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:)my experience rewards changes are not figured out of nowhere. these are original, base values increased by same percentage for all enemies. conclusion is that kikimore worker and alp already had illogical experience rewards in original the game, with +% bonus from mod it became ridiculous. i reduced the bonus to original value but increased exp reward from very tough monsters like cementaur or garkain. cementaur - real king of the necrophages, strongest carrion undead which with mod will seriously kick your ass after %increase still gave mere 480 experience and garkain for little explanation of sign strenght decrease. it will be hard to stun or knock strongest enemies. they are not supposed to be stun/killed in one second so their resistance to aard effects is higher on all enemies by 25%. igni sign always was a one great "imba" - unbalance. beggining of the game isnt so igni focused because one has just enough energy to cast igni twice. at around level 30 you have enough energy + igni cost decrease to spam igni 6 times one after another. drink maribor forest and towny owl and you could burn everything without drawing a sword from the back. igni damage is based on enemy max hit points so high vitality monsters were hit with obscene ammounts of damage. before the mod i could hit wesper - garkain boss for 880 damage!! and that was already with 25% igni damage reduction. with original igni damage i imagine it could be 1400. that's sick.considering the fact that in late game you can spam igni and after emptying energy bar, with tawny owl you can recharge it very quickly, 6x igni spam deals around 40% enemy total health damage, leaving them with 60%. this forces a player to think, fight with both sword and signs not just igni ftw!, and sometimes when you face couple of strongest enemies in the game at a time, kite, run away a bit and avoid being surrounded. besides, whatever damage igni is doing now, if you think its small, remember that igni allows you to deal damage from distance meaning you are safe from melee damage. igni will save your life quite often, just now remember bringing tawny owli hope you'll like the result.
flashintheflesh said:
you cant compare any mmorpg to single player rpgs. that's so different category
ok, you cant compare any mmorpg UI to single player rpgs UIdoes it change the meaning of my post? no? because UI is part of the game? could abstain from rude "reading" part.use edit instead of double posting
you're welcomemod will work with main game. im not sure if all changes will work with other adventures but most of them will.first post updatednew version of mod is ready. it focus mainly on decreasing signs strenght and balancing enemy attack (accuracy)edit: 2 posts merged
thank you for input, its very valuable to me. there's a lot of testing to do. i tried every opponent type but not every boss battle. koschey and beast are only slightly changed but azar and professor were a laugh without mod so they are buffed significantly. if its still so easy i'll alter it.also i'd like to know how much are you basing on signs because i almost finished mod version 1.2 which increase enemies resistance to critical effects by 25%, resistance to burn by 33% and reduce initial igni fire damage by 25%. signs are great and needed but they should help winning battles not win them. now you can just drink Maribor Forest and Tawny Owl and burn everything with impunity. i hope that ver 1.2 will limit igni imbaness and aard stun/killing.
1) mod is working on all difficulty levels. playing on medium with mod will be harder than without the mod but in-game medium difficulty will be easier than in-game hard. for the flaming cursor, there are 4 ways to know when click again to continue attack sequence: - swinging a sword leaves trails in the air, last hit leaves orange trail, after orange trail attack again- last hit of one attack in sequence is marked with special sound- good timing is often enough, practice a bit and you'll attack with full sequence without sound and with closed eyes2) there are 6 files in the witcher/data/scripts. delete them, rest is easy because all files in other folders are mod files so delete everything from /uti, /utc, /override and 1 file from /quests folder. compare it file and folders in .rar archive. it will take one minute to manually delete the mod.have fun
grinding is absolutely possible, just its not an rpg freak. i have couple playthrough's of each of these games on my account:mass effect, fallout 1, fallout 2, fallout tactics, baldurs gate 1, 2, throne of bhaal, icewind dale 1,2, planescape torment, diablo 1,2 +lotd, hellgate london, evil islands, vampire masquerade redemption and bloodlines, arcanum, gothic 1,2+notr, 3, kotor 1,2, neverwinter nights 1, 2 + all addons, titan quest and plenty of rpg/fpp, rpg/tpp, rpg/strategy mixes. i tried oblivion couple times but didnt like it. the world feels empty and repetitive.with this rather huge rpg experience, the witcher still easily claimed place at my top favorite rpg game list. i care for the story, game universe, combat and leveling system. all of these aspects are great in the witcher. above all, the witcher has something what other games often doesnt. like fallouts and planescape torment this game is very mature, its directed to mature audience. witcher universe is pale and dirty. there is humour, nice guys and cute moments but there is also violence, drugs, prostitution, racism, hard language and many other issues. this world feels alive and have unique atmosphere.if you are an rpg player, the witcher is a must-have position. not by chance it won dozens awards and titles like "best rpg game of 2007"
i hope you understand what it will take to make scabbards for all swords. for a modder its a nightmare! -first you obviously have to make scabbard models and textures-incorporate scabbard to armor model because its not a seperate part of the modelthis means dozens and dozens of combinations. 5 armors, 14 sword models = 70 armor models, this means 70x geralt with armor models-deal with clipping issues-make a script which auto-change geralt model, every time he change a sword.-change god knows how many files in game responsible for geralt model in cutscenes and multiply it by number of models with are right, its possible but only for this eye-candy you'd need a dedicated team of modders working full time for couple weeks.oh, and i can imagine how after introducing such mod/patch people would demand scabbards for all swords everywhere, not just on geralt's back. someone is going to pay for this?btw, allow me a little offtopic
Corylea said:
Geralt himself can take over the minds of lesser creatures
in books axii is a minor sign used to calm down anxious and nervous animals. geralt often mark his horse with it. no way it could control mind of anything.
nope. if you feel you are too weak you can level up on unlimited respawning points same like without the mod. what i noticed after finishing first act is that with mod i end it with same level as without the mod but without it i spend hours and hours killing monsters to levelup. just kill some monsters to make things easier.
yes.only few things wont work. item changes are .lua file based so should work immediately.things that wont work:- item descriptions and models on already existing items- werewolf quest reward fix- already existing enemies will give same exp (shouldnt be a problem since they respawn and new ones will be updated)it will definitely be much harder. humans/dwarfs/elves are tougher but at the end of the game probably still too easy. its intentional since geralt supposedly should mop the floor with them in up to 4vs1 duels. more is very hard. scoia'tel camp at swamps with their numbers is a killer. haven't tested bank basement yet. on order side there are a dozen or more scoia'tel fighters there.monsters are really tough. especially spectre types, carrion undead, vampire types and kikimore warrior is tough as it looks - real juggernaut. mutants should be badass too.when i made the mod i kept thinking "not enough yet, harder" :D. ye its tough but dont expect problems in 1v1 fights with weaker opponents. but 1 kikimore warrior was enough for me to run away and wait for regen (twice :p), but i ignored igni then to see how long swordfight takes. also i loved fighting ghouls in act 1. i imagine carrion undead as tough enemy type and they are. they hit often and dont wont to die. you cant solo ghoul without signs and swallow :D. once i entered abandoned home at night and wow, i was surprised to find a ghoul there. had to run around the table ;Dfist post updated
flashintheflesh said:
.utc files corresponding to acts. q0 prologue, q1 act I, etc. still i find some missing like drowned dead.
drowned dead is missing in every "q" act files.i already made my mod. 807 edited .utc files among others. i edited all models with >25 exp values.still asnwer to this issue might help other modders in future.Hexenmeister Raven i'll try extracting main "campaing" later. dont know if its possible nor if it helps. now i just want to play the game with new difficulty :)
[TW1][mod] Flash Mod v1.01

