2 Weeks and 2.1 Has Still Broken My Save

I can't use the new walkman radio. When I try to buy the new bikes it says I need more Street Cred even though I'm maxed out. I can't use the new apartment romance hangouts, doesn't activate at all. I don't use any mods so there shouldn't be anything conflicting. I am 100 hours into my current playthrough, I don't want to start over just for patch 2.1 but I really want to try these features except none of them seem to be working. This seems to be a small minority of players so the likelihood this will be patched is none. I am royally upset about this to be honest. I bought the new expansion when it came out and was taking my time with my playthrough but now it doesn't even work properly. I was going to 100% the game this time around but now a few gigs don't work, no matter how far back I go into a save. So 2.1 also ruined the 100% goal unless this gets fixed. I gave them a great review, voted them game of year for Steam Awards and for the first time I feel shafted by this game. I was expecting a hotfix by now.
My thoughts are to wait ‘til after the holidays so our people can rest lol

But yea various things about my save file has broken as well and I don’t have it in me to replay 40 hours to get back to where I was for it to maybe be fixed x.x
For issues like that it's best to reach out to CDPR support and let them know:

Alternatively, for achievement issues you can also use this form:

(click on "contact us" to send a ticket)
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