Animation glitches of cyberware in first-person

Is it just my game / PC or are first-person cyberware animations still quite unpolished in 1.61?

Whenever connecting to a device in-game with the connector cable of the left wrist, V's left arm is shaking weirdly and the connector cable doesn't seem to stay in the correct position during the entire animation either.
For the monowire there are animation frames where it's flickering or moving around in a manner that doesn't seem physically sound or smooth.
Some of the stuff is admittedly only visible for a split second and it might seem like nit-picking but I find this visually very jarring for an immersive game that emphasises cyberware and first-person gameplay.

Is my PC unable to keep up or is this a general issue?
Can any of this be addressed with mods?

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For the sake of completeness, there is also a similar animation flickering issue with mantis blades for me:

This one was already mentioned in the thread linked below so I refrained from mentioning it my initial post:

At least regarding this one it seems I'm not the only one experiencing it.
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Not sure about the personal link nor mantis blades (I don't remember see that), but mono-wire have a similar issue on Series X. So I assume everyone, whatever the platform could encounter this issue.
If it's not already done, I suggest to report all of these issues to the support ("Contact Us" button). Preferably, one bug per ticket :)
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