Are we supposed to maintain that credit in Corpo start?

I started new playthrough yesterday, and upon getting caught in the Corpo intro, I think there's a new option where Jackie says something like "hey at least you're still having that credit from (forgot mission name), that'll get us in good start."

Am I missing something? I think I recall seeing that credit after intro but upon reloading a game today (and even going back in save files to early part of the Rescue of Sandra Dorsett mission, I wasn't able to see that credit anymore.

Is this a bug or am I just mistaken here?
He also specifies that it's to start your new life. After Arasaka seized everything you posess. Your apartment and car, that's where the money goes.

I don't remember you retaining before 2.0 either.
I still have 1.63 and have just checked, thanks to mu saves collection. Nopes, the money is gone in The Rescue, I suppose V bought the car and stuff for it. New life!
Ok, my bad then. I guess I just missed that part.

Seemed like something they could've done, adding a little spice to each lifepath. :/
Seemed like something they could've done, adding a little spice to each lifepath. :/

Nope the money was always gone. Streetkid/Nomad had a life before Jackie, the corpo lost theirs. Thats where the money went.

Unless you would've preferred to stay at Mama Welles' place..?

ps. I WOULD prefer the apartments had an actual rent to them though. But theres only an email attesting to that, no actual repercussions to you not paying.
I would prefer to stay at Mama Welles place - i bet she's brilliant at cooking, AND she owns a bar!!!!!!11111elevenone

Just think about the possibilities! Drugs, Pussies, Guns.... the parties you could throw!

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