or roll off idk how it’s called) –
When falling from a greater distance, you roll yourself off as you make contact with the ground​
This doesn’t decrease fall damage, but significantly increases the height you can fall from before taking fall damage (≥2×)​
You can cancel the roll-off animation by holding [Ctrl] before you enter the roll, this also cancels its benefit (but could be useful)​
The distance you roll is kept to a minimum, but you can’t roll off where there is no space to do so.​
Skillful Weight Shift – Greatly improves control over aerial movement
Changes a bunch of things on how you control your movement on ledges​
Auto-vault medium sized obstacles when running or sprinting​
Automatically grab onto nearby ledges when in midair/in a jump, the grabbing range is increased, especially upwards & a bit behind you​
If you let loose of any input key while hanging onto a ledge, you stay hanging there –​
Keep holding [W] to pull yourself up like normal, [Ctrl]/ to let loose, [A]/[D] brachiate(?) left/right, [Space] Pull yourself up quickly & reach for further ledges​
When letting go of movement input mid-vault, stay up top. Maybe springboard jump with space (inspired by mirrors edge)​
Walking over to a ledge crouched where there is enough space underneath, lets you hang onto the edge.​
Better Slide – You slide further, dependent on initial speed & cyberware
Faster Vaulting/Climbing – on ladders, pull yourself up ledges quicker, the ‘stumbling’ when jumping onto smth. is smoothed out (+cyberware)
Faster Getup
Your getup animation from being prone is replaced by a ’Kip-up’ which is a lot faster and cooler than your default getup-animation​
This could also be unlocked by buying any one of the martial arts skills.
What’s a ‘Kip-up’?
*Dash – 1.5|2.0|2.5 times as far

*Skills marked with an asterisk could also neatly fit into ‘Reflexes’
Most of the skills detailed above consume stamina, climbing the most and wallruns second. There could also be skills increasing the stamina pool or decreasing consumption.

Sliding is by default dependent on the angle of the ground, decreasing/increasing distance & speed - Maybe a bonus on wet/slippery surfaces

Sprinting (from Attr. lvl 10+)
You can now sprint by holding down [Lshift], which is even faster than running (maybe double), but drains a lot more stamina – similar to fast swimming

This is your secondary attack (standard), if you hold a weapon you smack with it first, then combo with kicks if pressing the secondary attack button again.

So to summarize, in hand to hand combat/brawling, by default you can do;
Primary attack with [LMB], or powerful attack with held [LMB
Secondary attack with [F], kicking.
Block/Aim by holding [RMB], counterattack by pressing [RMB] at the right time
Grapple/grab by pressing [E]

These can be combo-d, extended or enhanced with cyberware and skills.

4.3 Technique
Keywords: Techie, repairing, improving, disassembling, sabotage, gadgets & explosions, medic, mechanic (don’t know cool Techie-like characters)

4.3.1 Crafting:
Crafting in general is handled under it’s own point, CRAFTING (who could’ve guessed :))
The skills that dictate the rarity of items you can craft are merged into one multi-level skill.

4.3.2 Engineering:
Here is more of the Weapon type (tech/smart) skills, skills for ad-hoc repair or setting up devices, and grenade related skills

4.3.3 Utility:
Utility holds all the new gadget related skills

The techie gameplay approach is all about gadgets for every occasion.
Gadgets could be:
Vehicle overdrive chip, vehicle ownership override chip, laser- & proximity mines, deployable cloak, mobile turrets (place weapon on it), robot friendly override chip, ammunition feeder backpack, robot control shard and many more…

Gadgets are mostly single use items, the larger ones (mobile turrets, ammo backpack, drones) can be deployed and retrieved. They also have durability and can be repaired or destroyed.
When the latter happens you can disassemble them, but have to craft a new one.
The vehicle overdrive chip makes your car go faster for a (rarity-)set amount of time, but maybe take damage from it.
The ownership override chip is the most expensive/rare gadget I came up with, it adds a (stolen)vehicle to your collection. It may be available in different variations, which work only for specific category of vehicles.
The more rare/expensive the car it can override, the more rare/expensive to craft is the chip.
The deployable cloak is a grenade like, single use device that projects an invisible cloak. It cannot be moved when active, its function is to conceal corpses or stationary objects from view.
It has a set amount of time it can do that, depending on its rarity.
The other gadgets should be self-explanatory, I think.

Drones are a special gadget, more of the techie’s companion.
You can craft and use a bombus drone from TECH lvl 5, a wyvern drone from lvl 15.
The bombus drone can scout/recon, scan, taze enemies or carry a single (small/light) item and can be carried in a special backpack or attach to your belt.
The wyvern drone can do anything the bombus drone can, but is worse at scouting/recon as its heavy and loud, but is stronger and can carry large stuff, even you.
It can also aid in combat/attack with smart pistol ammunition. It needs and occupies a vehicle trunk to be transported.

Drones can be repaired and harvested when destroyed, you can take remote control of them with a control shard or a cyberdeck.
Drones accept attachments and mods and can be customized/upgraded like some other items.
The intent is to have attachments change the main utility but lock you out of other utility functions.
Both drones could have the following attachments/mods:
Faster/stronger motors or silent motors, Lightweight chassie or armored chassie (the lightweight option I imagine having a tube frame and carbon fiber panels, the armored one has metal & thick plating),
advanced scanner (specialized for either items or enemies [tag/track]), nanosolar power, long range antenna, teleoptics, active optical camouflage, improved battery pack…

The bombus drone has either a tazer or a winch for carrying items as main function, none by default.

The wyvern drone has either (a smart pistol, targeting system & ammo compartment [default]), (a manipulator arm and item compartment),
(an empty compartment and handles on the underside), (a manipulator arm with tools, with which it can disassemble stuff on its own and help you assemble)
Also a unique mod that gives it larger rotors.

Both drones can be configured(options) as to what their AI should do.
They have energy that can run out, they return to their storage compartment to charge when low. Ammo needs to be restocked by you, items they gather they deliver to you or to your stash (vehicle)
The wyvern drone with an empty compartment & lightweight chassie can carry you for short (but meaningful) distances, dedicated by your stamina to hold onto it and its energy needed to carry you.
It should be balanced such that it can only do that once or twice per recharge, yet also not tempt you to wait around until it is recharged.

The mods alter their characteristics, their chassie alters their hp/armor & their weight, motors alter their strength/speed & noise level (to remain undetected) etc…
They can perform their functions better or worse according to the mods they have installed.

Be able to use a Bombus Drone as Techie
Sneak up on Robots & sabotage/reprogram them
Techie Gadget: (replaces Grenades, Consumable) Cloak projector – makes a body or similar sized object invisible for a Duration dependent on Rarity
Very rare/expensive Legendary Gadget that can override Ownership of a Car
Rarity dictates what Type of Car can be overridden
Gadget that can put a Car into Overdrive (has more PS & drives Faster for a few Minutes, but takes Damage)
Much more Maintenance Panels
Disassemble Cleaning Machines, Drones, Robots, Turrets, Mechs, Mines
Salvage Cyberware, Robots, Drones, Exoskeletons, Turrets, Traps, Mines, Devices – Technical Ability
Setup Traps/Turrets/Mines & Laser mines yourself
Bombus Drone: Can Recon & Scan, can disassemble stuff & bring loot to you/to your Stash
Harvest Ammo from Turrets (Maybe Sniper Ammo [large Caliber])
gain free Stuff from Vending Machines, do something to Cars
Drones (special category of gadgets, which are under consumables – no you do not consume drones)

4.4 Reflexes
Keywords: Tactical, cover shooting, SPEC ops, bullet time/slow motion, weapons expert, driving, piloting, The Division, John Wick, Mission Impossible

I imagine the Techie to be creative, chaotic (in a ‘mad scientist’ cool way) and visionary, while the ‘reflexes approach-guy’ would be efficient, planned/orderly and a doer.
I feel the reflex approach lacks a bit of ‘opposition’ to the techie tho, any ideas?

