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At my PC I have minimal devices and everything on high level - it works better than when it was at middle, so try ;D (really :D)And stutter sometimes stops if You stop running for a sec, You can also zoom out a bit from Geralt. Or like me - get used to :D
If it lags - too high preferences.Stutter? It is normal ;DAnd respawn... Every "usual" monster that is not connected to any quest, except... how is that called?!?... these quests that need You to kill some monsters and bring their blood or brains etc.
Magdoran said:
Magdoran said:
I am postivie this has been answered but can someone tell me the best say to get into the hospital the first time.
Interesting. There seems to be several different ways to get in the hospital. I spotted Shani walking to the hospital around 10:00 and followed her in. No charge. No special ring (having decided not to join the Order).
I have to try that :D On which patch did You manage to do that? 1.4? If not - is it still working... :hmmm: Gotta try ;D
When You hold ALT text display... it is normal function :-\If You don't want text to be displayed just stop holding ALT :D
JSlash said:
JSlash said:
Just so you know, flash_in_the flesh has updated the mod by J_Slash as part of Insane Difficulty mod, and it works a treat :). Although I think the whole mod package is wonderful and makes the Witcher as difficult as it should have been from the beginning, you can choose to install only the Walk mod.
What exactly is updated??
sorry i missed your question. your mod gives an option to bind a walk key in controls however walk entry in options is blank. i updated descriptions so its no longer blank.