What is this? is this normal or a bug?

Hello all. From patch 1.6.3 to patch 2.0, nothing has changed with shadows and light. Who can tell me what this is? I tested the game on all graphics settings and there is no way to get rid of this. The image is shaking, in the center there is as if there is a square in which there is shaking. Only FSR helps, but it also makes it worse, since the render resolution decreases, and at 1080p this problem becomes even worse. I won’t talk about lower resolutions, for example 720p. The only hope is that CDPR will fix this with FSR 3.0 "Native AA". I understand that I don’t have a 4090, but still, artifacts in the form of light highlights or shadows, which are sometimes present or not, spoil the immersion in the game.
Cyberpunk 2077 1.6.3-2.0 graphic artifact of shadows and light
SSD Nvme
Ryzen 5600x
RX 6700 XT
The following driver versions were tested: 23.9.1; 23.9.2; 23.9.3
The drivers were installed with the old driver completely removed.
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