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Are there going to be any "historical" weapons in CP 2077?

By "historical" I mean guns that we use today.

It'd be cool to have something like a Desert Eagle or an AK to wield around in Night City.
Gun design doesn't really change all that much through the years.

The hardest part would be getting the licenses to use brand names. What I'm imagining is that we'll "parody" weapons. Like that .45 the vendor was trying to get V to buy would look like a USP, but it's called something like "Venerator Pro" or something.
What I can imagine there being:

- Gun skins that resemble their "historic" predecessors for your customization purposes
- A gun collector character that could be interactable in some way (quest giver/quest related NPC), would sell you a gun from his collection, etc.
-Some history lesson(s) as to why guns and weaponry have evolved to the way they appear in CP2077 (somewhere with all the other lore probably)
-Maybe, just maybe, the most powerful weapon in the game being a retro gun. I feel like game developers like to do that.
In the trailer and gameplay we can see some designs that look similar to AK designs. Maybe some future "eastern block" guns or Indochinese M9 from Chromebook, which I personally like. (Indochina, not India + China. Just a reminder to some GM's out there that believe that in Cyberpunk 2020 there's a confederation between India and China :) )
personally, I'd like some contemporary designs. And some explanation why guns stopped their evolution into maximized usefulness and began drift into bullshit :)
Yeah. In PnP there's a bunch of good oldies. But in 77 there's gonna be a bunch of new stuff, so it leaves a little room for contemporary models. However, as the guns in 77 seem to run on contemporary, smokeless powder, cased ammunition (the Colt AMT looking gun is labeled '50 AE- a holy grail of all gun nuts who never had to use that overkill nightmare in combat), so there isn't any logical reason for not having some AKs, ARs, Steyrs etc. Especially in modern form, that look cooler and more functional (and are more functional) than the usual over the top cyberpunkish/futuristic designs.
Generally, in reality. If a completely new gun is to be adopted by the US or Russia or China tomorrow, it's gonna be around until different propel system for the projectile is developed. Be it a binary liquid system or magnetic acceleration or a direct energy weapon (probably never gonna happen, KE beats DE on every level, except in space).
I'd really like some AK, ARs however, as I'm really dissapointed by the long gun design in 77 (small arms are great though - functional and not overthetop, yet with cyberpunk vibe), the smart gun (which is nothing like smart gun from PnP), the big tech gun - those design are among the worst in the cRPG history)
But I'm still hyped as fuck for the game. My V just won't use that junk.
I think Elysium is a great example of how to do this right:

Some weapons were exasctly the same:

Some were heavily modified, as was the ammunition:

And some new stuff was in there, looking suitably corporate designed:

This is how 2020 was and this is my hope for 2077