Achievements for Complete all gigs and NCPD scanner hustles not activating

With over 150 hours spent from the release to 1.61, I completed ALL content of the game that was visible to me (and some hidden missions)
I am on PC, via GOG launcher.
Finished the game, did the final mission with Rogue, keeping my body, with Nomads, keeping my body, with Johnny (aka secret ending) TWICE (keeping the body / giving it to Johnny), even completed Arasaka ending.,.
Finished all fixers (all of them show on map with x/x completed gigs), visited them, talked to them, bought some cars even, bought some apartments, redecorated whatever, planted egg (waiting for iguana to hatch), placed Mortal Combat figurine) ... What else is there? My V is level 50, street cred 50. Side jobs all done, nothing left on the map to do. Well can meet Hanako at Embers (but my wish here is that I could kill all Arasaka family and board of directors).

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing else marked on my map in any zoom level, day time, night time, any district, desert or oil field and yet I CAN"T GET THE ACHIEVEMENTS related to gigs + NCPD scanner hustles. None of them.

I went through hundreds of shards I have, all text messages even called fixers again, searched online for list of gigs - have them all in Journal as completed, referenced maps for NCPD activates, went to those places again to see only looted containers. Not sure what else I need to do to get -- City lights, Greetings from Pacifica!, It's Elementary, Little Tokyo, Mean Streets, The Jungle, The Wasteland.
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