20 Improvements/Changes I'd Like To See (feel free to add your own!)

We need a website we can order stuff from or have fixers give us catalogs of gear we can order and pick up at a drop point etc. Walking around to look for something to buy is dumb in a world with internet. And maybe have an A.I. android butler/maid that we can customize and give menial tasks to like selling and buying for us, one stop shop sort of deal. Could even expand into being a merchant too as a side gig where we can have multiple robos, and we make a vendor to sell stuff.

Another major issue. PLEASE FIX HEAVY ATTACK EXECUTIONS, they cancel out the slow mode powers, and you still take damage during the animations. These are clearly never play tested because you will die during mantis blade kill animation for no reason.
Aside from the obvious bug fixes, this is my wishlist.

- Many more romance options and or (preferably and) open up the existing romances to other genders. Right now each gender/sexual orientation has one option.

- Give me the option to remove the vignette when I'm sneaking.

- A flashlight

- Ripperdocs should be able to change your appearance or at least give us a way to change our hair.

- More tailored quests. I know there is an abundance of fixer quests but they are really shallow. The well-written side quests are what made the witcher.

- Getting cyberware is underwhelming, it would be cool to have more animations like we get in Viktors chair in the beginning.
I really hope CDPR has people reading the forums and taking note on what people want fixed, the game feels empty and lifeless. It feels like a game made in a couple years with a tenth of the budget, because it misses everything that makes a great rpg/sandbox open world game. If they only wanted people to do the main quest they should have made a linear game.
People here have brought up pretty much everything they need to make before starting to pump up expansions and adding more content. The base game needs great improvement.

CDPR was the only game company i swore by, i bought their games multiple times to offer friends and so on, the only company i ever pre-ordered a game for, but now they lost all my trust, this isnt what we were promised, and they knew it.,
They paid millions for Keanu, but cant hire someone to come up with some driving AI? Doing races is ridiculous, the cars keep teleporting. I wont buy anything else sold by this company if they dont take the complaints users mentioned here seriously, i dont feel angry, just dissapointed, i thought they understood what "gamers" wanted, and were slightly better than companies that think ONLY about profit.
At this point i think they will fix the easy stuff (visual bugs, missing textures and people running against walls) give out some crappy free DLC, like the ability to change appearance or some repetitive gigs, hope people forget and start pumping expansions.

If people are familiar with FFXIV, they are aware about the circumstances they faced, at one point a decision had to be made: Keep pumping content and patch the awful base game OR put heavy work into "remaking" it, turning it in an awesome game, they made the right choice and the game is a massive success nowadays. Will they do the bare minimum before bailing to the next project? They have a base for something great, people will buy expansions and content for years, but they need to improve the base first.
I am awful at expressing myself in English, and the ideas i expressed here have been said over and over, nonetheless i wanted to convey my disappointment as a paying costumer

Im not blaming developers individually, they dont have the power to decide what happens in the game, management and the higher ups at CDPR messed up badly.
Item UI
- "Lock/Favorite" for filtering and prevent sell/drop/disassemble
- Bigger Image for preview item
- "Key Item" Genre
- Preview Equipment on Shop

- Preview Vehicle Image on Vehicle Quest
- Get the Vehicle by some condition on Vehicle Quest, not buying
- Buying the new Vehicle on Website/Shop

General UI
- UI Changing once player wearing different equipment on face (such as glasses, facemask...etc)

- Allow Sit/Drink/Eat in Shop and Bar (Use existing action is acceptable)
- Random Chit-Chat NPC in Shop on Drinking to trigger mini quest (Romance, Fighting, Drinking Competition)
- Random Fighting on Bar/Near Bar

- Auto Drive
- Random attack by gangs (trigger by we attack them over x times) on driving
- Auto Drive auto enable: once be attack on driving, system give an option enable Auto Drive, if enable Auto Drive, Player can be Fight back to gangs or police. if not enable Auto Drive, player just allow to Driving to get away.

- Braindance Content: Allow player to use BD contents anytime at home. (We can buy the content on shop and black market now, but useless)
What I'd really want to see is a multiplayer option to play with my friends in co-op mode, so that we can play as we did with the original role playing game back in the 90's
We are playing the same game in different ways and it would be nice to have it shared in the game.

I can imagine the difficulties of making this, but it might be an idea you could consider in the future.
In any case thanks for the game that we are enjoying so much.
Being offended is part of the human experience and I don't blame people who are offended because I'm offended that CDPR believes I have a soggy piece of bread for a brain. I don't blame anyone but CDPR, they're solely responsible. Point Blank and Period.
I get offended at stuff nothing wrong with it.