4.4.1 Firearms:
This skilltree basically accumulates a lot of the dispersed firearm-related skills. It should in contrast to the sourcebook however, leave some firearm skills under other attributes.
This is done so Reflexes doesn’t become a must-pick attribute as most of the game involves shooting in some variation or another (aside from melee and hacking)
Mostly though it merges ‘Assault’ and ‘Handguns’ into one tree, thinning both down to their essentials

4.4.2 Tactics:
In addition to the cover-shooting skills, this tree takes a lot of the skills that are now under ‘Cold Blood’
Get a button prompt when crouching near a car door, you then open it and use it as cover.

4.4.3 Reaction:
Driving skills, active and passive evasion, firearm-draw time
Ranged Weapons, Assault Rifles & SMGs, Pistol & Revolvers, Movement

4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting:
Ricochet Targeting should be more viable, by making the default ricochet 2 times (just with eye mods).
Power Weapon bullets should always ricochet, but depend more on the ‘ricochet engine’ which should be a weapon mod.
The Ballistic Coprocessor increases the accuracy of the trajectory instead of the chance.
It also increases the times bullets ricochet by - rare: 1|epic: 2|legendary: 3 (for a total of 5 times)
Each time a bullet ricochets, its aim assist increases.
If you could see the hitscan/hitbox, it would look like a 3-dimensional cone getting broader with distance and with a step-up after each impact.
Ricochet targeting should be displayed as a solid holo-line. Each impact Point has a Circle of the same Diameter (15cm) which is projected flat on the surface that will be hit.
There’s also a white, 2-dimensional arc showing the angle in 3d space – so you have a better sense of where the trajectory goes in 3d space, what surface it hits & how far the distances are
If part of the line is occluded/covered it becomes visibly darker.
If you aim at an enemy, it is highlighted in turquoise & the targeting Line switches colors as well.
You have a hit indicator on the enemy to see where you are going to hit their body

Soft Target Ricochet:
As power bullets over-penetrate soft targets by default, bodies do ricochet bullets as well.
This is done with the same rules as above, but with a twist. Bodies don’t ricochet bullets in a predictable manner,
But the line passes straight through them, with the invisible ‘hitbox’ cone described above getting a step-up.
The line you then get to see is the path chosen inside that cone, affected by further targets inside the cone.
Imagine it like this; If you snipe at a target directly, the bullet passes almost straight through, but may be a little bit skewed in your favor if a target stands behind the first one.
If the bullet reaches the target over 5 angles/amounts of ricochet however, imagine it more like a ‘chain lightning’ spell, with the bullet hopping from one target to the next as long as they are at least somewhat (generously) lined up.
Bullet damage is decreased after each target, but soft ricochets don’t count towards the amount of times bullets ricochet.
After Bullet damage has decreased enough, it doesn’t go further (maybe 100|80|60|40|20% & stop, about 5 targets max)
This is both a bit more realistic and prevents an absolutely havoc-wreaking runaway of the effect.

Below is an image detailing ricochet targeting, in a 2d top-down perspective
Red circles are enemies, blue is the ‘hitbox cone’, dashed the unaltered travel path,
and black the line you’d see + where the bullet actually travels.
The angle step-up is increased for demonstration purposes, you’d not have a 180° cone even after 5 ricochets + 4 targets.
Maybe from a 30° to a 150° cone, each ricochet adding 15° over 9 hops maximum.
Keep in mind this also extends into the 3rd dimension, and does neither target only heads nor always dead center,
rather the body part closest to the unaltered line (+ a bit leeway, otherwise every consecutive target would only get grazing shots).
Hard or soft ricochets can occur in any sequence, if no target is inside the cone it always takes the unaltered line as path.
Ricocheting now also works from a narrower angle and you can hit yourself with it.

This should make ricochet targeting both cool and viable, don’t forget to use armor piercing rounds though, because otherwise every armored target queers your pitch.

4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots:
They should be nerfed quite a bit imo.
Like power weapons can have a ricochet engine, tech weapons can have an independent power supply.
You need cyberware for your hand to use the charged shot ability of tech weapons, which delivers additional energy to the weapon, generated by the cyberware.
Tech weapons have a penetration depth, they don’t pass trough infinite objects. This should be visible when aiming a charged tech weapon.
Also no more automatic highlighting of enemies behind walls, you need thermal imaging either from your Cybereyes or your weapon scope, and it also looks like thermal imaging

Smart weapons don’t get their own point, I like what they do and how they do it. Maybe they should be a bit less powerful,
but their damage should not be halved when not using their respective implant, just no targeting capability is enough I think.

4.5 Intelligence
Keywords: Netrunner, introverted, knowledge & information, cold & calculated, logical & precise, ‘the Mastermind’, Mr. Robot, La Casa de Papel’s Professor, Watch Dogs

4.5.1 Hacking:
The skills here de-bloat and merge the skills that have been ‘Quickhacking’ and ‘Breach Protocol’
This is accomplished by having the ‘crafting’ and ‘upgrading’ of your programs shifted to programming, both the skill and the altered gameplay implications.
(As a lot of program stat increases now come from the program itself, if you mod it)

4.5.2 Programming:
Basically, crafting but for digital stuff. Covers skills regarding obtaining digital ‘crafting materials’, upgrading programs and the ‘crafting’ of programs themselves
This is covered under CRAFTING>Programming in greater detail.

4.5.3 Cleverness:
I don’t yet have ideas to what is found here, but anything you can do with intelligence that isn’t hacking.
Maybe perception stuff, tied into loot visibility and information/knowledge utilization.

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I see a lot of this adding more complexity but for most players this would be just more complexity for sake of complexity.

What comes to lot's of this, nobody has even been able to test how builds are supposed to work in their full form as there are perks that just don't work.

For weapons, I really don't see merging precision rifle with LMG would achieve anything, same goes for other design that appears being bulbub body assault rifle. Speaking from real life experience, certain designs has certain functions and I don't think you understand what is the purpose of LMG. These are way off.
=====( Page 8 of 10 )

1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )
1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )
1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )
1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )
1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )
3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )
4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )​
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )​
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )​
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )​
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )​
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )​
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

4.5.4 Netrunning:
I would really like to see netrunning handled more akin to how the net looks in RED
This wouldn’t need too much additional work if I understand correctly how the net looks, but add a huge amount of depth to hacking/netrunning.
This also is the section with the most influence from RED. As it would be an eyesore having all of it colored, I’ve put the paragraph between start and end tags

Edit; As it turns out I imagined how netrunning looks in RED quite wrong, but as I liked what I imagined, I reinforced this direction instead.

There are now three states you can be in.

First is ‘netspace’, you can enter netspace anytime (if you have a cyberdeck installed) by pressing [~] (or whatever symbol the key below [Esc] has)
As you enter netspace, you change into 3rd person perspective and see yourself double, one meat-you crouching, and your avatar standing at the same location.

There is a visual and auditory filter laid over everything (more cyber-spacey) but other than that the world looks mostly the same (in a 3d-space sense). Your avatar looks like you, but semi-transparent.
There is stuff added to your environment that you didn’t see before, anything from walls to rooms, a house on an empty lot or a building with a nice facade that looks completely run-down in meatspace etc. The skybox is black.
Stuff the net adds & devices/people connected to the net are visually pronounced and easy to differentiate (I’d prefer saturated colors & a light emissive look over the a bit depressing looking scanner overlay).

Only real-world things that are in the (generous) field of view of any cameras or cyberoptics under your control have a colored texture.
Textures could be presented in a few different ways; everything that is visible from top down (via satellites and such) could have an almost unaltered texture.
Textures for Objects that are not in view of any means of electronic imaging, are probably dark to black and have a less detail.
Imagine a computer interpreting from raw 3-dimensional data what an object could look like or how it would be colored. Edges and corners of three-dimensional objects would be brighter and pronounced.

