Unable to play Cyberpunk and Witchers-3

I Installed and uninstalled the games multiple times yet it shows this error. I tried all ways possible including https://support.cdprojektred.com/en...cal/issue/2233/how-do-i-clean-install-my-game and launching without the launcher on steam with a command but none of them work. Where can i find REDlauncher for installing? Or any other possible way
Screenshot 2023-09-13 235003.png
It's often helpful to add more information regarding the system (specs, operating system...). However, in other threads online I read that deleting the REDlauncher ( \AppData\Local\Programs\CD Projekt Red\REDlauncher ) can sometimes help in cases like this one. Maybe it's necessary to verify/repair the installation afterwards.

Perhaps reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributable as described here (https://support.cdprojektred.com/en/cyberpunk/pc/sp-technical/issue/1568/the-game-is-not-launching-5) can also help, but I hope the other suggestion is enough.
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