2.1 - Quickhack sale prices nerfed?

So pre 2.1, Tier 5 Detonate Grenade used to sell for 25k. Now it's around 1.5k. Same with all the other quickhacks. As I have all the quickhacks, crafting them is now pointless as they sell for so little now.

Is this intentional or a bug? Can't see anything about it in the patch notes.

Would be good if we could have a dev or CDPR Rep confirm.
Probably intentional as it was totally broken but a severe over-correction.

I think ~30% of their original value would have been acceptable. Instead of $25k it would be like $7-8k. That seems fair.

Now they are just totally worthless.
Crafting was never supposed to be a business opportunity for making money. At least with 2.0 update. So I am not surprised that they got nerfed.

But waaay too drastic in my opinion. Iconic quickhacks should be much more valuable.
The thing is, you get them "for free" for hacking access ports and they were indeed way too much valuable compared to any other loot.

The moment I collected all the quick hacks I did not have in my inventory, I started rapidly earning cash in the game due to this.
Other then selling the item once crafted crafting has no use in the game. Were overpriced but at least there was a reason to craft something.
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