Are there derelict areas in CP? Sewers? An undercity?

Hey everyone. I'm pretty keen to start my first playthru of CP. I was wondering if there are any derelict areas, or horror themed areas in the game. Dungeons, for want of a better word. Like maybe a mutant infested undercity, or disused sewers or something like that. Or is Night City just not that kind of place?

Cheers everyone.
Like Reaper said, you'll see some gnarly interiors, like Scavenger/Malestrom/SnuffBD places but no, Night City isn't really that kind of place. Plenty of derelict areas, grit and grime to be certain, but no mutants or extensive sewer area/undercity, although I would've liked to see something like that if more expansions would've been made.

There's kind of an urban equivalent to dungeons in the form of NCPD scanner hustles that report Organized Criminal Activity especially.

Night City is more Total Recall, Mega City One 2012 Dredd with a hint of Fifth Element kind of atmosphere.

Enjoy it, it has become a truly great game imo.
There's a quest in a Watson district called Bloody Rituals, it's only available during a night time. I would dare to call it "horror". Some side quests will be pretty dark or super messed up but to get full effect don't forget to read shards, check emails on computers. It adds a lot to the experience.
There's a cyberpsycho story in Watson that definitely has some horror elements in it's presentation, and several instances involving the Scavs can also be horrifying in their own way.
If by 'derelict' you mean 'unfinished by the development team' then sure, half the game is derelict.
Yup. It took a DLC to flesh out Dogtown. Or it was cut and repackaged as DLC?

There's also the North Oak "casino".


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