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In case you missed today’s Crimson Curse stream with developers, it’s now available on YouTube!

During the stream we’ve covered new keywords coming to GWENT on March 28th together with the new expansion:

Bonded: Trigger this ability if you control a copy of this card.
Deathblow: Trigger this ability if this card destroys a unit.
Purify: Remove all statuses.
Berserk: Trigger this ability when this unit is at half or less than its base power.
Formation: If played on the melee row, gain Zeal. If played on the ranged row, boost self by 1.
Assimilate: Boost self by 1 whenever you play a card that is not from your starting deck.
Harmony: Boost self by 1 whenever you play a Scoia'tael unit with a unique primary category.
Bleeding: Status that damages a unit by 1 on its turn end.
Shield: Status that blocks the next instance of damage dealt to a unit.
Poison: If a unit has two Poison statuses, destroy it.
Dominance: Trigger this ability if you control the highest unit.
Vitality: Status that boosts a unit by 1 on its turn end.

We’ve also revealed 10 new cards!


Feast of Blood

Imperial Diviner

Vivienne de Tabris

Cintrian Artificer

King Roegner

Treant Mantis: Stalk

Treant Mantis: Strike

Forest Whisperer


Svalblod Fanatic

Bear Abomination


The first Qualifier for Challenger #5 will take place on March 23rd-24th! You can now find the full ruleset of the tournament here.

As a reminder, here is the list of players eligible to participate in this Qualifier:
  • TailBot
  • kams134
  • kolemoen
  • kacper322
  • GameKingAT
  • alessio1996
  • proNEO3001
  • GraveshGravesh
  • BeardyBog
  • Molegion
  • Green-Knight
  • magpie131
  • konsiu95
  • McP0yle
  • Saber97
  • Aethr3n
  • HannuQ
  • zeGoblin
  • Santtu2x
  • 苏墨
  • shinmiri2
  • aifbowman
  • TheBastinator
  • Chezzy93
  • JaimeOneHand
  • Nujwk
  • HectorV_
  • radu.andrada
  • EugeneKrabc
  • TA_ML
  • Cmel
  • wangid1
  • Synrise.
  • pzY_oO
  • Halleluah McRat
  • S7isobey
  • raikou24
  • 星条旗的小丑
  • IriS__
  • JMJWilson23
  • SadFury
  • Lorenthiel
  • OMSolenTo
  • MrSweetPiggy
  • DSImmortal
  • Fanderman
  • JTSmash95
  • Qbk_
The Blood Moon is rising. This is a time of the Crimson Curse, a time of madness and despair. A dark ritual performed by a mighty higher vampire Dettlaff turns the moon blood red, corrupting the land and its inhabitants. No one is safe and there’s nowhere to run — new breeds of monsters are awaking from their slumber, thirsting for blood. Will you join Dettlaff in his quest for revenge and destruction or choose to fight back and protect the innocents?


Crimson Curse is the first card expansion to GWENT: The Witcher Card Game — it brings over 100 new cards, including 31 neutral cards and 14 faction cards for each faction. Whichever your favourite faction is, you will have plenty of options either to improve existing meta decks or experiment with completely new archetypes from Crimson Curse.


No one is safe from the Crimson Curse, so all factions have to adapt to this new deadly threat. Dryads of Brokilon, Cintrian mages, Toussaint knights, Svalblod cultists and vampires are all joining the fight that will shape the future of The Witcher world. Let’s take a look at some of the new cards!

Windhalm of Attre

Fortify your allies with Shield to block the first instance of damage allowing key characters to shine like never before.

Dryad Ranger

Inflict deadly Poison to your foes. Though small quantities can be tolerated, a second dose would surely destroy your foe.
Though not for everyone, some seek to bring Harmony to the world and get boosted by one the first time a new Scoia'tael race joins the battlefield.


Why destroy your enemies, when you can slowly Bleed them over time, causing them to lose power every turn.
Some monsters coordinate together, Bonding in battle to create greater effects, such as deeper wounds that bleed longer.

Disgraced Brawler

When damaging a warrior of skellige, be careful. Some will go Berserk when reaching half health.


There is no such problem that a good ol’ explosion can’t solve — expect a lot of new cards with powerful Deathblow abilities triggered when its target dies.

These are the first 5 cards from Crimson Curse officially revealed, but there will be many more! Make sure to visit Crimson Curse webpage often for the new reveals added to the card gallery.

The expansion will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 28th. Mark your calendars!
Hi Burza.
Have there been any discussion about the more monstrous leaders getting emotes that aren't screeches, hisses and seemingly random noises?
While it really fits their nature, it makes for poor communication across players.

It might make sense for humanoids to not understand the communication of spirits and beasts, it is also equally unintelligible even if the opponent is playing the exact same leader.

Thank you for your time and I wish the entirety of the Gwent team well.
We're definitely thinking about adding different audio options to leaders, but it's sth planned later down the road.
Hi, Pawel.
I have watched your wonderful live stream and I still have some question about match making mechanism.
I noticed that you have merged the ranked and casual mode into one card, which is switched between each other with a tag. However, is there any actual optimization or change in the mechanism of matchmaking for casual mode? Or will it still be on your future agenda?
Think I heard Jason talked about guiding new players to the ranked mode where the winning rate is higher. But with more experiences and one improved deck, you can climb to a rank where it's either boring to play the same deck or been crushed by strong decks with your other poor decks. Since it is now impossible to derank in the middle of the season, it seems there lacks a casual environment for poor decks to compete against each other just for fun.
Most appreciated to your reply.
Many thanks.
We’ve reduced the number of games you need to complete to unlock 100% of faction’s MMR to 25, down from 40.
A couple more questions:

1. Jason mentioned on stream something about a Crimson Curse, do you happen to know anything about that since I'm pretty sure it's not related to Darkest Dungeon :D

2. One thing that you didn't mention on the dev stream is the updated starter decks. Will we be getting those sometime soon, with the launch of the expansion or some other time?

3. How soon (tm) are we going to start getting card reveals in March? Will we have to wait until the Open or will there be a slow trickle before then?

Hope you have a nice day and a nice time doing gwenty and non-gwenty things! :)
1. No idea
2. Not yet
3. Before Open for sure :)