This would work with a sci-fi-ed up version of what is possible with current technology, namely you can 3-dimensionally map a room by extracting data from how WLAN signals are altered after passing through objects.
Your HUD changes to only show what’s necessary, and on the bottom of the screen you have a hotbar containing your programs.

Below is a mockup showing what netspace could look like
This is the closest I could get; textures would be black like this (with pronounced outlines) if you’d have no means of electronic imaging under your control.
The visibility of connections & devices follows a few rules, the colors would be like shown. Missing in this screenshot is your HUD and your avatar, as well as any AR objects added by the net.

Second is ‘devicespace’ which you can enter either from netspace or by connecting directly to a device
This would look the most cyberspace-like and a bit trippy, imagine an office floor that is shrunken down to fit on the PCB of a laptop or a similar device.
(Representation of a Net Architecture)
If you enter a device, you are in a room that visually represents the system. The ‘office’ has no ceiling or outer walls, instead you can see ‘the sky’ which would look like the netspace that surrounds the device you are in.
So you would see a gigantic coffee mug in a considerable distance to the floor you are on, or a gigantic fan hanging from the ceiling of the netspace room. The floor is hinted at with patterns comprised of light lines, but is transparent so you can see the surrounding netspace.

In this ‘office’, there are rooms with file cabinets or a library (datamine), control rooms for meatspace devices, for example a security desk with many monitors showing cameras connected to this device, a seat similar to a gaming simulator which controls turrets and so on.
Connections to other devices could be doors or portals, passwords could be locked doors, a safe or similar thing, areas could be sectioned off by firewalls which are actual walls of fire…
The look of these rooms is open to interpretation as they are only representations, they could have many styles as long as it’s somewhat clear what the object represents.
In contrast to real life, such an architecture would have almost no clutter or decoration, things are neatly organized and don’t look like ‘humans lived there’, rooms are simple rectangles with walls of solid white light.
I think the office theme would be the standard representation, any other you’d only see if a netrunner customized the devicespace to his liking and the device can support a more taxing representation.
The elevator approach from the book is now represented by individual rooms on the same level, although there may still be multiple levels connected by an elevator, ladder or stairs.

The rooms and floors of a devicespace are inhabited by demons and programs, as well as guarded by them. These may have the form of creatures or animate objects, like they are described in the book.
They aren’t interactable like real people or creatures, they have a very basic AI and do follow their intended function or routines, nothing else. Demons controlling stuff actually sit at their control stations etc.
They can detect you and attack you, I’d find it cool if they’d have visible red viewcones. They notice you as a binary state as soon as you are in their viewcone. (which isn’t confined by if or where the creature has eyes)

You cannot run away from them, once they have found you they stay in a position relative to you without a movement animation, doing their thing (except they move themselves)
You can escape programs by pressing [Ctrl] (sliding, maybe you actually do a slide animation). Unlike in the book, demons and programs return to their spot and continue their previous task once escaped from,
this is so you can’t ‘steal’ programs from their assigned place and move them out of the way to your goal. You cannot crouch, jump or climb in devicespace.

Third is the ‘AR net overlay’ with which you can see a simple version of netspace overlayed on your actual vision.
This is very similar to how the scanner works now, allowing you to quickhack targets you have access to.

So now you know how that could look like, how would it play?

The intent for gameplay is to have it be your objective to gain control over devices and their connections.
They can be red (access restricted), yellow (neutral), green (controlled by you)
You can travel across connections that are yellow or green, this disintegrates your avatar into data or cubic pixels and sucks you into a connection
(the visible data stream lines), where you then see a blob of data traveling along (at manageable speed, not c).
You may also tap data streams or active transmissions either to listen or to intercept. Your avatar would simply touch or grab the connection.
Data streams also are visible blobs or a thicker/brighter part traveling along a connection.
There may be bars or special locations that netrunners frequent as avatars, in netspace.
Netrunners also traverse netspace the same you can, programs and demons aren’t found in netspace, they stay in their devices.
Maybe they can follow you into netspace tho if you got them on your tail. The ‘net’ is configured much more hierarchical, there are control devices like access points, servers, computers or laptops, and node devices like cameras, vending machines and the like.

Only control devices can host a ‘devicespace’, node devices always connect to a control device. People are special ‘devices’ their neural cyberware acts as an in between, it connects to a control device and has all other cyberware or devices carried on a person slaved to itself.
You also see individual cyberware on people that you can target with quickhacks (when yellow/ green).
You can inhabit node devices, for example looking trough a camera and you can travel from and to them, but there is no ‘net architecture’ in a node device.
When in netspace or with the AR net overlay, you always see devices, people and connections that are in your field of view, in their respective color.
You can see green devices and connections trough walls at all times, yellow ones only if you ping them, and red ones not at all.
Pinging a red device reveals only the device controlling it and the connection directly to it (also through walls).
If the pinged red device is itself a control device, you wasted your ping.
Setup locations are almost always red, as well as people that have any protection software guarding them.
Normal civilians walking the street have yellow connections most of the time if they have no protective software, or none if they have no cyberware in their head
(which is very uncommon, the monks probably, also story/unattackable NPCs probably don’t have a connection)

Locations, Buildings and Hideouts are normally a LAN. LANs have at least one control device that is the host, as well as a firewall run on it.
Firewalls are in netspace and surround the physical perimeter of a building/location or the like, as well as all devices within them.
You need to physically move inside of a firewall to be able to access any device it contains, this means you cannot walk around in netspace and simply hack all devices. Only entering netspace from a netrunning chair (apartment) allows you to breach firewalls, you can’t do this remotely on foot.

All control devices connect to the citynet. There may be a few exceptions where a LAN isn’t connected to the citynet, with interesting gameplay implications like for example hacking a motorized satellite dish on an adjacent building, directing it to the unconnected LAN and forcibly establishing a connection to it, all from your apartment.
There are also many more infrastructure devices that connect directly to the city net, most of them are yellow.
The citynet itself is also hierarchical, with physical devices or server rooms for all districts, control stations under them that control and connect specific areas.
The topmost level is always the main server for a district, they are meshed between each other.
This also means much more possibilities, you can hack all devices in night city, cameras, billboards, traffic control, public buildings, city turrets, vending machines, maintenance machines, vehicles, police patrol mechs/robots etc…
This can only be done from a netrunning chair with proper equipment, you can also travel all green or yellow connections throughout the city or traverse the city on foot as your avatar in netspace. You cannot travel to locations where there are no devices/connections, within a generous range.
Anything in the citynet can only momentarily be brought under your control, also the citynet has much stronger programs, like otherwise only corporations have access to. Disturbing the citynet will garner the attention of netwatch.

You can reroute connections between green devices, or sever them. Devices can also be deactivated or destroyed.
You can only quickhack yellow or green devices/persons.
You can gain permanent control over a LAN, but only if there isn’t a netrunner to correct your doing.
Netrunners, once they notice you in their net, will do their best to regain control over their net, lock you out, locate you, attack you etc.
Connecting physically to a device or person gives you administrative access to that device and any connections it has, but protective software still guards files etc and is hostile toward you.
Netrunning subjects your brain and body to high loads, which means you’ll start to overheat. This effect is worst when remotely accessing the net, standard with a direct connection and less from a netrunning chair and does impact the time you can netrun for.
Netrunning suits mitigate overheating, as well as consumable items like the syringe you administer to 8ug8ear. You should be on a tight timer remotely, have enough time but a bit of pressure when being directly connected, and almost don’t care about overheating from a netrunning chair with all equipment that goes along with it.
In addition to all of this, also an objective is to collect data, programs and digital components.

Gameplay wise, it plays a bit like a fantasy RPG with your programs executable like casting spells. You move a lot faster in netspace, with [shift]/running you ‘zooom’.
In netspace you can move the same as in meatspace, and are stopped by walls and other obstructions. You can however walk trough doors and into areas added by the net that wouldn’t be traversable in meatspace.

