1st Person Peripheral Vision

Playing Cyberpunk 2077 or honestly any other game would feel more immersed if they included peripheral vision, which can be noticeable when driving in 1st person and can also make the player feel more constrained and causes frustration constantly toggling back and forth to see out the windows. The topic mentioned can be better portrayed in the images attached. A good pov with peripheral vision would have all 3 or 2 1/2 view points depending on the vehicle type.


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I personally believe that there is something wrong with the engine on that part. There is a mod on PC, Better Vehicle First Person, which lets you change FOV during driving. Not only the camera gets weird, when you go above 80 degrees, but the textures on the sides start to disappear when driving fast. So 80 degrees is the maximum, which the engine can handle on PC. On console I believe it might be even less.

80 degrees with few camera position changes:

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À couple of issues with this. One is just going to be performance -- wider field of view means rendering more of the world at once while it has to stream in at speed. The other will be lens distortion. The wider you go, the more the image will distort (this is the natural optical result of rendering a wide three dimensional image onto a flat plane). But, assuming performance implications were surmountable, at least on high end PCs, I would certainly love to have the option for driving.
Graphics quality could be enshmooed to keep the fps up. Tho, I thought the view from Cali is already pretty decent, especially when you lose the doors.
The field of vision issue in vehicles is not unique to this game, but yes, it's pretty bad. It's not even just field of vision, but also how high or low the camera is positioned in some vehicles. Fortunately, the mods that tweak in-vehicle views work really well.
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