Upgrading Quickhacks

Upgrading Quickhacks
When crafting a higher rarity version of a quickhack, what we really do from a mechanics perspective is create a new item consuming the previous one.
From a player perspective however, what we really do is upgrading it. Lets be honest here - I don't build a higher level version of "Reboot Optics" because I want to sell it. I invest in its upgrade because I use it a lot and want it to be better.
So I want the same experience as I get with equipped weapons: Go to "Upgrade", click the button, pay the price and that's it.
What I currently need to do is:
- Check the crafting menu whether I have the materials other than the Quickhack
- Go to Inventory
- Go to my Cyberdeck
- Unequip Quickhack
- Go back to crafting
- Select Quickhack from the menu
- Craft it and pay the price
- Go back to Inventory
- Go to my Cyberdeck
- Equip the upgraded Quickhack

Oh, and it would also be fabulous if it wouldn't offer me equipped Quickhacks in the crafting menu.
Let's say I have a Legendary Reboot Optics chip equipped in my board. The crafting menu will then offer me to craft it again from the lowest edition.
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