Don't like it? Then don't play it, watch it, listen to it, don't support it... But whatever you do, don't spoil it for others and that what a lot of of offended people do today, "I'm offended, so that means nobody can enjoy it"... Say what?

That's the difference.
2. Nudity restored. Apparently GOG has no censorship, but Steam has my character prudishly wearing shorts in the shower.
With GOG this is the same because they are all the same gamecopy. But yeah, it's ridiculous that you shower in shorts.

I highly agree with that. I always use the controller to walk slowly with the story characters, because you dont get the beauty of the game when you "stop and go" besides them and it's also ridiculous to walk 2 meters / 6 feet behind them to get automaticly slowed down.

4. The UI needs a LOT of work. Often times I have to press 3 separate buttons for no reason, when one or even zero would suffice. Devs seem to have forgotten that in a quickmenu (which you activate by holding a button), you can also activate stuff by RELEASING the button at the right spot. For example: car radio. I have to [...]
That's something i didn't think about but it would speed up the gameflow so strong.

5. The game NEEDS a holster button, which currently doesn't exist.
You Mean doubletap "ALT" ? For me that works "OK" but not really good.

1 - I think the hitboxes are mostly ok, I think enemy visibility is bad making it hard to shoot them.
Same for me but the "Ping Mod" for the Cyberdeck helps out with that.

change our appearance without changing our stats.
I would say that this is one of a big issue. It's like yeah I have tank defence stats but i look like a trash bag on a color festival.

Ability to bind dodge to a hotkey
  • Make left ctrl default dodge key
  • [...]
I would Do it like :
  • TAP: Slowwalk
  • 2x TAP: Fast walk as it is now
  • TAP + SHIFT: Run
  • TAP + LCTRL: Dodge
  • While Crouching you can not doubletap
(TAP stands for every movementkey "W", "A", "S", "D")

Civilian Behavior
And civilians should not block doors or somthing when they are scared (had to reload a whole mission because they
blocked a gangway).

ITEMS - A little more variety never hurt
Something I did not thought about. Good point.

Did anyone suggest the ability to turn off BGM and just leave the open world music sources on?
Yes I always have spotify in the background so I have the Music option off. But when there is a video played throuh your eye implant it has no sound, so i need to turn the music back on.

Having a Barber [...]
The point for me is, I think they need a much bigger RPG customization. To redesign/build/change/set up Charactar appearence, Apartment, Weapons, Cars, Clothes.

Please fix that goddamn mirror and hats behavior.
Yes looks stupid every time.

Shopping needs an intermediate screen that can be used to confirm all your purchases/sells.
Big point, i sold a piece of clothing by mistake and then it was like ten times the price?

I want a on road GPS line of sorts
That would help out with the minimap not zooming out enough. I would say this should just be while you are in a car.
need to grap a person before I can kill
Yes and it's weird that you cannot grab them from the front out of a cover.
I would lik to have it like this:
Sneak to an enemie then
  • F for kill
  • R for Knockout
  • 2x F /Hold F for kill and directly hide body
  • 2x R /Hold R for knockout and directly hide body
mine aren't too serious and probably will stay unnoticed but:
These are all good points, i would like to see some of them in the future.

2. fixing the bug weapon reticle stays on screen
I got this so many times.

10. shooting while driving both cars and bikes. shooting with pistols would be great while driving
I think saw this as a skill.

Overhaul the fistfighting. Just please.
Yes for a good exsample, the fight with the Twins: First try i died instantly i dont know why. On second try i won easily.

And maybe a image of the car so you can see what how it looks like. Or at least a "go to messege" option.

Maybe i forgot something but now mine:


The fact that we can dsign our NSFW zone but cannot see it under the shower or in the openworld is still ridiculous.
But we dont see it in the openworld on npcs. I think it would be funny if you could catch npcs or characters having sex when you walk by a appartment or something. Maybe a undress animation for the shower.

Get away your stars is to easy. Maybe add cartracking so you have to change your car or get out of a big radius.

In my opinion the animation for sleeping is trash noone sleeps like that. You could also add a undress sequenz and then laydown a real person. And i find this yawning ridiculous.

When you drag a body you should have like a point on the floor or something to put thhem exceacly where you want them. Or a the possibility to drop them in front of you so you can throw them through a window.

When you open a messege from a contact it would be nice to have a button that says "Show mision on map"

It would be helpfull if there was a skill or something that shows you the netrunner that is trying to hack you.