I imagine netrunning (in Cyberpunk 2077) as follows:
If you jack into a network, instead of having to complete a puzzle, you enter the local net.

There are other net obstructions, programs and demons roaming the AR-world that are the security measures of the net and which you have to defeat to gain access to protected targets, to guarded files(datamine) or admin rights for the net.
These look like described in the book, taking the form of robotic animals or medieval weapons etc.…

Controlling real world devices (cameras, turrets, drones, robots, vending machines etc.) now is an intelligence skillcheck, like ex: ripping off the same turret is a body skillcheck.
If you enter a local net, you are confined to this local net – if you walk too far out of the bounds of that location, you lose connection.
Meaning you cannot freeroam from a local net, but there is no hard alpha wall either – maybe the world transitions to being outlines & black textures outside of bounds
The puzzle now only appears if you need to encrypt or hack something directly.

Quickhacking requires having breached the security of the local net
This is done via direct (physical) connection to a person directly connected to the net or an access point
If you successfully breach a Network, you gain admin rights to anything connected to that net
Without having admin rights, you can only use the ‘Ping’ quickhack or similar low-level programs (distract…), and pinging anything reveals only the Gateway/Access Point the device or person is connected to.
Ability that reflects Enemy hacks back to Sender (consumable?)
Quickhacks can be blocked/resisted/reflected/dampened
Targets may not have the Cyberware the Hack targets
Enemies can and will try to (cyber-)attack you and lock you out of their net if they become aware of you.
Hacking should be a back and forth, not a ‘once I’m in, I can do what I want’

You still can’t access the ‘Old Net’ apart from missions, as I think with all the possibilities the Old Net has it would be both very hard to satisfyingly represent, as well as be a gigantic amount of work
What you could do instead, is freeroam the night-city net – this would play out similar as described above, but give you access to the whole ‘alternate-reality’ version of night city.
You’d run the net from your apartment, using the netrunning equipment described later on under ‘apartments’,
while wearing a netrunning/bodyweight/cooling suit and having according cyberware (the large connector on the back of your head).
This also should allow for more advanced interactions with the net, less ram restriction, use of better or special programs.
In theory you could complete many of the tasks you can do in the world from the net.
Even more so if you could use ‘vessels’ like robots, mechs, drones and vehicles to carry out tasks where physical action is required.
If not for my interpretation of netrunning, hacking and taking control of the above mentioned ‘devices’ should totally be a thing – that would be so cool!

What I’d straight up copy from RED is how the gameplay in the Net works, what programs there are & how they work.
Stuff that is based on turns has a ‘rate of use’ and/or cooldowns, stuff that can’t be represented in a video game is left out or represented with a different system.

You should also be able to catch a virus from time to time (like in the scav mission at the beginning), ripperdocs scan you for this & remove them.


4.6 Cool
Keywords: Rockerboy, Streetkid, extroverted, diplomacy, connections/contacts, emotional, charismatic, dunno about characters but basically everyone associated with a black leather jacket & jean (TWD Negan?)

The keywords here may be a bit misleading; I imagine the cool-guy to be a die-hard badass rather than an effeminate weakling.
Cool would be the only attribute that is non-combat centric. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing because all other attributes are combat centric or a bad thing for the same reason – your take?
I’m leaning towards having the Mental Group (INT & COOL) be the least combat centric, but both can still do combat in their own way – what could this be for cool?
Maybe an ability similar to the Rockerboy-role ability ‘Charismatic Impact’?
(With which you have influence over people or groups and can convince them to do things for you)

The Mental Group also dictates your Humanity:
you start with 25 Humanity and every level above 5 in either INT or COOL adds 5 points of Humanity, up to a maximum of 100.

My intent with cool is to have it be more in line with the PnP source
4.6.1 Style:
Takes inspiration from the ‘Wardrobe & Style’ & ‘Personal Grooming’ PnP skills.
Boni & Buffs for choosing Style over Armor, for wearing matching outfits, touches onto how you are perceived by others
(this prequires actually perceptive ai, consequences for your occurrence, reputation & factions, maybe even an attractiveness stat influencing romances)

Street cred should be handled by style-skills, maybe also some skills for disguise rather than stealth
A skill where explosions deal double damage if you don’t look at them.

Another approach to stealth, but focusing on blending in rather than not being seen at all
In addition to not behaving suspicious (See DEX>Stealth), you can blend into your social environment and infiltrate in two ways:

Looking like one of them: Same style of clothing, tattoos and accessories – This (unlikely) could even go as far as wearing facemasks or impersonating a specific person of that group
Looking like someone that belongs: A craftsman, staff or a cleaner, a faceless corpo or boss that owns the place but no one knows but by name

Both could range from rather shallow implications of this abilities (just don your disguise and do your thing with little chance of anyone noticing you)
To being fully tied into story arcs, with voiced conversations as your role et cetera

You can of course in any case still blow your however-delicately-crafted cover if you act out of place.

4.6.2 Composure:
This would basically be the WILL-attribute. Skills for being not or less affected/hindered by damage, injuries, against staggering when hit or being suppressed by enemy fire.
Also the resistance skills are found here, plus interpretations of resist torture/drugs, concentration and endurance

4.6.3 Charisma:
…handles everything talking related, bribery, interrogation, diplomacy, barter and trade, persuasion and such.

Comfort Civilians after Assaults
Persuade in a lot of missions to get what you want, talk your way out of situations
Bribe Police
Gain Reputation with Factions faster, get them to help you with some Things, Settle Assaults/Crimes peacefully by telling them to stop/ clear up Misunderstandings

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4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
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4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
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4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

4.7 Other
The Landfill/Junkyard:
A Techies Dream come true!
After some polish of the many floating assets & very low texture resolution,
Have the Place littered with loot (mostly, well, junk & scrap [basic materials] but a gem/cool thing any now & then)
This loot should be randomly generated & not display Loot Icons
Also some loose & physicalized Items
Openable Fridges, Washing Machines, Car Trunks with loot & surprises (environmental storytelling)

You can sleep up to 1x12h per day, rest/nap 2x4h per day & wait up to 3h – or something along those lines (≤23h per day)
You can only sleep & nap at appropriate paces (apartment, car, hotel, some benches etc.)
Point being, I don’t see a reason in being able to wait other than for exploits or the like.
I’d much rather have a clothing vendor have more stuff in stock, or me knowing from in-game info sources where to get what (-> advertisements?) instead of camping in front of a shop for days.
This wouldn’t affect waiting at quest-locations, but create another reason to visit the apartment you have rented.

Pick up Drones & Robots (like Bodies), Stealth Kill Robots
Play Styles: Stealth|Hacking|Guns Blazing|Melee|Diplomacy|Techie (Gadgets)
Normal Level levels a bit to slow (maybe just right with additional content coming), but Street Cred levels way to fast
Street Cred is very underused, each level should reward something
Suppressive Fire and Staggering (you too)
You should be able to (quick-)hack anyone you can shoot/attack/kill in any way (also Pedestrians, Police etc.)
Of course they have resistances/defenses against this, but nothing you can’t hack by design
Unconscious Enemies should wake up after some time
They do not count as killed/neutralized, especially cyberpsychos
Concealment System?
Get into trouble if you carry guns openly, especially heavier weapons
Have a lot more scanners or places where it has consequences if you have your weapon not concealed

Instantly Shoulder taken out enemies
This should be a standard function, not a Cool-skill
Stealth Takedowns do not grab an enemy by default, grabbing is for meat shields
Stealth Takedown/Kill/Grab anyone (NPC Civilians, Cops, etc.)
Pickup carry any Body
Hack every Turret (Security-)
Be able to force open all Doors you can open with Technical Ability and Vice Versa
Have an animation that actually uses you Technical Ability when you open Doors with it
Enemies should be able to always take Damage from Friendly Fire, also if you take someone as Meat Shield, they should get Damage
They should less often stumble over Bodies tho, is this intended? They quite reliably trip over their allies
Alive Persons are always Carried with both Arms, dead Persons always over your Shoulder

Shoot onehanded Weapons while driving (always, not only in Missions)
Only Enemies in hearing Range or Line of Sight of an alerted Enemy become alerted too
Enemies that are alerted Actually Call out to their Allies/signal them (+you can stop that)
NPCs that report Crimes
Kick Enemies when Prone
Throw ranged Weapons at Enemies
Get better rewards (not just stuff, but recognition etc.) for different Gameplay Styles (non-lethal, melee, etc.)
Get Stuff that fits your Playstyle
Rewarding/Branching Skillchecks
Hack & Remote-Control Cars/ Shut them off, activate Car Alarm for Distraction

Have way more (mini-)Boss Enemies & Types
Other Full Borgs!
More Mechs
More Robots
More Exoskeletons

Higher Difficulty shouldn’t add tedium, but add behavior to enemies/make them smarter

This section contains a lot of key-word like, broadly categorized stray ideas.