The purpose of this mod is to improve The Witcher gaming experience. This mod offers higher difficulty levels, game balance, bugfixes and new features. Flash Mod has been approved by CD Projekt RED and included on bonus DVD in box version of Platinum Edition of The Witcher.

Mod offers:
  • 3 additional difficulty levels,
  • balanced skills,
  • number of bugfixes and improvements,
  • fully customizable installation with the ability to install each feature seperately.

Supported languages: English, Polish.

Flash Mod v1.01 Changelog

Download link:
:Dit is working this way and i already edited 403 utc files in djinni. the problem is, i dont know if i'm editing correct files. you know, you can pick one file from 1600 and this file is not ever used in game because its only for test purpouse or something. thats why i'm asking, maybe someone know if these files are correct ones and covers all models in main witcher "campaing" adventure or maybe there are more models i should edit.edit: i'm sorry, i should explain it in details at beggining. i'm posting this problem in Polish forum and after that it's so obvious for me what i'm asking about that i posted here vaguely.
im making difficulty mod. it's supposed to be very hard so i want to edit enemies to reward player with higher experience. i found every enemy in "q" .utc files corresponding to acts. q0 prologue, q1 act I, etc. still i find some missing like drowned dead. there is drowner but not drowned dead. already all "q" files, thats 403 files. tedious work!from all utc database there were >1600 files. after deleting all zero exp models, there are 803 left. hope i wont have to edit another 400 apart from "q".