Maybe a new genre for BD items or a custom sorted storage

I dont like the crouch vignette, a symbol that appears when you ar crouching -> could be combined with slowwalk, fastwal or run.

I tried to throw my best knife at that point on an enemie but i missed and i could not get it back. I want to pick a knif back up after i threw it. It would be okay when it adds to the loot of a dead body that i killed with the knife.

I would like to have o option that allows me to quick sell the selected stuff and dont first select the amount and then sell.

The acceleration from cars is to weak, especially supercars. Also driving fast fils like driving on snow or ice.

When in a quickmenue like scanning you schould choose the quickhack via releasing the quickmenue. You could add a field to close without using one of the quickhacks.

Sometimes enemies shoot something explosive near you and you die instantly from that without a hint like a hiss from a gas bottle.


- Sometimes after playing 2h or more i get a fps drop from befor 90-80 to 60-40, I play on Ultra and some high setings with raytracing slightly enabled. I tried a mod that increases the performance a bit but it didn't fix that issue. (To fix this i need to reboot my pc)

- Sometimes i get demage or even die when walking over objects like cars, rock in the desert or a fridge or something on the dump. (No fix)

- Once i got a phonecall but without anyone speaking. (Fix savegame reload)

- Sometimes i get stuck in the map after pressing "M", nothing can get me out there. (Game restart)

- Draging the fast travel map causes a fasttravel because you accidentally hit a fasttravel point. (try to not grab the map there)

- The Crosshair sometimes sometimes doesn't go away. (Game restart)

- Sometimes when i fall down or get hit by a car there is no knockdown animation the camera is just stuck and i can not move for like 5 seconds. (No fix)

- If i want to loot a drone or other mechanical things you only can loot the first item. (Loot with holding F and then drop the stff you dont need)

- Sometimes when i drop dead bodies thy explode and land somewhere else. (Drop them in a free area - sometimes even then this happens)

- Sometimes is see enemies standing in the T-Pose.

Please feel free to correct me I only played like 30h and maybe I am wrong with something.
Damn, there are some points I forgot in my post! Check mine out too!


I love the game! Thank you so much for a great game CDPR! However, these are my concerns and suggestions about the game although I am satisfied with how Nudity is right now, It is included as it is very high in demand. Hope they are fixed or added. Just because I am stating these does not mean that there are no aspects of the game I love. There are many in fact.

These are a list of features I have noticed and in my opinion need some working to do upon or to be added as was either promised or expected by me. If anyone can add on any features to the thread I will do my best to compile them into this one.
It is important that these suggestions go to the CDPR team and needs to be in a concise location so they can easily access and work upon or even take notice. Let me start.

Optimization is Obviously a huge concern and I know it has been stated enough so I have omitted most aspects of it.

Features I would like to be added or improved upon

Character Customization
  • You can never have TOO MUCH of character creation. Need more CDPR, Give us body height, weight, shape, hairstyles, eyes, face shapes etc.
  • More Clothes and styling. Night City was advertised was a City where your looks are the most important and how it mattered to every choice you make.
  • Where are all the Saloons/ Cosmetic Surgeons or Ripperdocs/ Nail and Hairdressers? In game character customization is close to zero.
  • A way to preview clothes before you buy them from shops! I'm not asking to copy the GTA mechanic of buying clothes but perhaps a thought to be considered? Maybe like an interactive dressing room. The way we buy clothes right now is so Basic and games have been implementing it since a decade like Skyrim.
  • Hide Clothing option for people who want the stats on the clothing but don't want the clothes to show, especially with hats and facewear.
  • Transmog : Changing clothes style with different stats. Or even upgrading their stats without changing the look and vice versa. This is a must in 2020 rpg gaming imo.
  • Ability to Dye Clothes and change colors.

  • This is probably the most disappointing aspect of the game for most who wanted immersion. The AI is no where up to par in my opinions. Probably needs a huge overhaul.
  • Police AI is hideous, they just spawn on the player.​
  • Traffic AI is not very immersive. Honking cars seems to work like its supposed to but its too basic. The cars just get stuck by themselves and do nothing but just stay on the street.​
  • I really thought NPC AI would come to me and call me a "Joytoy" or "Sl*t" if I walked around naked. But that does not seem to be the case, at least that's what I gathered from the advertising, I could have misunderstood, still a cool feature maybe. These kind of AI interactions make it "next gen gaming".
  • The more I play the game, the more I find the AI dumber. In the starting I saw the same NPC probably twice. But now 50 hours in, I have seen instances where two exact copies of NPC are beside each other with synced actions.

