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hey Burza
1- WHEN Jason Slama was on stream he was great at giving insights into the design process, could he (or design team in general) talk about why the 3rd row (one personally painful and confusing change homecoming brought) and therefore more complex positioning strategies not being possible now? As Gwent is all about creating a complex and dynamic board, three rows opens up infinitely more possibilities.

2- Was making the game play across the screen (rather than up and down) ever considered in order to use more of the screen?
1) We won't go back to the 3 rows for sure I can tell you that. We talked about this change numerous times, there was a good stream with Luigi regarding this change.
2) Yes, but it looked bad



1) During the road map stream you talked a little bit about your philosophy on randomness in card games, what’s the stance of the team on high variance cards such as Gascon, Spotter, Yennefer: Divination (…), and do you plan a rework on those cards.

2) While I’m talking about rework, are you interested in reworking some of the cards that are unused because their ability might be underwhelming and/or too limited, again during the stream you talked about Lambert: Swordmaster, but what about Ciri: Nova, Olgierd von Everec, Mandrake (…).

3) Can we expect the next update to improve the responsiveness of the game, it already improved quite a bit, but it's not exactly where a lot of people would like it to be.

4) Are there any plans to make artefacts more interactive (equipping them to units, or giving them armor ...), and in return change artifact removals in order to make the game less binary.

5) Are there any plans to make bronze weather (fog, rain ...) more meaningful, I've seen the community toying with the idea of a reach decrease with fog, would you be interested in that.

6) The team decided to nerf the provision cost on cards such as Igni or Scorch (...) because they were too oppressive, but I’d argue it was the ability to line them up immediately before plays that was too strong, so is there any plan to introduce some sort of initiative mechanic for orders in general to reduce the impact of those one turn plays.

It’s a lot of questions ^^, I hope you can answer them, anyway thank you and I wish everyone the best.
1. We want some randomness in the game, preferably controlled, but also fun cards like Gascon
2. We're looking into those
3. Yes, step by step.
4. Nope
5. We'll see, thanks for the suggestion!
6. Too soon to say


Hey Burza! keep up the good work you and gwent team!
I wanted to ask for some tasty leaks on whether or not some cards are going to get nerfed\change soon:
Unicorn\Chironex, Yrden, an Craite marauder, Schirru, Birna\Derran, Rot tossers
If any other cards I did not mention are gonna get changed feel free to mention them aswell =)

Thanks alot!
We'll seem, the cards are still WIP ;)


I don't know if there is any difference between animations speed in PTR and release version but they are still slow few months after game release. Buffing animations, damage animations, leader animation, cards going to graveyard animation, drawing cards animation - everything feels really slow.

1. When can we expect faster animations?
2. Why are we locked in place for few seconds with animations? Is it impossible for this engine to queue stuff? Leader animation locks player for few seconds, same when you play in NR e.g. you buff Tridam Infantry then you wait for buff animation and then you wait for damage animation and then you can buff it again. It is really slow. Of course timer doesn't stop or doesn't add a few seconds when game locks you for few seconds.

So we need faster animations or queue for actions or both.
Hi, can't give you a ETA, but we're working on new and improved animations plus quality of life changes.


With the announcement of Faction Ambassadors the people chosen are relatively well known members of the Gwent community (which makes sense, no complaints here ), but do you have plans to also showcase smaller streamers and members of the Gwent community, maybe on social media or TWIGs?

I really want to start doing this!

Hey pawel i wanted to say that TB was The Best story wise game for me the precedent year. I enjoyed The story, The ost. i would be glad if this game sales well. Anyway my question is in gwent if a card Will get full refund value, now we can Mill it for meteorite full value Also?

We'll see, cards only will get full refund if they are completely changed, we've yet to tackle this case.

@Burza46 Are there plans to add a tavern board? A lot of people I know would come back just for this. Battlefield is awesome and you guys put a lot of work on it, but it just isn't some peoples thing, don't exclude them from the game, a tavern skin won't hurt anyone.

We'll take it into consideration


Hello from Russia, Burza&Co!

Do devs have any ideas about the mechanics of triggering effects in certain rounds?

For example. If you play a card in rounds 1 and 3, then it will do one thing. But if you play it in round 2, it will do something completely different.

I think this is interesting way to make the rounds more meaningful and people will stop dry pass in round 2 as it usually happens.
Interesting idea, we were thinking about sth similar :)

New update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

With this update, we’ve focused on introducing changes to the Mulligan system, Recruit Cap and Leaders, as well as addressing issues with specific cards such as Sihil or Botchling.

Full list of changes:

  • Mulligan rules revised. Both players can now mulligan up to two cards before each round (third round included), except that player going first can mulligan up to 3 cards before the start of round 1. Number of mulligans available during subsequent rounds can change depending on number of cards drawn. See subsequent patch note for details.
  • Players draw a maximum of 3 cards at the start of rounds 2 and 3 up to the hand limit. For each card not drawn because player would have exceeded hand limit of 10, player receives +1 mulligan for that round.
  • Leaders now affect Recruit Cap. Base value for all decks is 150.
  • Cooldown on Sihil raised to 2 turns.
  • Sihil Recruit Cost reduced from 15 to 11.

  • Woodland Spirit boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 16.
  • Eredin Bréacc Glas boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 15.
  • Unseen Elder boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 14.
  • Arachas Queen boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 12.

  • Crach an Craite boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 17.
  • Eist Tuirseach boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 15.
  • Harald the Cripple boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 14.
  • Bran Tuirseach boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 13.

