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A big problem with digital card game monetization is that when you spend the equivalent of a triple A game, you do not get the value that would make the purchase worthwhile.

Would you consider adding a pity timer, where you would be guaranteed an epic every 5 packs and legendary every 10, for purchases of kegs with real money, so that kegs bought for the equivalent of a triple A title provides reliable value and is not dependant on chance.
We already have a guaranteed legendary in every 40 packs plus a guaranteed epic in every 20 packs - these values won't go down for now.

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Hello, i'm interested in applying for internship as a rigger/3D artist but so far in job offer it only says "basic knowledge of Maya" so if i may ask what does "basic knowledge" mean for you ? Sorry for posting here if its wrong place but i can't find any other place to find the answer.

Hi! Wish I had the answer, but I don't, if you have previously worked in maya or have a beginner course done I would just apply.
Do you have any plan for Arena mode? Didn't see anything about it in the roadmap. Plus can you add the possibility of completing daily quest (win 6/12 rounds etc) in Arena? Constructed is full of netdeck and it's already pretty boring, seasonal is Meve after Meve and this game suffer far more than others from netdecking. I would gladly pay 200 ore for an Arena mode with daily rewards
We might be changing some things, but not right now.
Is the team planning on making bronze cards have more impact? Like in old Gwent you'd play a Kaedweni Cavalry on a Redanian elite for 20+ points and it had that feel good feeling to it that you cant find in new Gwent anywhere, cards seem to lack impact and bronzes were important back then, the backbone of your army, your synergies.

now u just slam the most efficient card or the one that deals damage, a problem amplified by the low base power of cards.
That was the problem old GWENT had, it was too swingy in terms of power, especially the bronze tutors.
With the announcement of Mobile for 2019, any chance we can get a Nintendo Switch port soon too?
I only played Gwent in W3 until now and didnt even know it was a Standalone as well. I heard about it because of the Mobile news (in fact, I was surprised it did not begin on mobile and got desktop clients afterwards. Seems so ripe for the mobile market).
Along the same lines, then: Are cross-platform play or at least unique cross-platform profiles (so I can play with any device when I want) going to be a thing?
Would be cool to have a Switch port, but mobile is the priority now.
Dear Burza,

Fantastic stream yesterday and a lot of new exciting things to come to Gwent. Thanks for the roadmap and the demo.

But my question is something personal. I know I am panicking unnecessarily and I am only imagining things. But is everything all right with our dear Jason? He looked very differently and kind of tired and I even felt that you and Ostrowski were very tied and kind of sad. I felt that the usual spark was kind of missing in the stream. The fact that Jason's road map review was video played and he didn't join the stream was odd.

Even though I may whine about the balance issues, I always wish the best for the team and the game. I sincerely hope everything is all right and well in the HQ.

All is good, we're all just busy with personal stuff, which makes us sleep less, won't be going into details regarding the guys, but for me it's getting up at 5am and training :)
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Hi, Burza. I have a question, will you change the weather in bronze weather into something that does not deal damage? For example, fog reduces the range to zero, the frost does not allow to use orders. Rain makes it impossible to boost units.
And will there be more weather dependent units such as the Alps?
We might do some changes in the future :)