Shops and Bars : More interactive looking and functioning shops.
  • As stated before more shops : Barber shops/ Cosmetics/ Furniture Shops/ Exclusive gun shops like only snipers/pistols/katanas type.
  • Also I noticed, MOST of the cool looking shops are closed lol, as in non interactable, please open them.
  • If I could actually Interact with the Bartender and have a Drink cinematic scene instead of just buying from the store and getting it into my inventory. Maybe have a dialogue with the bartender etc.
  • Same as the Last Point but with Restaurants, Shops, Bars, etc would be nice.
  • Ripperdocs : Installing Cyberware and Cybernetic parts is so underwhelming. The first scene is very immersive with Viktor, but then its so damn flat. Need at least an explanatory dialogue about the implant and or a conversation with the ripperdoc before getting the implant to ease into it. You can not just make it buy and install like any other market mechanic and expect it to be immersive or satisfying.

Better Home Interaction! I might be saying some points which might already have been implemented here and maybe I just haven't discovered during my play.
  • A way to Add furniture.
  • Expansion of house.
  • More home services like adding a selling machine, Teleport station, Cybernetic upgrades, Mini Bar, etc.
  • Vehicle Garage?

Romance : More Romance Options. All Gender compatibility. NPC Romance.
  • Too little options as of now. Enough Said.

Public and Private Transport
  • Metro System.
  • AV / Basilisk (flying car) system for transport would be cool.
  • Cars feel like they have no gravity or downward force. No heaviness leading to janky driving feel.
  • Adjustable Seat Height In first person PLEASE! I love driving in first person for the immersion but in some cars I can not even see what's in front of the car in first person.
  • This might be a bit too much to ask for in the early stages but flying vehicles (AVs) which we can control like how we can control a car for sure.
  • Better Driving physics, the drifting of a car seems very janky to me.
  • Expensive vehicles should be better in at least some aspect i.e. Looks / Performance Stats etc.

  • Censorship of the genitals should be removed. The boxers should be gone even when in FPP view or looking in the mirror or taking a shower. At least in home instance.

Miscellaneous and Bugs
  • FOV changes automatically sometimes.
  • Countering Strong attacks or "Defensive attacks" audio is very rough and glitched.
  • Pinging (Ping quickhack) in some areas generates too many particles and crashes the game and even many computers. //Update this with the location//
  • You can not run after a quick combo in combat and are stuck with walking until you restart the game or do a "Joytoy scene".
  • Do not Disturb mode and Decline Calls and Messages in game.
  • General feet going through ground and glitching out. Enemies dying and getting stuck in objects. Running over NPCS can sometimes can cause them to be stuck in you and throw the car in different directions and screw up the physics, etc.
  • Add an Interface for selecting different load games; a Character Selection Screen. I am playing 3 different lifepaths without wanting to delete any character and every time I have to go to the load game menu and squint my eyes to find where "Nomad" "Corpo" or "Street Kid" are written. Why not have a Character selection screen which acts the same as Load game screen.
  • Fix the speed acceleration or friction on game objects such as fences, rails, side paths, barbed wire etc. Jumping and running on them accelerated me to unbelievable amount of speeds.
  • Bunny Hops or constant jumping while doing a combination of aiming your gun and scanning with TAB are broken. You travel faster than a jet.
  • Double tap of WSAD to dodge should be remapped for default settings.
  • Pressing C to skip dialogues and C to crouch is very irritating, so this should be switched to default too.
  • Weapons Inventory UI is very bad, there is a better mockup here by the user @Pythonx7 which I have attached below to the forum post. Also fix the bugs which refresh the page on disassembly of guns.

These are the prime concerns and suggestions at the top of my head. Again, these are all features which should be added in my opinion, and from the general observable majority of the players. But If Night City is going to be the City of Next Gen Gaming, then these are fair suggestions imo.

PS: I tried my best trying to edit and beautify the post. Sorry if I did a bad job with it, first post. Tell me what I can edit and improve and I WILL do ASAP!.
Thanks :D
- Cosmetic only-layer for clothes that is visible instead of the max stat ones you have equipped and always look ridiculous.

- Possibility to create, save and equip entire outfits without having the individual clothing items appear in your inventory, just have them in the outfits tab

- Actually visible cyberware. If I replace my legs to get double jump I want to see those robot legs. Also tons of cosmetic only cyberware should be essential for a game like this. I want my V have so much chrome even Royce and Smasher are thinking I'm weird.

