2.1 Bug - Recirculation perk.


Well the more i dig into numbers the more i find bugs, here i'm using the Recirculation perk from intelligence tree which is supposed to refund 50% of all actual quickhacks affecting the target if i kill him with a smart weapon + 2 RAM.

As you can see on the first screenshot my Contagion cost 11 RAM, I currently have 18 RAM available, on the second screen the Recirculation perk refund me a total of 4 RAM (even less because i have a bit of natural RAM regen) while it should have refound 7.5 RAM (5.5 + 2), the guy with the red shirt was the target, on the second screen he is dead remaining the guy with the white shirt and the girl on the left, where the 3.5 missing RAM went ?

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An other example with a single target quickhack (Memory Wipe) :

First screenshot 28 RAM available, Memory wipe cost 10 RAM.

On the second screenshot i have 21 RAM available, Recirculation perk refund 1 RAM + 2 RAM for a total of 3 RAM while Recirculation should have refund 50% of Memory wipe cost + 2, so 7 RAM.

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