The Jigsaw Puzzle Thread

I am aware this is a gaming forum, thus may not have too many jigsaw puzzle fans, let alone enthusiasts -- but there are and have been several, official CDPR puzzles available in the company's Store.

I, personally, have been very much into jigsaw puzzles since I was a child, and puzzles have been something my family often do together over the winter holidays. We have a collection of well over a dozen puzzles, many of them with highly challenging pictures and high piece counts.

I have progressed from small, children's puzzles (a few dozen pieces or so) to large puzzles with up to 2000 pieces, and enjoy the challenge large piece counts bring.
I am very methodical when working on a puzzle: first is going through the pieces to find edge pieces, then building the edges (at which point I almost always find I missed at least one edge piece while searching). Next comes deciding in which order to work on the areas of the image. Unsurprisingly, large areas of a single or similar colours (e.g. water, sky, snow) tend to not get picked as the first projects. One of the photos below demonstrates this.

I prefer puzzles whose pieces are not all the same shape, as it is more fun to have oddly-shaped pieces. One of my favourites in terms of piece shape is a Christmas-themed puzzle. It has 800 pieces, all of which are curved.

I never, ever glue puzzles to hang them on a wall, as I fail to see the point in never being able to complete the puzzle again. Instead, I leave a complete puzzle on display for a few days or so, and then take it apart again to return it to its box.

When it comes to puzzle brands, my favourite is, by far, the German Ravensburger.
We have one puzzle of a different brand, purchased in Australia, with a particularly fascinating image: a mosaic of tiny photographs of all sorts of things, forming a map of the world. Unfortunately, that puzzle has multiple duplicate pieces (something I have never encountered in any other puzzle) and at least one missing piece -- even though we bought it brand new.

My personal collection currently consists of four 1000-piece puzzles, two of them CDPR ones. I do not have a picture of my zebra puzzle or my "Ciri and the Wolves" one, but do have pictures of the other two puzzles. One of them many of you may recognize as the same image as used to be the background on the Witcher series forum on this very same website. Images below (includes boxes of the two puzzles not pictured).



Feel free to share your thoughts on jigsaw puzzles! Photos of projects -- past, present, or future -- would also be welcome, if you have any you are willing to share.
I love these! Although I rarely spend time with these nowadays, but loads of fun, when I do. We also did these a lot together with my parents and sisters when I was a kid.

During the last year or two, I made two with a little help from my husband. I still have one left that I haven't started, so hopefully I will be able to start that one soon-ish too. And I'm definitely going to get more of them, once I see something I like. I prefer to do decorative things that I can actually use in my house, not just random pictures for the sake of making them.

One of my friends collects Victoria Frances puzzles and has a lot of them framed on the walls. This particular one, though, is mine. She is also one of my favorite artists.


`This one I finished last winter, I think. I really liked the colors and It was really fast and easy to do. I hope that CDPR store gets some of those older puzzles back again that they had before the shop rework. Current selection is not quite to my liking.

Would like to do jigsaw puzzle but I literally have no room in here. Many years ago when I was a kid, we had a puzzle where was 10000 pieces.

By the way, Sunsibar, I paid attention to your signature, are you from Finland?
By the way, Sunsibar, I paid attention to your signature, are you from Finland?
Finland, yes. And your name sounds like you are too :howdy:

Not having enough space is definitely a problem, since puzzles tend to take a while to finish. Specifically the bigger ones. That is also one of the reasons I haven't had a chance to start the one that I still have undone. It's bit tricky to make, since some of the pieces might seem to fit, but they actually don't. Even when doing the edges, I had like three different variations which all seemed to be perfect. So yeh, once I start that one, it will take a long, long while to finish. I had to postpone making it, since there was more important projects coming and we only had that one available table for any projects like that.

I think 2 000 pieces is the biggest I have done. The picture was somewhat similar to this, so very "fun" to make.
Space is a limiting factor for me, too; 1000 pieces is the biggest I can fit on suitable surfaces, at least for now.
I like doing a jigsaw puzzle from time to time, we even framed one and put it on the kitchen door. I'll try to find a picture..
Here it is:

As expert jigawists you can surely tell that the slate background was challenging, as were the different heaps of reddish spices. But the spoons were very nice to do, as were the larger leaves and roots. I really liked this one.
I found several webpages where you can create own jigsaws from your own pictures and choose how many pieces. 137 pieces and I started to have troubles.
If you want a real challenge may I suggest the WASGIG range of jigsaws, they are real odd. There is 3 different versions.

Mystery -- you have to predict what is happening about 30 seconds on from when the image on the box depicts.
Derstiny - image shows sometyhing from one era (but puzzle is set at same placce but different decade for example the one I am presently doing is a toy shop in the 60's but puzzle is smae shop now)
Classic ( possibly the hardest to do and describe) - the image you are looking at is a clur to what is happening BEHIND you as seen from the viewpoint of someone in the box image.

Link to original wasgij site...

If you want a real challenge may I suggest the WASGIG range of jigsaws, they are real odd.
I was coming here to post about a Wasgij I'm trying out. Had completely forgotten what the latest post in this thread was, so imagine my surprise. :D

Anyway. The puzzle I have is a mystery puzzle, number 51.
I've been working on it for about three hours now, and it's really easy. Fun, though, and that's what matters.

I won't post a picture of my in-progress project, but the box image is this one:
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