Bärgest Illegal Stash of weapons needs to be improved and some heavy hitting firepower added.

Ok, so far, the weapons from the stash are pretty decent,and the ones I have re-deeemed from the GOG Codes are awesome like the Amstaff but there needs to be some heavy hitters that just absolutely does massive damage like The Elephant aka SQR rifle. That is what that gun review guy calls it. The Elephant modified with Napalm Explosive rounds that just sets the enemies on fire and also blows them up and gibs and obliterates them and the obliteration and destruction perks stack doing massive damage leaving nothing but bits!!! Also, maybe a M2062 Defender LMG OR even a HMG that can be reusable. Also, some more NUSA and Secret Service weapons for Phantom liberty.

I actually came with a new name for a weapon which is called, The Wolfhound,which is actually a modified LPA1 ,made by the REO (Royal Enfield Ordinance) modified by Bärgest Gunsmiths.
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