You Know My Name sniper gun won't fire

So I've reached the part in the You Know My Name mission where you take over the sniper nest and you're supposed to cover Reed. But the thing won't fire. It keeps saying "firing mode disabled". I watched a YouTube video and there's supposed to be a robotic voice saying "new user detected" etc, and I don't get that. I go straight to Reed coming out of the door and then everyone immediately attack him and I can't fire or do anything, or exit the sniper nest. I reloaded the mission all the way back to the beginning, but the bug remains. Basically this has broken my game.

If I remember, if you look around at the beginning, you should be able to see these guys coming and warn Reed about them (like with the mines), so he hide.
Enemies immediately detect him the moment he steps out on the balcony and attack. So the whole thing is bugged. The sniper rifle doesn't activate - I can't scan or fire - and Reed is detected right away.
If the issue remains after this weeks patch you should send an official support ticket - posting to the forum most probably won’t help you solving your problem : /
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