Change the way Leader abilities are selected on mobile

As it is, on mobile, when you select a leader ability, you have to press somewhere else on the screen to de-select it. I think the moment you use a charge, it should automatically deselect, as it can help prevent accidentally using another charge. It’s not as big of a deal with leader abilities that target (Ursine Ritual, Inspired Zeal, etc.), but leader abilities that you just select and activate (namely the Syndicate abilities Off the Books and Lined Pockets), it becomes hard to de-select them without accidentally using another charge.

I think it would be an improvement to the interface on mobile
Agree, i have The same problem.

Also, in The Last few days i was playing with stockpile. Use one leader charge, use your uniys orders and than use one leader charge again its a little dificults.

So many times i use more than one leader charge when i was trying to use the units orders.

Or even worst, one time when i try to "deselect" i accidently used The leader charge in The other row where there was no units
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