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines:
Ad displays & vending machines have high resolution textures
Interactive ads that point to the nearest vendor, like seen in the gameplay demo
More Vendits & broader selection (Vendits have an automated flamethrower turret?)
These sell almost anything, not only food, soft drinks & 1 gun
Vendit menus should be fully interactable
Way more advertisements, I really like them!
For those who don’t, have an adblocker-eye mod
You have to pay a weekly fee/abonnement for this service
Multiple tiers with different pricing, lower tiers don’t block all the ads, but cost less. Highest tier should be quite expensive.
This replaces visual ads with a boring, uniformly gray texture or overlay, audio is replaced by a (silent & not annoying) static sound
Holographic ads, apart from a few fishes and the Achilles I found almost none, why isn’t the city littered with them?
Gigantic persons that interact with civilians or the player (blade runner, ghost in the shell)
You could hack some holograms & they act like they are ‘attacking’ people, stirring up chaos & scaring NPCs
Also holographic utility indicators such as free parking lots, building-/tourist- & weather info…

5.2 Media:
Have more info on shards (by that I mean where they come from/to what they relate), better sorted & more types of shards – text, audio, video
‘rewatch’ briefing shards & have much more of them
Experience braindances! Also not only smut and probably no wicked stuff, but lore info, ‘documentaries’, people climbing on skyscrapers or doing adrenaline laden tricks/car stunts etc…
More audio files on computers, downloadable files
AR games like in rivers mission, but better, accessible to buy and play anytime

5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy:
The underlying premise is opening up a lot of the locked shops & doors all around the city.
Shops should be interactable in a believable way, you can also rob them, there are other customers in them.
Vendors make as less use of the generic item transfer interface as possible. Or even better, if you talk to a shopkeeper you can select to use the item transfer interface, or you just look around the store.
Make use of the mannequins in clothing shops (that even have holo-price tags), display cases/walls etc. Street shops either have items laid out for you to pick from or have a meal menu with numbers you can interact with in a diegetic manner.
Bd shacks have some kind of rotating stand or cd-rack type thing you can choose from; a waitress brings you a menu in restaurants and so on.
All items you can buyable items in the store are physical, you can add them to your cart, buy them or steal them.
Stealing should be very difficult tho, street vendors closely watch your paws and ‘higher class’ shops all have detectors installed at their entrances.
Vendors should generally have their whole range of items in stock (not necessarily on display), but their stock is more limited to match the vendor.
So there’s no need to wait for a shopkeeper to refresh his stock anymore, the rarity of items they sell depends on your level/street cred. Stuff is available in multiple rarities.
All shops should have this level of interact ability, no matter how irrelevant the items they sell may be to gameplay.

Have the hologram outside Will’s 2nd Amendment show weapons he’s actually selling/dynamic
Physical car & motorcycle dealerships, or buy them over the internet – fixers offer discounted vehicles
Buy magazines (literature) you see at kiosks
Have stuff only be sellable at appropriate vendors (or they give you less for stuff they are not selling)
Buy yachts
Loyalty discounts if a vendor likes you, a bit a lesser discount if you come regularly (precautions to wait-exploit)
Functional Clouds
Clothing store that sells clothes fitting to implants that alter the body shape
Headgear with ear cutouts, jackets with mantis blade/projectile launcher slits, triple & quadruple breast bras, multioptic mount glasses etc…
Have a ripperdoc or vendor sometimes be handling another customer (outside of missions, but could evolve into one)
AI hotels, AI diner with robot servants, a robot as mission giver, interactable holo-strippers
Ingame concerts/gigs you can buy tickets to and visit outside of missions
Have much more stuff that is on advertisements actually available to buy, bonus codes to scan, TV programs actually come on TV at said time…
Break into Kiroshi & get prototype cyberoptics
Hair salon, plastic surgery, piercing shops, bars, restaurants, cafés, bd shacks, food stands/street market, (& strip-)clubs, vehicle mechanics, -paint booths, -stores, cyberware shops…
Always lay down, get the shopping menu, then get anesthesia & black out at ripperdoc clinics
Have (skippable) animations/cutscenes for major cyberware
Actually contact & use the services offered in the ingame internet (apart from the too wicked ones)
US cracks implants and style | blue, red, purple | Maybe they hook you up with a ripperdoc after helping BM out
Buy insurance plans from trauma team, have missions with them
Themed and unique ripperdocs (military grade-black market combat cyberware should be very hard to find/come across)
All other vendors should be themed as well
Most high end cyberware comes from boss loot or quest-rewards
Have actual drugs, effects, side effects & addiction, not only healthy boosters

5.4 Apartments:
Have multiple Apartments available for rent, get evicted if you don’t pay (weekly)
Or cash retrievers are sent after you
Purchasable properties you don’t have to pay rent for, but cost a fortune

Have your apartments customizable:
Wall color and tapestry, interior and furniture
A customizable gun wall
Each attribute should unlock a special utility room, or an attribute-dedicated corner/part of the main room
(don’t know the word, but the room is always there, you unlock a set of stuff that can be put in there/decorate the room)
BODY – Weights & weight bench, melee weapons display, punching bag, boxing gloves, trophies from fights (beat the brat etc)
DEX – Treadmill, training mat, bladed & thrown weapons display, coat hanger for martial arts uniforms
TECH – Crafting table, tool cabinet & component shelves, gadgets, medical equipment
REF – Reflexes training-thing(?), ranged weapons display, vehicle decoration, gun cleaning & ammo deco, the paper sheet of your shooting range high score
INT – Netrunning chair, computer, electronical equipment, cyberdecks display case
COOL – Walk-in wardrobe, a wall-spanning mirror with a table before it, a dressable mannequin, guitar stand, a safe
These can be swapped out for other unlocked ones anytime, you could either unlock stuff one by one as you progress an attribute, or all at once when you reach a certain level

The smart window?
Hotels/Motels where you can check in & stay as long as you pay (in advance or daily)
Cube Hotels & actual ‘lower class’ apartments as v’s apartment seems quite luxurious

5.5 Romance and Sex:
Have Romances in your Apartment, call them to visit
Give them the key to your apartment and sometimes they watch TV on your couch when you get there or smth alike
They have a life after you had sex, not just standing at the window
Get to know them & their backstory better, do stuff with them, tell them about your last mission, etc
Go do side activities together with your romance
Way more ‘nothing new’ dialogue, unlocked/changing (not accessible all at a time)
Conversations already had but with a need to access later on should be cumulated under an ‘archived’ dialogue choice,
to free up dialogue choice-room for new and further conversation
Interact with Judy’s robot, or help her build it

