2.1 Bug - No NPC and no Cars in the Streets

So after the update I played for an hour or two and at some point I noticed the streets became nearly vacant. These pics are just outside the apartment. Usually it's filled with cars and NPC but it's empty and I'm not sure what may have triggered this bug. Since it took me a while to notice, I had already overwritten my older save file and the only other one is a month back. I'd like to avoid having to undo all that progress. Has anyone experienced this?



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Is Reporting bugs still broken? Trying to log this bug but after pressing submit it just loads indefinitely. For now the only save that works is an auto save from a month ago and since I just don't have the time to redo all of that progress I'm just going to put the game down for now. I don't know what triggered it and I'd hate to progress again only to run into the same problem.
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Leaving this here in case someone needs it. It seems the bug was triggered by the quest "Balls to the Wall". I remembered that it was the last mission I did but after speaking to Paco and triggering the brain dance effect I opted out of the story because the quest was bugged and I couldn't talk to the scav near the end of it. I guess if you leave the quest without completing it the game assumes you're still in Paco's story and doesn't load the NPC back in the real world. Anyway I went back and finished Balls to the Wall and when I went back to the streets of Night City it was populated again.

They really need to patch that quest.
I’ve had the complete opposite and streets are over full with NPCs randomly running all over the place and cars suddenly speeding up and crashing into things. Update 2.1 is a disaster.
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