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@seekeryes, and this brunhilda from wagner's opera is the most beautiful valkyrie from nordish mythology. still it wasnt so deep thinking when my friend picked this name. it was intended to be funny and awkward, especially that her surname was bacon and she was female dwarf :Ddidnt know about the pan :p
not file but folder. inside "werewolf fur" folder you have 2 new folders. extract them into "data/" folder. do the same with other changes you want to apply.[size=12pt]3 new versions of the mod ready to download.links and list of changes in updated first post.[/size]
Cala przyjemnosc po mojej stronie (the pleasure is all mine) :)
Lyc said:
But poking around some for I found the suffix -ski/-cki/-dzki can also mean 'of the place' as well as 'of the family'. So could Geralt technically be known as Geralt Rivia-ski (Geralt of Rivia)? And since Geralt was granted the title by Rivia's queen it is technicnally a title like 'von'.Ah, thought of another - is 'Geralt' a real polish name like 'Fred' or 'Peter', or was it made up by Sapkowski? And since the books were released in Poland have people actually stared naming children 'Geralt'?
-ski/-cki/-dzki at the end of the word might mean "of the place" or "of the family" but doesnt have to. its far from simplicity, we just dont use it that way because it sounds unnatural, though its still communicative. it could be used like this: geralt rivski which can be translated to English: rivian geralt. it is understandable but sounds strange, we dont use for geralt name, it sounds Polish but i doubt if there's anyone called geralt in Poland :p. its another sapkowski's naming, he's very good at it. i imagine a Polish kid named geralt would have hard times in school. other children would importune and annoy him.
Lyc said:
Though out of curiosity - are Polish taught English in schools? Or is it optional? I was wondering as it appears a lot of the Polish here speak very good english, while the average English speakers apility to speak polish has a lot to be desired.
every school, from elementary up to high school is teaching 2 foreing languages. 90% of the time one of them is English. apart from that every self-respectful teenager will learn English privately. our skill in English vary greatly but almost all young people know English on communicative level.i for example tend to make mistakes in grammar :'(
Lyc said:
And thanks for that link, as it covered the problem very well. While correct usage may say to use Pan/Pani it comes off as odd sounding and people lopok at you funny. 'Szanowny Panie' comes across as Honourable Sir (or 'dear sir'), but if someone started talking to you like that I think they would pack you off to the funny farm. I'm also didn't know that Warsaw was reconstructed after WW2 using 16th century Bellotto paintings. The interesting unrelated things you find out when asking about one topic ;)More reading to do.....
there's nothing wrong with "szanowny panie", just there are moments where you should use it and other when its out of place. i wouldnt call 'szanowny panie' anyone on the street but when writing official letter its a respectful way of addressing adult for Polish history, eh.. our country was removed from the map for 123 years, from 1795-1918, then WW1, WW2 and up to 1989 we struggled with crippling comunism. hard times really but we are getting back in business :)a little of our history in the pill if you want: :beer:and good night
back in the old days of baldurs gate 1 i was struggling with a tough main quest in the game. i had to choose a nickname. unlike my closest friend who calls his rpg characters with silly names like brunhilda i dont want to laugh from my characters, i want them to be cool 8). so i was thinking of raven but then i decided its borring and lame so i though about flash. just flash, nothing more.short, decent name with plenty of meanings and uses. im flash in every games and most internet forums.unfortunately flash is a popular nickname so its often reserved on forums. then im asking myself: -"who, flash?", -"in the flesh", yea i like playing with words :). and thats how im ending with flash in the flesh.thats me, in the flesh.
cant wash smile from my face :). its nice to see people interested in Polish language.1)
* Pan + Surname : Formal address (strangers)* Pan + Given name: Informal address. (co-workers and friends)* Given name only: Close friends and family
all of this is true but sometimes using "pan" (Mr) doesnt have to be treated seriously. for example, i cant imagine that "pan" in "Pan Karol" nickname is used to induce respect and dignity. its just a nickname. its a gaming community, we dont have to address ourselves "sir", "Mr" or something in this fashion.2) "ski"/"ska"/"dzki"/"cki" has nothing to do with "von", its just a typical Polish word ending, usually in adjectives but also often in surnames (which btw can be considered adjectives)."ski" is masculine ending, "ska" is feminine, we differentiate genders in word endings.
of course. if you have windows xp, go: start -> right click "my documents" -> choose folder locationmaybe its not in-game choice but which game today gives such option. you can move your "my documents" folder to another drive. most games store their files in there.
cinematics are nice on the first playthrough but how many times one can watch the same movie.i think that we shouldnt compare these games story-wise. this is completely subjective preference of sci-fi over fantasy or the other way around.about dialogue system, i dont see anything inventive about it. normal dialogue options placed on radial menu instead on the list. if you mean paragon/renegade answers thats other thing because you should compare it to moral choices not dialogue system alone. witcher place really complicated moral choices before player and these choices actually affects the game. in mass effect you can choose nice answer but it doesnt change anything in the long run. you can finish the game without paragon/renegade answers, you can save/kill most npc's in quests without charm/intimidate.
need ncs -> nss compiler

like in topic name.i have few versions of nwnnsscomp.exe and neverwinter installed. still the decompiled ncs files looks like ****. most part is translated to hex, dont know why.
in terms of story, books are xx times richer and intense then the game. i cant imagine any fan of fantasy being disappointed with them. if translation from Polish (i'm Polish) is well done, books in other languages must be great.
i understand your position and you indeed might feel unjustly attacked. i wont deny iti agree with the part about attacking CDPR. this one bug, no matter if minor or major, grew to the size of mount everest and channeled much hate against CDPR. not fair when one bug is clouding a great game and suddenly people start to call it "trash" and uninstall
here you go. no blood, no decapitation.removing harsh language would mean editing hundreds of lines of file from the attachment and place the file from archive into "the witcher/data/override" folder. if override folder doesnt exist, create it manually.
i will include this feature in next version of my difficulty mod. all changes made by difficulty mod can be installed seperately so if you want you can get only hiding hud feature without difficulty can expect release of new version tommorow.
the name "difficulty" mod is too general. there are many changes and some users might want one but not another.when you open the archive you can see new features named and seperated in folders. to install wanted feature you must extract folder content to "the witcher/data/".f.e. when you'll install leveling change, you'll get new files in "the witcher/data/utc/" folder. same way you should apply all wanted changes.if you like all changes, extract content of "all_in_one" folder to "the witcher/data" creating new folders like override, utc, uti, ... , etc in "data" folder.if you have further questions just ask.