Accessibility option for Gwent Rogue Mage

Hey Everyone,
Big Cyberpunk and Witcher fan! currently planning on a new £6,000+ pc that will take the next round of games in the series.

I was wondering if a moderator could start a new topic/thread for me as its states on the tip when I joined.

I would like to see an accessibility option for Gwent Rogue Mage that allows to slow the round timer or remove it. I am autistic and have a neurological condition and I cannot keep up with the speed of the rounds. They are just too quick especially now I have ranked up to the next level where it is more difficult. I need something like this or I will not be able to play anymore and I do enjoy this game a lot and wish to experience the full game.

Apologies, I am an introvert and not very sociable. I hope everyone is having a good 2024 so far though and are looking forward to the future games!

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