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Cyberpunk 2077 has been the most amazing game ever. The details, layout of the city, the music... All beautiful. NO game come even close to matching it. But as someone who 100% the game a year ago I have found it hard to want to get back into it, even with Phantom Liberty and Edgerunners. It has just felt like a grind to get back in. I have, "been there done that syndrome". I had an idea to greatly increase replayability.


Step 1: Before The Heist you and Jackie have quests that will influence what engram is on The Relic.

Have 3 engrams that have multiple different story lines that can be developed based on the choices V makes before The Heist.


1. The Rocker
2. The Corpo
3. The Hacker

The Rocker of course is Johnny Silverhand. But you could have a quest similar to The Rescue where you are inside a hotel/building and there are only 2 doors that are unlocked. Whichever door you open first will lock the other. One door you find Kerry passed out on a couch, the other door you find Johnny Silverhand. If you open the door to find Johnny, Johnny will replace Kerry in all future story lines. Kerry is the one that died at Arasaka. And The way he dies is different from the way Johnny died. Johnny lives in Kerry's house. All the Kerry missions are with Johny instead but are done differently because Johny is not Kerry and would handle all the same situation in a different way. This means that if you get the Rocker Relic. It will be Kerry in your head instead of Johny.

The Corpo could be someone in high level management at Arasaka or a rival corporation. It could be a CFO that embezzled a bunch of money or a manger that tried to sell technology to a rival or the rival that tried to buy it, or could even be a low-level manager that tried to sabotage a project. Each of these Corpos would have their own story as to why they got put into Mikoshi. New mysteries to solve and wrongs to be righted.

The Hacker would most likely be Bartmoss but could also be T-Bug. If you end up getting T-Bug in your head you find out that she was part of the Voodoo Boys. Which can go 2 ways. One, the Voodoo Boys don't like a former member with all their secrets floating around the head of a filthy Rayon. Or two T-Bugs knowledge and friendship with the Voodoo Boys could lead them to be allies against Arasaka. With Bartmoss he could have been imprisoned as a punishment for the DataKrash. You could also have another hacker who just happens to be severely autistic, has no ability to communicate with humans but can talk with commuters, who was taken because of their unique condition as an experiment to further human computer Integrations. (read to the end and you'll see why this could be very interesting :) )

Step 2

Each engram is a separate character with their own stats, skills and memories. These skills will enhance or inhibit V's abilities throughout the game. By the time you get to Mikoshi, V's skills and perks will be 50% V and 50% the engram. This will give progressively stronger buffs and nerfs as V progresses through the game.

Some examples would include if you got Bartmoss as your engram, you may have special hacks that are only available because Bartmoss can help you make them or knows where he hid them. If V is a Street Kid then their dialog will start out very slangy and thuggish but by the end of the game V will speak more Corpo and Lawyerly. This could also open up the option for side gigs that are engram specific. A guy comes up to you and asks a favor or a fixer asks you to do something that is tied into your engram's personality. This would make the player more immersed into the engram's personality. Also with V's dialog changing to match the speaking style of the engram. Of course, that would mean AI modified dialog on V's side "like asking ChatGpt to make you sound more professional" and deep faking V's Speach or using a Vocaloid.

These could all be done by adding as few as 14 missions and having a few choices like Jackie asking you out to dinner. Where do you want to go "Rock N Roll Cafe" (rocker), "Bleu" (corpo), "Hack in the Box" (hacker) . Each mission gives points to one or more engrams based on what the mission is about. Once you have enough points in any one engram it triggers The Heist. You could also have a mission that will replace The Heist in certain circumstances where Jackie and V after finishing the last mission that chooses the engram, get caught up in Arasaka ambushing someone selling or trading the relic. The person with the relic runs to V and Jackie for help. Even if they don't want to help, it's too late, they now look involved. During the shootout they jack the Relic into V because the case is damaged. V is incapacitated and Jackie decides to dump V into a ravine for safety and gets hit by a truck or captured. He still dies. Saburo Arasaka stays alive or Yorinobu still kills him because it was his guy doing the trade and you still get blamed.

This will not only add more replay ability but will add challenges. Like working with nerfs that are against your game play style. and not only getting all 7 endings but getting all 7-endings with each engram. IK this is far too big of a change to add to Cyberpunk 2077 but if features and thoughts like this could be added to Orion that would take a beautiful game to a whole other level.

PS. Imagine how interesting it could make game play if you had an autistic super hacker's engram and personality slowly overwriting your own skills and abilities. V loses most of their ability to talk to people but can make computers do anything they want. The engram only communicates with V thought email or hacked terminals.
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