20 years of CD PROJEKT RED!




Time flies... It's hard to believe that 20 years have passed since CD PROJEKT RED was founded. The last two decades have been filled with adventure, and we’re so proud to have created video games that players all around the world have enjoyed — not to mention having such a strong, supportive community that has been with us at every step!

Although our studio was established in February 2002, we’ve chosen to celebrate the anniversary today, July 1st, because on this exact date 20 years ago CD PROJEKT (at that time known as CD Projekt) announced its shift in focus to game development. It’s a special date that marks the beginning of our studio as we know it today. It’s where our journey into making RPGs began, and we think that’s definitely worth putting in the spotlight!

But today is not the only day we’re going to celebrate this occasion. It’s 20 years, after all! We’ve got a bunch of activities planned for the coming months, and we invite you — our awesome community — to join in the fun! Here’s the plan:
  • For those hungry for knowledge, we’ve got CD PROJEKT RED trivia & facts coming at you every Friday!
  • On Wednesdays, we’ll be taking trips down memory lanes with special streams devoted to our games.
  • On Mondays & Thursdays, we’ve cooked up some special birthday Challenges for you — with prizes up for grabs, of course!
  • And that’s not all! We have more to come.. But why spoil the surprise now?
And every day you can also visit our dedicated anniversary website: 20yearsof.cdprojektred.com to celebrate the past twenty years by sharing your memories of our games with us! We have a Birthday Gallery where you can submit screenshots, photos, drawings or anything else you can come up with!

We can’t wait to see what you send us!
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I first came to the forum around 2013, and I remember that it was a very harmonious and cozy place back then (still is, I hope!), and the moderators were very kind to non-English speaking people like me. The enthusiasm of the fans was overwhelming (like this thread), but everyone was kind, humorous (like this thread), and crazy (in a good way).

It is no doubt that you have tremendous great fans all over the world, CDPR! Congrats on your 20th anniversary. <3

Ah, if only I had a few good screenshots of the various incarnations of the Forums. . . .
Hope @Kinley will upload these photos again!
Happy anniversary! = )

Too bad that I wasn't here at the very beginning, but still I have experienced many memorable moments too. Here in the forums with this amazing community, and also while playing your amazing games. Witcher 3 has been clearly my all time favorite game since launch and it's gonna be really difficult to knock it off from that spot. After many many playthroughs I haven't played it myself that much anymore (definitely still going to in the future, though), but I never get bored of watching Witcher streams. Specificly those first playthroughs, where I can sort of live all those great "first time" moments again with streamers. Oh boy have I seen many great facial expressions when story has taken interesting turns :D

Ah, feeling so nostalgic.

Wishing you all the best in the future!
Happy birthday!

I have played only Witcher 3 and CP, but I loved every second of it :)
Both games have a soul, excellent story and characters, and end at the right moment.

I love that CDPR understands what they are trying to achieve and can always come up with something fresh, inspiring, believable, heart-touching, etc... :ok:

The games read like a book and the main quests always push me back to the chair :)
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