V’s apt. bugs: Sold clothes to a drop box, still appear in wardrobe; V’s appearance in mirror; Workshop Door and Stash buttons

There headaches really compared to the save corruption really.
1) I sold some pants at a drop box next to Afterlife, but they kept on showing up in the wardrobe even though they were gone from my inventory stash. The wardrobe didn’t update they were sold. I had to buy them back from the box and will try to sell to a clothes vendor.
2). If you back out of the appearance in the bathroom mirror, V’s skin loses texture mapping and appears glowing specular like the T-1000 in terminator.
3) The controls to V’s work shop and Stash are too small and disappear. In the PS4 version you could open by pushing the door not the small panel. The open box disappears and is too small.
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