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Winter Holidays!

To one and all. Hope you have a cracking day tomorrow. Especially the younger ones, Christmas is for kids really isn't it.

To all you dads out there. Don't get wasted tonight. Save a bit (energy) for tomorrow or you will have a very long day indeed! haha

All the best

In every, every forum I am a member of. There is a major thread on Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I didn't see one here.

So I started one. On Christmas Eve!
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Just wanted to take a bit of time now to wish the CDPR team and the people part of this passionate community happy holidays and a wonderful new year! May it be the best one yet. I'm going to finish up with rather funny quote i found “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. But if the White runs out I’ll drink the Red!” on that note, cheers to a fabulous 2019!

All the best, Sild.