The virtual jumpsuit is such a disappointment

Since I saw the suit for the first time I was so eager to put it on... only to find out its completely incompatible with everything. Why isnt this a normal netrunner suit so we can wear it with shoes? Or different pants. I love the design of the arm parts and the chest area. The legs are nice too. But the suit alone isnt how I want to walk around the city. It just looks ridiculous by its own.

Ive searched. Apparently others searched too. There is no mod to make this a normal netrunner suit. WHY?!
Even more I would like to have the Afterlife or Songbird Suite or an official legendary set top after 3 years… and no not as mod but official : /
This has bugged me since release. Even worse there are NPCs wearing these and combining them with other clothing items. Not old lame-ass V though.

I also remember on release V would put this on before jumping into ice baths (no animation, but would be equipped) - been waiting to see that brought back for a while now.
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