More joytoys
Call joytoys to your apartments that you can select from a wide range of options, order them at your vending machine
Have one not show up, call her/him & find out she/he’s in trouble & needs your help
Use your sexuality to your advantage, be able to sleep with some characters to get what you want.
A short sentence about censorship; I hereby 1-up almost all posts that advocate for getting the advertised maturity back into the game or expand upon it.
Possible romance options:
Rita Wheeler (mox bouncer), Dumdum, Patricia (I believe? -Maelstrom) Vik, Takemura, Peralez one night stand, the jesus bd corpo woman, Claire
Maybe a male & female romance option per gang? More romance options interested in both sexes
Maybe joytoys could have a set of animations fitting their and your body parts (each time the scene cuts) that are ‘assembled’ into varying cutscenes

5.6 Factions/Reputation:
Faction system/ reputation system, gang missions – unlock their look, cyberware, tattoos, car paints, iconic weapons etc
Talk gangs out of assaulting (ingame events) someone if you have high enough Rep with them
NCPD, MaxTac & Trauma Team also count as “Gangs”, as in you have Rep with them
Reputation with cops and the system oppose gang reputation or even your street cred
Have gangs put up roadblocks, carry out robberies, try to rob you, gang wars, police fights
Have NCPD dispatchers tell you they need help because a crime/assault is in progress, if you show up to late one of the parties is already dead (emergent)
They also should continuously spawn throughout the city
Ambushed civilians run for their life as soon as they see you coming to their rescue, have some watch from a distance and approach you afterwards
People react to you saving them, sometimes they give you money or stuff, a mission, show gratitude, react traumatized, hate you or complain etc
Gangs communicate with you before becoming hostile, why does police even?
Smuggle drugs with Maelstrom, get the multioptic mount from them in a ritual
Go rescue, help & avenge joytoys, anarchists, punks with the Moxes
Dynamic gang turfs & you can take a part therein
Have enemies sometimes abandon their hideout & retreat/give up, not just dumbly fight to the last man standing if they are overwhelmed – COOL?
Get Max Tac to hunt you down, by that I mean they arrive in their helicopter, communicate and use tactics, figure out your weaknesses and use them against you, very hard to get them off your tail, once you got their attention, they’ll stop at nothing until you are neutralized
Have NPCs ‘calling’ – Pedestrians the police, Gangoons call reinforcements
Only if there are witnesses your reputation is altered or cops come

5.7 Unassorted:
Police drones & robots that patrol the streets of night city, do routine scans etc.
Get a VIP parking lot at the Afterlife
Give Injured NPCs medical aid, or carry them to a ripperdoc to have them fixed up, they react appropriately
‘Guerilla Gardens’ where you can loot fresh food
Sit down & lean against at almost any suitable place – railings, benches, stools, furniture
Only then have the option to wait
Harsh weather conditions (acidic rain which deals chemical damage,…) & NPCs react
NPCs all wear transparent raincoats/walk around with transparent/LED umbrellas
Basic hunger, thirst, sleep & cleanliness system (maybe as a selectable mode)
Transport heavy weapons (&the Flathead!) in your car trunk
More restricted inventory + backpacks, don’t have flathead in your inventory but carry it around/have it walk
Be able to put a MK.31 HMG in your car trunk
Have the exo-skeleton plasma gun be carriable, if we can also carry the battery pack
Rideable metro system & NCART, working industrial monorails
Shoot down AV’s & cargo drones & salvage/loot them, also be able to hack cargo drones (The O’Five’s description even says it’s powerful enough to shoot AV’s out of the sky)
Replayable activities
With romance
Shooting ranges (Wilsons-), boxing matches & -robots, street races that are permanently accessible
City interactions – minigames, eating/drinking animations at bars, restaurants etc
Casinos, Poker, Black Jack, Pool, Darts, Arcade, Races & Fights not coupled to Missions
Braindances, Netrunning, Bar Activities, eating & drinking, Audio & Visual Data Shards
Gwent-like Game in the Game, maybe even exactly the same Game but with futuristic Cards
Have way more Mirrors & reflective Surfaces where you can see yourself & not just ‘lean on sink mirrors’
The ability to look further down at your character (I mean irl you can look down at your chest no problem), maybe even torso/bending movement
If you look down further with a weapon equipped, your character places their feet apart a bit so you can shoot between them,
and avoids aiming at your own feet (by some kind of invisible bounds that don’t let you place your crosshair over your feet)
Make the open world a truly open world, remove alpha walls & instakill-zones throughout the game (large parts of pacifica, the whole biotechnica protein farm, megabuildings, on monorails…)
I think we all know what we can expect when we venture off the beaten path, but we could explore everything without needing mods
Zhirafa mechs! graf 3 & savanna, KAP construction spidermech maybe these could be used as enemies too
Get the phone number from Misty
Make biohazard barrels actually biohazard

Gigantic & intimidating looking street maintenance machines
They have warning noise & lights, but don’t really care if someone doesn’t make way
They just crush them & clean the mess up in one go, you could see that happen sometimes
Of course, they mostly maintain the more upper-class regions, they are not or rarely sent to poor districts
You cannot drive them other than maybe remotely; they have no seat as they are AI controlled drones/robots
Here’s what such a drone could look like:
This monster mainly drives on large roads, it should just barely fit under horizontal posts/signs
It has about double the height of a ‘Kaukaz Zeya’ & 1,5x the width.
It is very noisy by default, has a bone chilling honk if you cross its path (it does only stop for cars tho)
It probably has a chopper inside of it, but it can’t devour other vehicles (maybe motorcycles?)

I know there are smaller street cleaners, they should roam around too.
There could also be similar machines that replace vending machines, empty dumpsters or put out fires.
Also there should be a lot more maintenance, construction & utility robots/drones in general, taking all kinds of forms

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1.1 Items ( 1 )
1.2 Weapons ( 1 )
1.2.1 New Weapons ( 1 )
1.3 Attachments & Mods ( 1 )
1.4 Ammunition ( 1 )
1.5 Clothing ( 1 & 2 )
1.6 Gadgets & Grenades ( 2 )
1.7 Consumables ( 2 )
1.8 Junk ( 2 )
1.9 Cyberware ( 2 )
1.9.1 Health/Durability ( 2 )
1.9.2 Cyberware Interface Subcategories/’Buttons’ ( 3 )
1.9.3 Cyberware Changes & More Cyberware ( 3 & 4 )
1.10 Quickhacks ( 4 )
1.11 Item Addendum & Stats ( 5 )

2 INTERFACE (UI) ( 5 )
2.1 General ( 5 )
2.2 Inventory ( 5 )
2.2.1 Equipment ( 5 )
2.3 Map & Minimap ( 5 )

3 CRAFTING ( 5 & 6 )
3.1 Programming ( 6 )

4.1 Body ( 6 )
4.1.1 Strength ( 6 )​
4.1.2 Annihilation ( 6 )​
4.1.3 Blunt ( 6 )​
4.2 Dexterity ( 6 )
4.2.1 Stealth ( 6 )​
4.2.2 Blades ( 7 )​
4.2.3 Agility ( 7 )​
4.3 Technique ( 7 )
4.3.1 Crafting ( 7 )​
4.3.2 Engineering ( 7 )​
4.3.3 Utility ( 7 )​
4.4 Reflexes ( 7 )
4.4.1 Firearms ( 7 )​
4.4.2 Tactics ( 7 )​
4.4.3 Reaction ( 7 )​
4.4.4 Ricochet Targeting ( 7 )​
4.4.5 Charged Tech Shots ( 7 )​
4.5 Intelligence ( 7 )
4.5.1 Hacking ( 7 )​
4.5.2 Programming ( 7 )​
4.5.3 Cleverness ( 7 )​
4.5.4 Netrunning ( 8 )​
4.6 Cool ( 8 )
4.6.1 Style ( 8 )​
4.6.2 Composure ( 8 )​
4.6.3 Charisma ( 8 )​
4.7 Other ( 9 )

5.1 Advertisements & Vending Machines ( 9 )
5.2 Media ( 9 )
5.3 Vendors, Services & things to buy ( 9 )
5.4 Apartments ( 9 )
5.5 Romance and Sex ( 9 )
5.6 Factions/Reputation ( 9 )
5.7 Unassorted ( 9 )


7 CONTROLS ( 10 )

8.1 Vehicles ( 10 )

9 MISC/QOL ( 10 )

Character Customizer:
Other than sliders for body fat & body muscles, height, breasts & penis, etc. as well as generally deeper customization and more body types I’ve not much to add here.
  • One thing, you should be able to save your character by some means, maybe even to a file you can load or share
Appearance & Ingame Customization:
Below is a quick concept sketch of the ‘Appearance’ Interface, where you can customize tattoos, piercings, hair & nails/makeup/paint on an individual level
There are three sections;

The character preview window to the left, where you can see your character (always nude/in underwear with streamer toggle) and rotate it with [Q]/[E].
It automatically zooms in/out on the body part or region that is selected. In the top left corner is the button to cycle lighting. It’s the same as the clothing preview/clothing inventory.

