Auto-deselect abilities once used

Hello, first time posting on these forums but I've been bingeing the crap out of Gwent this year.

Just wanted to leave some feedback that for the NR abilities Inspired Zeal and Stockpile, it would be fantastic if the ability was deselected after use (on Android btw, not sure if that makes a difference). Currently, if you use those abilities then immediately try to use a unit's Order ability, the game will instead waste another charge of the respective leader ability rather than letting you use the unit's Order ability.

Although this can be avoided by tapping something in your hand, it's very easy to forget this and make a costly mistake. There's also enough of a delay between using the leader ability and being able to deselect it that it feels really clunky, which is a problem because those decks involve lots of inputs per turn- I often run into time issues as a result of this mechanic.

I also think that it doesn't make sense to want to use these abilities consecutively 99% of the time. These abilities enable your unit Order abilities, so it's quite natural to use the leader ability once, then immediately want to use unit abilities.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents, I've really enjoyed the game thus far
I and others have been asking this for years. They haven’t done it yet so I doubt they ever will. Such a simple change would make the mobile interface so much nicer. But they don’t really care about stuff like that.
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