-Possibility to alter your looks even after beginning of the game. You are actually telling me they have commercial moon flights but no barbers or cosmetic surgery?

-Zoom out the minimap

-Fix the issue on 5120 x 1440 resolution where minimap turns off every time you enter another district

- Spotify integration for in-car music and nightclubs. I want more synthwave.

- Possibility to reset all gigs etc. to replay them

- Have gigs in quest locations like Arasaka industrial park

- New Game +

- Increase level cap
Have subtitles and able to turn the up volume while watching TV. Also, I can not hear the voices on the TV can you make the voices and sounds on the TV less garble.

Have the able to watch news or talk shows anytime after the episode of the show first showed.

Have a radio in your room to listen news and other music

Maybe able to purchase addiation music on the car radio?

Different musics on the car radio and other radios
Please CDProjekt RED developers PLEASE ! i love your game regardless of bugs, but whenever you have time would you kindly add few side activities and minigames, i love Yakuza series they make tons of romance, business and entertainment activities.
I was thiking it would be nice if we could use the shooting range and gyms to improve our skills, would also add things to do other than running around just shooting stuff, i like a lot of what people here are saying, even inviting NPCs you met on quests over to your place to hang out would make the city feel more alive.
- I would honestly suggest to add some type of loop where you can keep visiting your partner in this case for Male V, Panam Palmer to keep having sex since she is an important character for Male V.
- Barbershop like in the witcher, but in this case since its all abount customization to the body, we should be able to change V's hair and body style etc.
Trying to be realistic.

For me:

1. Slightly bigger enemy/projectile hitboxes. As it stands it's all too common to see shots whiff past enemies that really should have hit.

2. Nudity restored. Apparently GOG has no censorship, but Steam has my character prudishly wearing shorts in the shower.

3. A mass sell/dismantle option for unequipped items.

4. The ability to customize map/ui colors. I really don't like that saturated red on my OLED.

5. Significant improvements to optimization and performance. The game is pretty, but it's not Crysis on release and certainly shouldn't run as poorly as it does.

6. The ability to change body type/height etc. on our player model.

7. Better pathing on the auto-guide. I've had it run me into concrete walls before.

8. Naturally, a lot of bug fixes. Sorry, Mr. levitating dude in the Nomad starting area.

9. The ability to turn AA off entirely.

10. The ability to change character appearance after creation.

11. Perhaps a mild tweak to the hp of standard enemies? As it stands they are bullet-sponges to make Destiny monsters blush, and far too many fights have been me and my opponent standing still shooting each other. Failing this, a way to increase damage taken as well as damage done.

12. The ability to turn off the civilian kills. Far too often I've had the cops after me because a dumb civvie a block away caught a stray bullet intended for a bounty target.

13. Car handling improved for mouse/keyboard. As it stands it's like trying to drive a golf-cart on an ice rink.

14. Melee weapons confer an increase to evasion/armor.

15. More variety in loot combined with a reduction to how much items sell for. Made over 20,000 before I did the first major story mission.

16. An option for increased gore and dismemberment. Things feel a lot more subdued than the initial videos.

17. A skill that allows us to simplify the hacking minigame. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a brainteaser.

18. Either a mass loot option, or something to prevent enemy corpses falling into inaccessible areas. Had to reload a save because of this.

19. The ability to hide the ui entirely out of combat.

20. A button to skip all cinematics (at least half are unskippable, even hitting 'c').

How about you?
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For the game to be more inmersive :

Option to play cards , like on witcher 3 , being able to play in casinos like fallout new vegas , russian roulette, cash machines etc..

Being able to make car competitions ( and not just the car competition quest ... and repeat when you want , when you end the quest the game turn boring nothing to do ...

being able to buy houses and decore them like fallout 4.

An I.A much more intelligent when you stop your car the circulation completly stop , they should being able to drive away , and i will like to see all bars and restaurants being able to serve you , more diablogs with normal citizens etc..

being able to change part of your body , and i will like to see the nps not only just walk like zombies , but sit , eat , talk together , go work etc..

a very hard mode where you need to sleep , eat and drink or you get weaker and die with buff/debuff system.

i expected cyberpunk to be the next open worl game to move 1 step ahed... and it took the open games 1 step foward................
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*Can't change your body, like really, they sold this game saying that the customization would be great and all, but besides the creation of the character, you can't even change your hair in game

*Food vendors doesn't sell what they should, like a woman that should have fried shrimps from a great Aqua-farm but instead she sells...FRUITS. COME ON!!! They all sell almost the same thing