The ‘part selector’ in the center: Here you have a 3d model of your character that can be turned as well, it rotates in sync with the character preview (or snaps between perspectives).
Think how the cyberware figure looks now, but 3d + a little less visual noise. You can click on parts of the figure you want to customize,
This starts out with the whole body > head & neck, upper body, lower body or torso + individual limbs > specific sections of body parts (like new cyberware interface) etc.
It is in theory infinitely expandable, by adding more ‘layers’ that each look at the selection before it in greater detail/ split it into subsections.
In the top left of the center section is a button to go back a layer, and if needed a button where you can toggle mirroring, if ex: you want to customize both arms/hands or sides of the face…
Even though I’d prefer a 3d model, alternatively this could be a stylized 2d image with pronounced outline and borders between the parts
This would then be cyclable between an image showing the front, back, head and maybe side-view where you can select parts from
With both, the center section figure also zooms in/out of selected areas. Additionally it could show at what locations there are already items/changes with iconography like the small circles for item mods.
Designs are shown with square-shaped icons to better differentiate them from physical items/mods.
Above the part selector is the name of the category you are customizing, and your wallet/money.

The item section to the right is an amalgamation of the current cyberware detail- and clothing or vendor -interface.
Up top is the name of the vendor/service you are customizing from & their money.
Below that is the ‘Currently Installed’ section with item slots and body part name, which change depending on what part you have selected.
There should be 1 item slot per selected area, so to the right of the slot can be (item-) options, color pallets and the like – without needing additional clicks.
Beneath that is a standard six by ‘x’ slot item interface where you can select items you own or from the vendor to be applied.
At the very bottom is the standard ‘controls-strip’.

Tattoos should be based on ‘decals’ that could in theory be applied anywhere on the character model.
They aren’t items, but designs – with exception of special tattoos that are combined with implants or electronics.
I’d really like to see all the gang-related tattoos be available to the player, man the female tiger claw, mox and valentino full body tattoos look so sick. (tied in to faction/rep system)
Light Tattoos – Displays, moving/animated, glowing, color shift etc.
Tattoos can only be changed at vendors

Piercings should be available to buy as individual piercing-items that can be applied at predefined points of your character.
Belly, nipple & private piercings.
Piercings can only be changed at vendors, or maybe you can freely swap them after getting an initial piercing in that area.
(The piercer basically adds a ‘mod slot’ to your character, that is filled)

Hair could grow and styles be based on length, for ‘extensions’ you’d pay a bit more at barbershops,
but you can switch between hairstyles of the same length that don’t require cutting. (from your inventory appearance tab)
Body Hair – I don’t know if there is for male characters?
Facial & pubic hair are handled in the same way as normal hair.

Not to forget, nails, makeup and bodypaint
These are also grouped together with hair, as they don’t interfere with each other.
Should be customizable anytime, maybe consume a nail polish/makeup/paint item per change.
You can in addition customize them at vendors with broader selection of options.
Neither hair nor ‘body-colors’ are items, but designs or item options.

All things that are colorable make use of the ‘Design Card’ system, therefore you can mix and match colors from a wide range of options, this also extends to the character customizer.

Cyberware or ‘Cyberskin’ coloration is an item option, which can only be changed via crafting/upgrading or buying from a ripperdoc

Body sculpting is a service at ripperdocs, which lets you access the character creation menu from ingame, for a steep price

Pressing [Tab] short shows/hides Loot Icons & Vendor Icons
Toggle Walk Button
Holding down Shift in any UI while selecting Amounts with Arrow Keys, decreases/increases in steps of 10
(Photo Mode Settings, Item Amount etc…)
Scroll Wheel to set Amount & Space to accept Item Quantities
Put your Weapon away with holding [R]
Weapon-Admire Button
E-loot, Space-take all, E-take, Esc-close (TW3)
Picking a body up replaces your weapon and putting it down again activates your sandevistan
All selection wheels select the entry your mouse is over when letting go of the button that opens the wheel
The scroll wheel selects from different items occupying the same slot of the selection wheel (not [Q] & [E])
I don’t know why this is, but selecting an entry with the mouse feels quite strange

Below is an unfinished mockup that I wanted to detail controls with (it’s just a keyboard as of now)
And a draft quality sketch of what the mockup would contain.
I hope it is readable enough for those interested, as it wasn’t intended to be in the post.

Lets get the obvious things out the way first,
The AI both of vehicles and NPCs on foot needs to be able to pathfind, react dynamically and appropriately, have interplay with other AI agents and the like.
I personally don’t care for thousands of hand-crafted pedestrian AI routines as long as they behave believably, maybe only NPCs you follow around get a routine assigned to them.
Important AI, from missions to vendors really should have basic routines though, a schedule when they work & actual locations they come from/go to45333
Their barks & one-liners should match the situation the NPC is in or finds himself in, and the character the NPC has

More Destructible and physicalized Stuff, I’m impressed about how much is already physicalized actually,
But most Assets disintegrate into Confetti when damaged, also more Walls as there are in the first Mission
Less Assets like the Cardboard Boxes, more ones like the Plastic Chairs, Concrete Halfwalls etc
Much more interactable & Physicalized Objects in the Gameworld, especially items from vendor stands and such

Difficulty: Enemies should use the whole Arsenal of Things you can do against you too
Way more (intelligent) use of Cyberware, Double/Charge Jump, Mantis Blades, Gorilla Fists, Electro Shock on death etc
Way more Hacks, disable your Cyberware, your Weapon, not just overheat/reveal Position
Have a Taste of your Medicine in every Way you can, except Stuff that would instakill you/make you unconscious
Enemies attempt to reveal your Location as soon as they become aware of you or ‘someone’

NPCs that can transition from being on foot to driving a vehicle & vice versa
NPCs should be able to swim, Water should have Physics and React (to Player, Shots, Explosions, Electro etc)
Physics should apply to NPC driven Cars too, be able to push NPCs around,
Proper Ragdolls for you as well as for NPCs
Soft body physics outside of the inventory, on your player character and in photo mode.
by that I mean mainly breasts & other soft body parts which don’t at all care about gravity.
This is especially apparent in the photo mode with mid-air poses (whereas hair has physics)
Fire Propagation, also proper burn damage from environmental Sources, have the Source of Fire Move with the Object it should come from (flaming Barrels)
NPCs that actually check bodies that are not obviously dead, as in they cower down and feel for a pulse or check the presumed dead NPCs biomonitor, or wake them up if they are unconscious.

Neither NPCs nor Vehicles should be ‘non-physicalized’, immovable or indestructible
By that I don’t mean ‘green NPCs’ but bodies of NPCs that were killed by others
Objects should be physicalized so your player can push them to an extent, so objects or NPC’s don’t block the player’s path

8.1 Vehicles:
Praise upfront; the vehicles all look so detailed and amazing, from their outside to their motor/trunk, to their interior!

