Your Favorite Soundtrack In Any Game

Metal Hellsinger, you buy the music and get a game with for free. Yes, its metal and it has a beat.

In the game you are supposed to shoot along the beat which allows you to do way more damage. Sadly I'm the 'ram button rapidly' type so I miss the beat all the time :LOL: , an interesting idea for a game none the less.
The soundtrack from Saga: Rage of the Vikings by French developer Cryo Interactive.

This is a game from 1998 or so, I remember buying it because the screenshots on the back of the box looked like Age of Empires. Back then I'd buy anything that looked like Age of Empires, Diablo, or Baldur's Gate/Fallout, etc.

It's kind of an Age of Empires clone, but more mythologically inclined (you can play as vikings, elves, trolls, giants, etc.) but the music (playable CD on a game disc) was terrific.

Sadly due to some copy protection nonsense the game stopped working back when Win98 was still the most current OS, but I kept the game/disc just for the music.
Assassin's Creed: Revelations

it’s a pity that it’s unofficial, I barely found it and I can’t listen to it on spotify
you know you order the impossible, right? Besides all the classics (Nintendos music) i'd go for either hollow knights troupemaster/nightmareking grimm or the OG Gwent music from TW 3.

Another gem found in the late 90s when I was buying every game that looked like Baldur's Gate, Diablo or Age of Empires was Magic & Mayhem; a 2d isometric RTS/RPG hybrid designed by Julian Gollop (of Xcom fame). Visually notable for its using stop motion models to create its sprites (and cutscenes), and the soundtrack was by British group Afro Celt Sound System. This track in particular was the basis for a song of theirs called Release, which was a duet with Sinéad O'Connor.

Like many other games at the time it used CD audio for its BGM , so free soundtrack CD! (y)

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