*Fps drops drops ins weird places like in the middle of the desert where there is nothing around me, like the Aldecados camp

*All the food you found have the same two status effects, heal and stamina. (Well there is alcohol too, but whatever)

*They said that it would have 1000 NPCs with daily routines, but since I've started the game, I see the same person cuffed on the ground outside V's apartment downstairs, the same couple of cops in the in the food vendor having the same conversation outside the building close to the elevator. the same cop with two people in the stairs up ahead

*NPCs in cars doesn't seems to have AI at all, like, they just go straight ahead, if there is something an inch in front of them, they just stays there forever until despawn or just pass through whatever is in front of them

*walking NPCs have an artificial dumbness, like wtf, you can't do anything in the street like pulling your car in a catwalk without everyone starts to scream and begging for their lives like I'm Jack the ripper, wtf
I would like to see crafting expanding. i invested a lot of points into it and there is not much of a pay off. we need to have plans for weapons and armor like in the Witcher. missions to get plans and vendors that sell them, also you should be able to apply tech to car mods and crafting upgrades for car. there should be a garage or auto shop where you can paint and mod cars as well.

Barber shops, how come we don't have an NPC barber shop where you can get a haircut and shave, like in the watcher.

plastic surgeons, maybe something ripper docs can do or add a new NPC, i want the ability to change my face later in game if i wish.
Give us some affordance when looting to let us know if we already read a shard. I can't remember every shard title and it's too tedious to check the shards in the Journal.
We need a transmog system too. As in the ability to change our appearance without changing our stats. I play on hard cause otherwise the shooting is a bit too clunky for me and i look like an absolute loot goblin. Where's the whole 'customise your v' side of things? So far its 'make v loot clothes off corpses and look like a homeless person'.

Yes!!! The customization is so basic in this game and a trasmog system would help. All they need to do is put an area in your stash that shows all of teh gear that you have unlocked or found, with the option to transmog anything onto current gear.
agree with all the points.

most important Points for me are:

- the mantis blade kill animation looks cool, but unfortunately you are not able to abort it. Nearly every time when V. makes the animation on the first enemies of a group, the other enemies around shoot me to death and I am not able to do something against it. So it takes away the fun to use the mantis blades
- you should be able to change the heal/supplement items within the weapon wheel or at least be able to switch 2-3 items. It is really annoying to change it within a fight so I stay most of the time with only one heal/supplement and all other are just junk to sell for me
- Enemy scaling option. When you go to low-level spots the enemies are way to under leveled and missions in this areas you have ignored at the beginning are not a challenge anymore
- gore effects should be more realistic. more blood on limbs and bigger blood puddles and blood on walls etc. You dismember nearly every enemy with the katana multiple times and without blood effects it looks more like you kill a mannequin
- Would love to see some random events after you have cleared all "crime-missions". Like Cyber-psychos that randomly appear and that you have to defeat
- Really miss the side effects from the cyber-ware that were initially was planned. For me there is no reason to use gorilla arms when I am not able to open doors with them. Also the wall running/climbing with the mantis blades would be a really appreciated feature. Without those mechanics the cyberware are just additionally weapons - really cool weapons - but it takes a lot of fun away without the planned features
- Even more cyberware, why does the rocket launcher doesn't have a smart rocket? or a something like a railgun? Would be really cool in my opinion
- an option where you could set items on/off the "junk list" so that you can decide by your own if the item will treated always as junk or not. Some of the cans I will never use and always have to dismember the items manually even with the "always dismember junk-skill" but there are some earrings that are really worthy and those should not be automatically dismembered. Maybe we should have 2 separate junk lists - one for items to dismember and one for selling
- improvement for car handling. It is nearly impossible to turn your car/motorcycle on the spot and even when I drive I don't have the feeling that I can control the car in a proper way. I have killed really much passengers by accident
- Cops should be less powerful. You are instant dead when you have reached 3 stars
- generally AI improvement. When you park a car in the middle of the street all other cars behind you will wait and do nothing. There is literally no reaction
- options for character customization after start for hair, tattoos, cyberware...
- The throwing knife skill is a really nice idea but I think it would be a better option when you would have a separate slot where you can store up to 3 knifes and when you pick the knife up again after throwing it, it should be in the slot again. It is useless at the moment as you have to use one of your weapon slots for this
- A cyberpunk Gwent mini card game
I'd like music for the photo mode. Also a mode like photo mode where the action isn't frozen.
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