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What are the primary socatael categories? Elf Dwarf Dryad Gnome Treant and what else? Will dragon and human be considered as primary category as well? And anything else?

Also will Saskia's ability be changed accordingly as well?
12 categories:
Elf, Human, Dwarf, Dragon, Tactic, Trap, Nature, Gnome, Beast, Treant. Dryad, Alchemy

Saskia tooltip:
Order: Damage an enemy unit by 2.
Cooldown: 4.
If you have an Elf, Dwarf, or Dryad in your hand, decrease Cooldown by 1 (limited once per category).

Pawel said that wooden board will be realised.
Screaming leaders would not то look adequate on it.
How are you going to make the leaders figures on the wooden board? In the form of a card or a wooden figure? Thank you!
Never said that it's happening for sure, but it would be cool to have a tavern-type board. Leaders would look the same they do now.
1. Considering Nilfgaard's state as a faction, what are the developers considering to get it into a better state and to have faction identity, not counting expansions cards?

2. Are they sure that Assimilate as an archetype will be successful? Maybe we haven't seen the full cards yet but so far many people think it seems underwhelming

3. What was the thought process behind taking unique mechanics/cards that Nilfgaard has and making weaker neutral equivalents?
Nilfgaard is currently being looked into, nothing more I would like to add tho.

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