You take damage or can be killed in car accidents, as can NPCs
Open car doors by canceling the get in/out animation prematurely
Use car doors as cover
Car opens its door for you if you call it & approach the door
Should take way more shots before exploding, but more damage from crashes
By crash damage I mean crashes at high velocity that do nothing
Vehicle HP is tricky, some vehicles can be shot at indefinitely, but your car blows up after a few shots from a police drone
All vehicles placed in the world that are not destroyed/wrecks, should be enterable, drivable & destroyable
Be able to buy and own any vehicle, also heavy duty ones.
Neither the 3d person nor first person view when driving vehicles should autocorrect/snap away when using a mouse
Have adjustable seat height or at least not be buried beneath the dashboard
AI driven cars & assisted driving!
Vehicle upkeep & repair, it should be way more expensive if you destroy your car (depending on its value)
Vehicles should not get repaired when calling them, but retain their damage until you repair them/let them be repaired
Vehicle Physics:
Bursting/Shooting tires & make the car skid/crash & drive differently
Smashing windows with damage other than from shots/explosions, better car part physics, ability to beat cars up (Melee Weapons, Gorilla Arms)
No driving under other cars at high speed/with a low-profile vehicle
Better collision/damage model, it looks good but doesn’t match the severity of your crash at all
Utility vehicles (Bratsk etc.) should have way more power, shoving cars or even crushing them with ease
NPCs that drive motorcycles
I really like that vehicle mirrors are replaced by cameras, but there is no holo-projection or screen displaying it?

Achievement for completion without fast traveling
Add the Scavenger Hunt Techno song to radios & more songs/tracks like it, more Techno/Synthwave
The Music in general is genius – I want more of it!
Be able to zoom in/out in first person photo mode
On the southmost border of night city, there’s written ‘Leaving Nigth City’
Turn the car/vehicle radio up ingame (or down), ex: using the mouse wheel while driving
Double jumping while having a call
Some places restrict you entirely from jumping/running, for example ‘The Manufactory’ in Arroyo –
you can easily get stuck in such places as the jump restriction extends to the level above and below ground as well
‘Depth of Field’ off by default in the photo mode.

Closing Word
Due to the short-novel length of the post, there are probably double/triple statements, conflicting statements or logically missing stuff that I did overlook.
If you happen to notice any of this, or strange sentences etc., feel free to let me know.

Also, unfortunately my interest and with it my motivation shifted to other topics in the multiple weeks I no-lifed this post.
I did try my best to bring it into a presentable state, added [STUB/WIP] tags to unfinished and open-ended stuff etc,
As I found it would be a pity to discard it because I may not come around to finish it fully.
Also over the course of writing this, mods came out that address suggestions within here or even more suggestions may have been stated over and over, I did not keep up to date with them.
I think this doesn’t invalidate it however, especially with mods (mods are wonderful, kudos to any of you guys),
but the base game should contain the stuff, for consistent quality & for our fellow console players.
So don’t expect to much 'post-release' change to this post,
However I’ll give my best to discuss the topics that you take interest in or answer to your questions in the comments, at first at least.

Now, comment what you think! :)

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I see a lot of this adding more complexity but for most players this would be just more complexity for sake of complexity.

What comes to lot's of this, nobody has even been able to test how builds are supposed to work in their full form as there are perks that just don't work.

For weapons, I really don't see merging precision rifle with LMG would achieve anything, same goes for other design that appears being bulbub body assault rifle. Speaking from real life experience, certain designs has certain functions and I don't think you understand what is the purpose of LMG. These are way off.
More complexity absolutely, yes
Where do you see the added complexity not bring along new gameplay opportunities,
or the gameplay implications be outweighed by the complexity?
Agreed tho, probably there are more elegant ways to incorporate the same mechanics, any ideas?

Agree aswell, but i think that doesn't matter.
The skills/perks there are, increase stats with few exceptions,
and even with perks that have no use or don't work at all, builds are extremely overpowered all around.
This is why i propose mostly gameplay approach - adding perks, which dont add to the 'OP-ness treshold'
but broaden your set of abilities instead (imo of course)
How do you feel regarding the 'power' of the skills/builds?

Weapons would not be merged in that sense, if I understand you correctly
The 'Precision Rifle LMG' would be a different weapon,
manufactered by the same company and exclusively be in the LMG role.
It's just a variation based on the same design, like for example the G36 is available as an LMG irl,
or an M4 can be a designated marksman rifle (more modular vs variant in that case tho)
With the bullpup assault rifle, i just assume it's one.
I'd just find it cool to have a bullpup-style LMG in a futuristic setting, as afaik such a thing doesn't exist
Therefore it could be in the game as both an AR & a LMG or just as either of the two
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Man…your dedication left me speechless! Only if 1/10 of what you said can be implemented. I'm a bit pessimistic about all this. Even a dedicated mod team that has full access to the game's source code will have a hard time pulling it off!
don't think players want an appearance limited defense system.

your hp system and armor system is probably too complex, people already don't get the current system. I think they could do with the general sp system, but legs arms feet etc all different, and also different based on armor appearance, ehhh.

enemies already drop the weapons they use, they don't really want to reward/encourage players to kill innocents, so I doubt they'd make them killable for clothes. They already have a lot of loot, not sure people want 7 loot drops per enemy killed, unless killing becomes way less common.
Appearance limited defense system
I tried to do the opposite actually, maybe i have failed at that tho.
It should create a wider gap between armor and clothing, and hand the armor stat off to plate inserts and such.
While still having normal clothing be armored enough to look like you want to look, as it is in lore.
The means to quickly 'gear up' with loadouts in anticipation of combat and cool skills reinforcing clothing/style over armor mean to further the coexistence of the two/make it easy to both look cool and be well armored in combat

HP & Armor system
The HP system is complex, absolutely. Keep in mind tho i tried to keep the complexity 'under the hood' so to say.
I think however this can be done better, what would you suggest?
With the armor system i agree a bit less, having 4 bars instead of one - i don't see how that makes it non-comprehensible
What makes you think the current HP/Armor system is difficult to understand?


I absolutely agree that this would create more incentive to kill innocents, good point.
I tried to counteract that with innocents dropping only common stuff, having it take damage or be destroyed when attacking them, and on the other side having stores offer more & more varied stock (providing a more efficient alternative)

On the more vs less loot matter im all for more loot, to a realistic extent.
Personally i really dislike that enemies drop clothes they arent even wearing.
I'd also not want to see only every 5th or so enemy drop a weapon at all, if going into the other direction.

I think that heavily ties into incentivizing players to pick the good stuff from the loot, rather than gobbling everything up.
This would also make encounters more about the encounter instead of spending the most time to collect everything
Entites just dropping nothing i find to be the wrong approach, this also locks player that want to collect and loot, out.
For this incentive are the proposed alterations to the loot scanner, drones which loot, making clearer what is good stuff and what's not, so you dont need to take all and compare, stricter carrying capacity, easier interfacing etc...
Post automatically merged:

Man…your dedication left me speechless! Only if 1/10 of what you said can be implemented. I'm a bit pessimistic about all this. Even a dedicated mod team that has full access to the game's source code will have a hard time pulling it off!
Thank you very much! :)

I don't approach that with high hopes either -
i see it as a maybe a dev or modder actually reads this/part of this
and another maybe on top of it, that part of it actually serves as inspiration for their work

Not to worry however, I'm a dreamer/visionary with a lot of time on my hands,
this can be considered my hobby and i had fun making it!
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Please keep doing this. As a fan of the fantastic W3EE mod and gameplay overhaul/hardcore mods I really dig this.

But I do believe it's just a matter of time before some major gameplay mods hit the Nexus!
Altered all table of contents to be more compact and show page numbers.
Made page numbers in annoying pink for better navigation when scrolling.

Note: I did put keyboard buttons in square brackets initially,
but the formatting uses sqare brackets & it might have deleted some buttons
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