Northern Realms
  • Botchling resets power when transforming.
  • Lubberkin resets power when transforming.
  • King Henselt boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 17.
  • Princess Adda boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 16.
  • King Demavend III boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 16.
  • King Foltest boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 13.

  • Eithné boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 19.
  • Brouver Hoog boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 15.
  • Filavandrel Aén Fidháil boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 15.
  • Francesca Findabair boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 13.

  • Letho of Gulet – ability removed.
  • Letho of Gulet – power raised from 4 to 9.
  • Morvran Voorhis boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 18.
  • Jan Calveit boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 15.
  • Emhyr var Emreis boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 14.
  • Usurper boosts Deck Recruit Cap by 10.

Game Fixes
  • Fixed issue in Korean version whereby game result icon was missing from Result Screen.
  • Fixed issue whereby Crones would lack enhanced abilities when mulliganed and played afterwards.
  • Fixed missing indicator for temporary offers in Shop.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Sweers' Deploy damage would not increase when more units were Revealed after he was placed back in the deck during the Redraw phase.
  • Fixed issue whereby Wild Hunt Hound would not recognize self as highest unit when triggering its ability.
  • Fixed issue whereby Cahir Dyffryn was not boosted when Regis: Higher Vampire drained his boost.
  • Fixed issue whereby SÍle de Tansarville could also damage allies.
  • Fixed tooltip for Dudu so as not to mention card's Reach.
  • Fixed issue whereby Thrive ability was not triggered by units played from opponent's graveyard.
  • Fixed issue whereby Dennis Cranmer's ranged row ability would not apply to units with Immune ability.
  • Fixed issue whereby Aglaïs' ability would be triggered in turns subsequent to turn when card was deployed.
  • Fixed issue whereby Shop and Reward Book could be opened from Play menu when using a controller.
  • Fixed potentially misleading information about guaranteed cards in description of kegs in Polish version.
  • Fixed issue whereby some Premium Cards could disable player actions when Premium Card animation was set to only when selected in Graphics tab of game options.
  • Fixed issue whereby cards awarded as Daily Rewards were misaligned and of incorrect size in Result Screen.
  • Fixed issue whereby Bundles could be unintentionally purchased when using a controller while purchase screen was not in focus.
  • Fixed Wolfsbane tooltip in Korean version.
  • Fixed Heymaey Flaminica tooltip in Polish version.


Dear Burza,

You mentioned that Letho will be temporarily removed from the game. Now, I have a premium version of that card. What will happen to it? Will it get auto-milled? If so, for full mill-value? Would we get scarps only or full-mill with the powder+scraps?

Thanks in advance,
He's not removed from the game, he'll be a vanilla card with no ability for now.



A quick introduction, I love making decks and I try to post one new deck on gwentup every week or so. That way I can help new players and let older players try something new. But saldy, I've run out of idea's I think.. my life now feels like a korathi heatwave. So I wanted to ask you and Melitele :
  • Can you share the abilities for the new leaders coming soon? Or at least what archetype they'll be supporting?
  • Whats more important ATM, supporting existing archetypes or adding new mechanics?
Thank you and a late happy new year to all
We'll be talking about the leaders soon, we have a reveal plan for this that I don't want to spoil :)


Hi Burza! Loved the stream as always!

I have 2 questions regarding the shop;

1) When will the 'coming soon' Packs be available and what might we expect from them? (just like the holiday pack I assume?)
2) When can we expect new bundles and what might they be? O: )

Thank you in advance good sir!
1) Which packs are you referring to?
2) Stay tuned! :)


Will you be doing any changes to leader models? I'm sure you've seen it mentioned before, but the main example here is Harald not looking like his card art and using a shield when his lore says he never used a shield
Not right now for sure, this has a smaller priority for us.


Do you think it is possible Gwent will return to the old power level (bronzes now being ~5 power instead of ~10 before)? It would fix a lot of issues and be healthier for the game's future.

In-depth explanation:
I think there is a big issue with the new base power of the units in the game (bronzes now being ~5 power instead of ~10 before).
It makes it less easy to balance accurately the cards so you created provision to balance them through that but that's not the only problem....

It created a big problem with all the 1 damages/buff effets being too powerful for certain cards, for many cards you feel like the effects should be 0.5 power, which is impossible.
1 power in the current game is just too strong and will always be hard to balance. It also makes "lining up" units power for effects such as epidemic, Schirru, Scorch, igni.... way too easy. This already created a lot of balancing issues most of these cards had to be nerfed and will probably never be well balanced. Also Sihil would be balanced if it was the old power level. It seems like the only way you can nerf those cards is my nerfing their provision cost to oblivion and make them unplayable
It also prevents many creative design based on multiple hits effects because they would be too strong with the new power and need less than 1 power to be balanced.
I'll pass on your suggestions to the designers.


Hey Burza, was the sense of accomplishment line in the economy announcement a tongue in cheek joke against EA because of how badly they mangled all their PR and this was an announcement no one wanted to hear but understandably very necessary since gwent is still probably the most generous F2P game out there?


Hi Burza,

Sincere question: do you or any others on the team read threads on this forum other than the official CDPR threads?

If yes, are you aware that a significant portion of your player base (especially among the beta players) is unhappy with the changes brought by HC? Are there any plans to engage with them and/or address their concerns?

How will you strike the balance between the game you said you guys wanted to achieve and the game Gwent players want to play?
We do, some of the changes we're implementing have been requested by the community, but we won't be overhauling the game again.