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Possible to migrate W3 from Origin to Steam (at least saves)?

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  • Possible to migrate W3 from Origin to Steam (at least saves)?

    I figured it's time to finish this game after a long break, but I'm missing the second expansion. The GOTY edition currently costs the same price on Steam as the expansion itself does on Origin, which is unfortunately the platform I use since I bought the game before the Steam release. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to transfer my game ownership, and that's okay, but can anybody confirm whether it's possible to at least transfer the save games files if I buy the game again on Steam? I know there are local save files, but with all the software protection and integrity checks and whatnot, I want to make sure that Steam will also actually read them.

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    Well, it's definitely possible to share savegames between Steam and GOG, so I would guess it's the same with Origin. As long as you have saves in your My Documents folder and not just in a cloud service (does Origin even have one of those?).

    PS. This seems to confirm that it is possible.
    Can you see this? Yes?! But it was supposed to be invisible ink...
    Oh well, since you're reading this now I might as well show you a
    cool link.

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      I can now confirm that it worked! I had W3 + HoS (version 1.12) on Origin and successfully transferred the save to the GOTY edition (1.31) on Steam. It worked flawlessly. The achievements are not there, but that's no problem for me.