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DanConnors said:
Friends and foes alike will be knocked off their feet by an Aard. And, if Geralt runs through his own Yrden, he's going to get cut too.Just something to ponder for mod 4.04 maybe.
i never encountered spiking myself with buffed yrden nor normal version. aard and igni doesn't work on friends (green marker), but works on neutrals (blue marker). this is how it should be.
DanConnors said:
I'd be greatful if somebody could provide with the "how to" of deinstalling those modified scripts.
only these files are backed up because there's no need to backup the rest. you can safely delete all remove difficulty part delete "monsters_abl.lua", "opponent_abl.lua" and "npc_abl.lua".
DanConnors said:
Just finished the game in mod 3.03. Unfortunately I had to Igni the Grand Master to death again.
GM and king fight took me the most time to balance. i know it's possible to whack GM and ifrits because arfter changing every number in files i killed him again to be sure. in the end i have really high GM kill count :p. at this state i'm satisfied with the result. last boss fight is very hard, like it's supposed to be but doesn't requre specific character development. more, while balancing this fight i was using old savegames from before the mod, so my Geralt was "only" level 40 :p with poor potion supply.GM isn't all that hard alone. just kill the ifrits and rest is hard but rather formality. ifrits need quen + yrden + group style + patience. you can even do it without yrden, just quen + group style. just attack in the right moment, quen, reposition and repeat.sorry to hear about crashes. i'm one of those lucky players who have no problems with EE.
Is it possible to use sword mod, but without changing the texture and the looks of the yellow meteorite sword (I really dislike that model of a sword)
either-weapon parameters-model + descriptions-bothhow important it is? its a part of the mod. having +100% to damage on some swords bonus is huge change. just read mod description on first page for details.armor slots is cosmetic change. why couldn't you use 3 potion quick slots on all armors while all armor models clearly show 3 places for potion? same with 2 short weapon slots. does other armors have less space on legs or something?
@hamengalar1. create them manually or just allow winrar or whatever decompressing tool to do it while you install the mod by dragging folders.2. berengar sword is another sword model. normally rusty sword, witcher sword, temerian sword and all forged steel swords looked the same. now witcher sword, temerian sword and forged swords look different.3. nope, it doesnt matter anymore. but well, there are differences.. all in-game difficulties are the same but on easy and medium you get flaming sword cursor indicating when to click to continue attack sequence. you can play on medium with sword cursor and mod difficulty which suits you.all changes can be installed seperately if you choose. if you wish to avoid some changes just list them and i'll explain which files you should use. of course i recommend using all changes for best result :)game is much more difficult but every single enemy stats were planned basing both on game experience and detailed math from game files. in case of any problems i'll explain how to defeat each enemy.have fun
most monsters are vulnerable to silver. they recieve 200% damage from it so 45% on the sword mean. 2 x 1.45 = 2.9 -> much more damage. some monsters recieve even more damage from silver like 250% or 350% (werewolf). obviously 1.45 x 2.5 and 1.45 x 3.5 is worth even more.big dummy in the crypt? you mean garkain? he's a real killer, vampire version of cemetaur.
mathmage said:
Out of curiosity, I tried installing the walk and wounds sections of this mode for the last bit of my current play though before I start over using one of the hard versions and noticed that I now need to have the DVD in the drive in order to play (I am using a regular version with the downloaded EE patch). Has anyone else run into this while using parts of this mod? It’s not really all that big of a deal and the changes are completely worth having to go back to using the DVD again but I thought maybe I am doing something wrong if nobody else has run into this…
no mod can affect dvd check or any kind of security measures in the game. i used many kind of mods and never had to use dvd with EE.
mathmage said:
I have a question about the Bruxae and Alps that hit you when you've ingested Black Blood. They don't seem to be affected by the potion, and it appears they suck your endurance rather than your vitality. When I close to hand to hand with them, even with necrophage oil on the blade, I do them very little damage, while they kick my butt with amazing speed. I've read that there is a Vampire oil, but I've yet to find the recipe. As a result my fights with them consist of a lot of Igni's and a lot of running (fortunately they're not very quick). The longest fight was with the Bruxa in the crypt under the trade quarter--the one Yaevenn sends you to. That took over an hour of actual play time.
necrophage oil only works on carrion eaters. you'll get vampire oil recipy in act 4, until then i recommend argentia or brown oil. personally i prefer brown oil due to bleeding debuff.
PanPonury said:
Agreed. However, mages were also shocked, that an almost untrained child had been able to activate and use Tor Lara. I can't remember exactly, but as far as i know only few most powerful of them were powerful enough to do that, yet nobody had ever tried.
every mage could use tor lara. they simply didn't do it because it was corrupted portal and using it could either throw them randomly over the world, kill them, tear them apart.
there were many powerful persons but only few could use their power. we know almost nothing about most of mages. no idea how powerful they were but there were couple archmages on thanedd. mages knew them and yet every single one was shocked what tissaya did with just a single gesture. her power was enourmous.hen was definitely powerful but also so extremely old, even for a powerful mage. i doubt he could fight or even run without risking a heart attack.
heart attack was the cause of his death after all.
ciri while powerful was an embodiment of chaos. chaos even "spoke" to her and her powers were always a bit .. unstable. besides she was psychically vulnerable. she easily denied all her powers and decided not to use them ever again. it happened once, it can happen any time again.
yes. i noticed the same problem. i have no idea what is causing it and i just thought i'm running out of RAM. have you tried restarting the game? i didn't, maybe it'll help. if not, the only reasonable explanation is that the game remembers every kill, every dead graveir model or something and the ammount of accumulated data eventually starts lagging the game.
with this mod dexterity is the most important talent in the game. you need high dodge and parry values to be safe. some people prefer to invest in strength and gain more hitpoints but they forget that +5%, +10% to dodge and parry is the same and much more then +5/10% to hp. with 4 points in dexterity and bonuses to dodge and parry, graveirs have 10% chance to hit you with applied pain and bleeding. eventually dexterity is far more then hitpoints because it allows you to have 100% chance to dodge and parry attacks (pain and bleeding is a must). no ammount of hp can give you 100% protection.for early graveir and fledder fights use black blood potions. you can get the recipy from golden oriole book from taler.i usually fight those 4 graveirs when i have 4 dex. there are many ways to win, some people swear for aard, others for group style, others for igni with fear bonus. i'm standing at the top of the stairs, igni and whack them one after another, only 1 graveir can reach me then. applying pain and bleeding is crucial, high dex means 10% chance of being hit and black blood potion means insta-death for graveir if he knocks you down.necrophage oil, swallow and tawny owl is obvious..